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Somethings You Shouldn't See

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I still feel weird as I write about this event and it happened several weeks ago when my stepdaughter was home from college. Her mom and I have been married for 12 years so I've helped raise her. Now she's 19 and as cute and perky as her mom was at that age. Long brown hair, brown eyes, athletic and shapely - 36C (I've helped with the laundry!).

I'm a firefighter and am gone on a shift for several days at a time. With seniority, I'd earned weekends off which was my schedule when Kelly (not her real name) went off to college. She couldn't have known that I had since switched with a buddy so he could have the weekends off.

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I had just returned from the gym. My wife was at work so I'd come to enjoy some private time to surf the web or watch some porn and get myself off in the middle of the day. Of course, with Kelly home on a visit, my activities were curtailed. When I arrived home, it was quiet. I checked out by the pool. No one in sight. I presumed Kelly had gone shopping or to visit a friend. I had begun to think about getting naked and getting off.

I grabbed a beer, undid my shirt and tossed it in the laundry on my way up to my bedroom. Halfway up the staircase, I heard low moans and cries ahead. My stepdaughter's room is at the top of the stairs and from the steps I could see her door was open. Shit, she was home. But what was going on? Was she with someone?

I quietly climbed another step and could see straight ahead into her room. Kelly was lying on her bed, naked. There were towels strewn on the floor so she was presumably fresh from a shower or the pool. With her knees bent and legs spread, I could see the fingers of her one hand on her hairy mound and gently rubbing her clit, while the other hand squeezed her breasts and pinched her erect nipples. I was in shock.

I knew I should turn away and head back downstairs, but I was mesmorized. I'm also a horny, red-blooded guy who couldn't resist the sight of this naked woman enjoying her body. I was captivated. I felt myself hardening, my erection straining against the material as it pushed its way down my pant leg.

Her breath quickened as her hand increased its pace against her clit and she clenched the sheet with her other hand as she orgasmed the first time. I could hear the swishing noises as she quickly inserted two fingers into her hot, wet vagina and began a steady rhythm. Within seconds she seemed to shudder and cum again.

She shocked and excited me further by licking her fingers dripping with her own juices. Her hand began again circling her clit again and rubbing it back and forth. As she lifted her hips off the mattress to meet the thrust of her hand I could see her glistening pubes and swollen labia open as if to beckon someone in. I was leaking precum like crazy. I had NEVER in person seen someone pleasuring themselves so fully, not even my wife.

Even after the three orgasms I witnessed, she continued jilling herself but I knew I needed to get myself out of there before my eyes totally popped out of my head and I exploded in my pants! I backed down the steps, grabbed my shirt out of the laundry and went back outside of the house where I waited about 20 minutes before making A LOT of noise to announce my arrival home.

I grabbed another beer and went through the mail at the kitchen counter as Kelly jutted down the stairs in her bathing suit carrying towels. She said she was surprised I was home but was glad to see me. I asked how her day was and she said she was tired and was going to lounge by the pool for awhile. I'd be exhausted if I was playing with myself all afternoon - which is exactly what I did after she went outside. I locked our bedroom door, got naked and stroked myself to a turbulent orgasm with the mental images of what I witnessed.

I still fluctuate between bliss and guilt but I can honestly say it was a sight I'll never forget.



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