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Camping Fun

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This took place when I was 16. I went camping with several families and had some fun. It is completely true and I still remember it clearly.


The following story took place when I was 16. I had decided to go camping with my friend, and several other families. My friend, lets call him Dave, and I had been excited for this for weeks. When it was time to pack, I decided to bring my own tent, instead of sleeping in one of the tents Dave's dad was bringing. When we arrived at the campsite I set up my tent and unpacked my items, and then we waited for the other families to begin arriving. My friend Mark arrived first, then the rest. We were the only kids except for one more girl, named Alex. She was the same age as us and we had been friends for a long time, but I hadn't seen her for a while. She was very pretty, she had dark brown hair that reached her shoulders, and a very curvy figure. Her breasts must have been about 34c or close. I greeted her parents then gave her a hug.

We spent most of the day just hanging out, some of us going down to the lake while others sat around the camp. When it became dark we all headed back to our tents. I sat in the doorway of mine while everyone else got into theirs. It turned out the all the tents were full, and Alex needed to stay in one. I volunteered, and she gratefully packed her things and tossed them in my tent, then crawled in herself. I don't think her parents were worried, me being a guy and all, because we've known each other for so long.

When it became time to sleep, we still had to change into our sleeping clothes. I slept in my boxers, but Alex had some shorts she slept in. I, not being shy, stripped down to my boxers and sat on my sleeping bag. She stared at my chest for a second, me having some nice abs, then she asked if I could turn around. I obliged, and sat with my back to her while I could hear her peel of her clothes. I turned around just as her loose t-shirt fell over her breasts. I could feel my dick stiffing. She wore very short shorts that made it able for me to see the bottom of her ass. Both her bra, and her panties were on the floor, so I was surprised at how perky her tits were. 'No bra?' I asked jokingly and she laughed and threw the bra at me.

I caught it and pretended to wear it, making her laugh even more. We got into our sleeping bags and turned the lamp above us off. She said she couldn't sleep and I said I couldn't either. We talked for a bit, and the conversation casually drifted to sex, and the likes. She asked me what kind of body I liked on a girl, I told her I liked a sexy one. She asked if hers was sexy and I paused for a second. I then said yes. Oh, she said. I could tell she was smiling. She then asked if I jacked off. I blushed and said 'Ya, all guys do!' She said 'oh' again and went quiet. 'I do too' she laughed out. I made a small laugh and said 'No kidding...'. We lay there for a couple minutes then I heard, 'this conversation is making me horny'. I laughed again, 'Haha, then do something about it!' I said. 'What, like masturbate?' 'Ya' I said, 'But you're right here...' she said, 'I don't mind' I replied.

After a couple seconds I hear, 'Okay, but you do it with me'. I sat there thinking about it, I should get to see something then. 'Okay, but we turn the light on.' 'Fine' she replied. I sat up and turned the light on. She sat up too and giggled. 'What?' I asked, and she pointed to my boner, which I didn't realize I had. I laughed too, 'sorry, I'm just excited. So, uh, lets start' I said. I began to rub my dick through my boxers, and she began to fondle her breasts. I was getting nowhere so I thought screw it, and I pulled my dick out. It was a solid 7 inches and nicely trimmed. Her eyes got wide, and then she smiled and said, 'It's big.'. I smiled too and began stroking it. 'Your turn' I said, she paused then nodded and pulled off her shirt. Her tits bounced for a second before she grabbed them and cupped them. 'Wow' was all I could say. They were perfect, they were perky and soft and round, with perfect sized nipples. 'Can I see the rest?' I asked and without thinking she pulled down her shorts, revealing her shaved pussy.

It was already glistening with wetness. She placed a hand over it and began rubbing, the whole time her eyes on my dick. I began to stroke too. She then stopped and asked 'Do you think I could touch it?' I smiled and said of course. She reached forward and grabbed my shaft, and began to pull up and down. It felt great! Without asking I grabbed one of her breasts. She gasped and then continued stroking me. I massaged her breast, then, I slowly slid my hand down her stomach to her wet pussy. She began to stroke me faster, and I took it as a sign that she wanted me to continue. I slid my hand over it and she moaned quietly. I began to rub her while she moaned softly and then I slid my finger in. She gasped and squeezed my dick hard. It didn't hurt but it was a little uncomfortable. I began to finger her fast and she had to stop stroking me because as she said later 'it felt too good.'.

I slid my finger in and out, watching her writhe on the floor and fondle her breasts. After what seemed like for ever, but was really only minutes, she moaned 'I'm coming!'. I went as fast as I could and she arched her back and moaned really loud. I placed my other hand over her mouth to muffle her sounds and she bit my hand. It wasn't hard. She finally subsided and lay their panting. My hand was dripping wet and I used it as lube to stroke my dick. I stared at her naked body while I stroked faster and faster. I could feel the pressure building, then I released. I had to stifle a moan as five or six big globs of cum landed on me, Alex, and the tent. After a couple of minutes I used one of my towels to clean us up, then we went to sleep, both of us naked. We did the same the next night, but the last night, I managed to get farther with her.



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