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My outie and my (secret) exhibitionism.

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I will tell you a little story which has to do with my outie and my (secret) exhibitionism. It was in the summer of 2013 when I got intimate with a friend that I knew since we became classmates in 2008. There was a click between the two of us from the first moment we talked. Since then he was like the brother I never had. We studied together, we talked and discussed everything together, no subject was out of bounds, including our crushes. We are about the same age, so we shared many of the same interests.


Only years later (early 2013) I realized what a hard time I had given him all those years. I think they call it that. I had put him in the friendzone, it was like we were brother and sister, even my mom treated him like that. After school we were together at least 3 out of the 5 days, his place and my place.  Going through puberty together we also shared our curiosity about sex, masturbation and “genitals”.  The thing was that I behaved as he was my twin-brother, when we were in my room I didn’t hesitate to be in my underwear or even topless with him. When I had to change clothes I did it while I knew he was looking.  He knew that I was horny often and we made jokes about it.

And, like it does with many of us, talking about sex and being in my underwear with him aroused me.  But there was a kind of unspoken consensus between us that we couldn’t get “intimate” because we were best friends and not lovers.  Some maybe don’t understand, but those with a twin brother or sister will understand this special kind of chemistry.

To make a long story short and to get to the subject, one day after school we were talking about girls at school, girls we both knew and which ones he found to be “hot” or not.  I don’t remember how and why but the subject changed into “genitals”, penis sizes, boob-sizes and vaginas (vulvas to be correct, but let’s say pussies to make it simple) innies and outies.  At some point he said something like, "Yes, I know you have an outie."  I wasn’t even surprised when he said that but I was curious how he knew, or to be honest, I wanted to elaborate on the subject.

So, I asked, acting kind of surprised, "How did you figure that out?"
"I can see that when you are in your panties, and I noticed once when you changed clothes and bent over."  He was blushing when he said that. It is one of my weaknesses, when someone gets shy and blushes, I am getting weak and my (dirty) mind takes over matter. 

I gave him a naughty smirking face and turned my chair. We were both sitting at my desk doing homework (kind off).  I was wearing a T-shirt and a sloppy sport short.  When I come home from school I almost always change apparel, most of the time into a shirt and sport short or sweater and jogging-pants when it is colder. This time, because it was summer, it was soccer shorts, they are very comfortable because they are wide and have loose-fitting leg openings. I leaned back in my chair, spreading my knees a bit and looked down. And although I knew that I wasn’t wearing any panties under those shorts, I did as if I was surprised and said something like, "Too bad but I can’t check it out, I am not wearing panties," and laughed. I never do under comfy shorts, but I guess you must have figured that out as well.

But I wanted to tease him further and tugged my shorts tight around my puss.  While I was checking myself out I also looked through my eyelashes and saw him looking at my crotch as well. But more, I saw that he adjusted his dick in his pants, the view must have given him a hardon.

My horny thoughts and knowing that I had given him a hardon, made me feel even better.  I adjusted the shorts a bit, and made a camel toe, although with my kind of pussylips it was more like a lippy bulge. I tightened the thin fabric more by putting a hand at each side of my puss, pushing my lips together and outwards.  The fumbling with my puss made me horny and wet and I knew that it wouldn’t take long and the juices build-up between my pussy-lips would start to find a way out, showing my excitement as a wet spot.  To let myself and him adjust to the idea that we both were looking at the bulge in my shorts (clearly showing the shape and contours of my lush pussy lips) I didn’t look at him but kept looking at myself.  I made a joking remark, something like, "Yes, I see what you mean, I am an outie, haha."

Meanwhile I could feel the throbbing (hot-horny-blood pumping towards my pussy-lips and clit) and my clit twitched a few times, telling me that she liked it.  Maybe he didn’t notice it as much as I did, but my now full swollen lips became even more visible through the thin fabric.

It was pity that I wasn’t wearing my “tease panties”.  The ones I particular like, those are sheer, not completely sheer, but curious viewing eyes can see through them just a little bit, just enough to make one very curious about what is hidden there. They feel very comfortable to wear and they look very sexy on me.  Or better said, my bum and pussy look very sexy in them.

Anyway, I think I worked my way around as these shorts seemed to do the job very well, because through my eye lashes I saw an enormous bulge in his trousers. And finally I looked him in the eyes and for the first time since we met, I felt myself getting warm and flushing, not just from excitement but also because butterflies fluttered through my tummy. His eyes, omg what is happening to me?

At that time in my life, we both had our ways with boys and girls, we talked and confessed those things to each other, but until then I was not in love with him.  Remember, he was my surrogate brother, we talked about masturbation and fingering girls and jerking boys and so on, but without thoughts about doing these things together, with each other. Although it passed my mind more than once, but there was that unspoken barrier, like we were siblings.

Those barriers seemed to be gone now.  That look into his eyes made me squirm from desire, from unspoken love.  I wanted to share with him what I already shared with other boys, I wanted to show my horny self to him as I did for a few other boys.  What can be wrong sharing deeper feelings and intimacy with someone you like and love so much. Yes, I loved him as my brother before, but even when he would have been my brother I really burned to show him the parts of my body that you only show to boys that you like, trust and have feelings for. Boys with whom you feel comfortable with, even naked, and he was such a boy, a best friend for life.  All these things flashed through my head, it felt like minutes, but probably it was in no more than a few seconds that I made up my mind.

I was still looking at his face, which was blushed from excitement and craving lust. Again I moved my hand to and on my crotch. Actually, my pussy, my labia, my swollen lips, squeezing them softly.  Showing off my outie engorged lips through the now wet fabric of my shorts. I felt happy and horny seeing him watching my every move, closely.  I massaged my pussylips between my fingers and touched my clitoris through the fabric.

By now my excitement must have been very visible, I was getting soaking wet, I felt it squeezing between my lips.  Again I had a flash of thought, it was now or never.

I tried to let it sound jokingly but it must have sounded seriously when I said, "I will show you mine when you show me yours."

He nodded and started to unbuckle his trousers and opening his fly.
And I moved the side of my shorts, exposing all of my hot wet horny pussy for him.

To be continued.



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