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My Own Special Tasty Treat

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I discovered a desire to taste and swallow my own cum and have explored different ways to do it


In my early years of masturbation and jerking off, the thought of tasting or eating/swallowing my own cum never occurred to me.  It was not until years later, after I had started to expand my sexual horizons, that the idea popped into my head.

I started by just taking some of the pre-cum off the tip of my cock while I was jerking off and tasting it.  I liked the sweet taste of it.  This led to me just tasting my cum after ejaculating.  I did this occasionally when in the moment, but didn't make a point of it.  As time passed, I really wanted to see what it was like to taste and actually swallow my whole load.

It wasn’t easy.  Lots of times I would be really excited and in my fantasy zone as I jacked off, and planned to do it.  But as soon as I came, my inhibitions quickly returned and the desire to do it dissipated.  Then, one time, after I hadn't cum for almost two weeks, I was really horny and as I jerked off had a really strong desire to taste and swallow my cum.  I stroked myself to a great orgasm and caught all the cum in my hand.  I quickly licked it all from my hand and swallowed.  I loved it and liked the feeling of doing something that was kinky (I thought).

Because the time between the initial desire and actual execution can be a deterrent for me, I have tried shooting my load directly in my mouth (and succeeded a few times), but it was tricky getting the right angle with legs up against a wall or folded back over my head while lying on the floor.  Although I have done it, the contorted position kind of kills the enjoyment.

I know some men can suck themselves off, and I have seen it in videos.  I would LOVE to be able to suck my own cock and give myself blowjobs, but should have tried it when I was younger and more nimble.  This will remain an unfulfilled fantasy…

I mentioned in another story (My First Time Jerking Off) that in the first X-rated movie I ever saw there was a scene where a man jerked off and ejaculated on a salad while a woman was eating and she continued to eat the semen-covered salad.  That scene stuck in my memory, but once I got the idea of tasting and swallowing my cum, instead of salad I thought I might try it with something else.

At the start of some of my more urgent J/O sessions (either at home or at hotels while traveling) which occurred after I hadn't cum for a good many days and I knew I going to shoot a lot of cum, I grabbed readily available food, usually fruit or sweets, and then jerked off until I came while aiming at the food.  Over time I have eaten various foods such as strawberries, peeled bananas, chocolates, cookies, mints, and jam covered toast covered with my own special topping.  With bananas, I have peeled the banana and wrapped the slippery skin around my cock to jerk off with, before cumming on the soft inside, which I then ate.  One time, I added an additional tasty condiment to a hot dog in a bun before eating it.

After trying the different methods I mention above, what I have found I like the most on those occasions when struck with this particular urgent desire, is to start by tasting and swallowing as much pre-cum that oozes out as I can while I'm stroking my cock and building to climax.  Then, after I cum, I lick and swallow my cum after catching it in my hand.   This requires no preparation and can be done anywhere.  I did this once while a woman watched at a peep show (my story Peep Show Jerkoff), and liked it.  I've also done this a few times when jerking off outside.

Since I occasionally like to taste my own cum, but the desire is strongest when I am jacking off before I orgasm, I have fantasized that the best way for me to enjoy it might be to involve another guy to deliver the load.  So, one of my strongest fantasies is to suck off a guy (or guys) or have him/them jack off and cum in my mouth so I can taste cum while I jerk off.



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