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My Middle Aged Neighbor Lady

My moms best friend lived right next door to us for many years and was probably one of the most uninhibited people I've ever known in my life.  She was what I always considered to be a very attractive petite Cuban woman with pretty well done gray hair, a curvy set of hips and a very nice set of big tits for her size.  She would walk around without a bra, and her boobs bouncing and barely covered.  My brother and I loved when she came to see my mom cause we almost always got a free peep show.  I grew up knowing her and her family more like family than simple neighbors.  When I reached 18, I expected to move on to college and see less and less of the neighbor lady.  However, during the summer prior to leaving for school something happened with our neighbor woman that turned out to be one of the most erotic and memorable sexual experiences of my life. Here is the story.               


It was early June and one afternoon, I came home from swimming at a nearby lake and as I walked in the house, my mom heard me enter and called me to the kitchen.  I walked in and asked, "whats up? she then proceeded to tell me that her friend our neighbor lady, asked my mom to ask me if I would mind staying at her house with her the following week, because her husband would be out of town for job training. She was not comfortable staying home alone at night.  My mom reminded me that her friend was a great cook, and It would be worth it just for the free meals!.  Besides it would really make her feel better having me in the house.

So I agreed, and a few days later I went to our neighbors early one night with some clothes for a few nights stay.  She was so glad to see me, and gave me a big hug and told me, I have dinner all ready and I hope your hungry?   I remember feeling her massive big soft tits pushing up against me, and she wasn't wearing a bra under her blouse either... They were so soft and warm!  OMG!  I remembered from years before, she rarely wore a bra at home.  As we sat down to eat, she began to talk about how much she appreciated me being there. I tried to be innocent, but I couldn't help but catch glimpes of her huge nipples through the sheer fabric of her blouse. Her tits were driving me crazy like always! 

My cock was soon hard and pushing against my pants and I had to reach in and adjust it.  She knew she was causing me to get excited. I could just tell by her eyes and the way she smiled.  A few moments later, she just came and said, I want to reward you for agreeing to stay with me. Not knowing exactly exactly what she meant, I said no, you don't have to!  I'm happy to help out. She laughed and said, well maybe these will change your mind honey? She slid her blouse open and it fell to the floor, as she held her beautiful fat tits and squeezed them in front of me!  I just sat there in a trance! LOL!  She said I know you like them.  I see you staring at them all the time!  She laughed and said that it turned her on knowing that a younger guy enjoyed her body.

 I was embarrassed but I just smiled at her!  She told me not to be scared or embarrassed and I could play with them if I wanted?  From there she asked me to let her see my cock if I didn't mind?  I wasted no time and I pulled out my hard boner for her. It was raging and I was leaking precum everywhere!  My underwear were soaked!  She got up and walked around the table and stopped in front of me.  Without thinking, I reached up and slowly grabbed her left tit and my lips were sucking on her huge nipple in seconds... She moaned and told me to suck it hard, and that she liked that.  I couldn't believe how turned on I was by this 60 something womans body?

I soon felt her grab my hard cock and she began stroking it with a very firm grip.  It felt amazing!  She bent down and asked me to kiss her so I did, and we made out for a few minutes... She then bent down and licked the head of my dick and told me she would suck me off later that night, which she did.  Then oddly she asked me if I liked to masturbate?  I of course loved to masturbate!  Especially to tits!  I told her yes I love it!   She told me that she liked to masturbate more than intercourse and then she told me she wanted to watch me masturbate.  I was more than happy to do that for her.

I've always loved jerking off more than vaginal sex too.  I know, I'm weird!  So we went to her room and got naked and laid down on the bed together. Her pussy was bushy gray and her pussy lips were so fat and dark.  She was nearly 60 and yet I found her older body such a turn on!  She asked me if there was something she could do to make it more exciting for me?   I had a long time fantasy about being with a woman with huge tits, and her hanging them over my face and mouth while I jerk off under her and suck her tits.  So I asked her to do that for me. 

She agreed and I was in heaven with her hanging her massive tits over my face as I jerked my hard cock.  I nursed and licked her enormous nipples for a few minutes and then I came very hard with a full body spasm.  My cum shot was unbelievable and it splashed against her tits... I collapsed all sweaty and feeling totally high from the experience.  She then asked me to watch her do herself... What a turn on that was for me too!  Little did I know she had a very large and deep pussy and with the help of some lube from her night stand, she taught me to fist her pussy. I made her orgasm several times.  The smell of her horny pussy was heaven! 

She was the only woman Ive ever been with that could do that.  For the rest of the week, we spent lots of time at night masturbating ourselves and watching each other. She would not allow me to fuck her however.  I even asked her several times. I don't mind though.  I still love jerking off even today thinking about what she and I did together all those years ago.  We never talked about it and she moved away with her husband soon afterward.  I'm grateful for the education and experience that this dear older woman gave me.  She gave me the gift of memories I still enjoy to this day.        



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