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The Cleaning Woman

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My wife hired a cleaning woman, L. She comes in one morning a week at 8:00 to clean the house. She is Russian, about 40 years old, reasonably attractive, and speaks little English. She confides in my wife, and once told her that she sometimes is so horny she doesn't know what to do. 'I want sex!' she declared, in her basic English.
A few weeks ago, my wife had been away for several days. I had not masturbated since she left, and finally one morning I woke up so horny I thought I would come without even touching myself. Then I remembered it was the day the cleaning woman came. Since I am a confirmed voyeur and exhibitionist, I decided I would try to get caught masturbating by her. Ideally I would even ejaculate in front of her, but set it up so that it would seem entirely accidental.
I got up and unlocked the front door, then got back into bed, leaving the bedroom door wide open. My plan was to masturbate openly, pretending not to have heard L come in. I would wait until she appeared in the open doorway and saw me, but keep my eyes half-closed and pretend not to see her. I was sure that if she stayed to watch for even a moment, the excitement would push me over the edge into orgasm, in full view of L.
The plan worked beautifully, up to a point. I lay in bed for a while, fondling my cock in anticipation. The doorbell rang; then silence, as L waited for someone to answer. FInally she tried the door, and finding it open, walked in. I heard her come up the stairs and partway down the hall.
I had rarely been so excited. I had never been exposed this close to an unsuspecting woman. She was perhaps 15 feet away, with not even a closed door between us, and I could clearly hear her moving around. My cock spontaneously started to throb and pump its semen into my hand. I wasn't even moving my hand, yet the situation was so exciting that I had spontaneously come.
So close, yet so far! I had ejaculated practically in L's presence, yet she hadn't seen me. I had to think again.
I got in the shower, and decided to pretend I that was the reason I hadn't heard her come in. After finishing my shower, I got out and set the scene. I closed the bedroom door partway, so it wouldn't seem so obvious that I wanted to get caught. The master bathroom door has a full-length mirror on the inside, and I arranged it so that by looking in the mirror over the sink, I was actually looking directly at the bedroom door. If she opened the door I would see her, and in the mirror she could see me.
I lubed up my cock and started masturbating, facing the sink. I had set it up so that if L came in, we would have a clear view of one another. Yet the bedroom and bathroom doors were both partly closed, so the scene didn't look as if I had set it up.
And it worked! As I masturbated, staring in the mirror at the bedroom door, it suddenly opened and L came into the bedroom! She seemed not to see me, and walked right past the partly closed bathroom door. At this point, I lost my nerve. I was so scared of being caught that I nervously blurted out something to let her know I was there. She turned and saw me, muttered a startled apology and quickly left the room.
So L did see me naked and masturbating, but I was too nervous to capitalize on the situation. In retrospect, I should have half-closed my eyes and pretended to be so lost in masturbation that I didn't know she was there. With luck she would have noticed me, and, if I pretended to ignore her, maybe even stuck around to see me come.
But that's just a fantasy now. As it was, I continued masturbating after she left, trying to make enough noise that she might hear me as I came again, ejaculating into the sink. I don't know whether she heard me or not. After I dressed and came out of the bedroom, she behaved perfectly naturally to me, and has since.
It's unlikely I can set up the same situation again. Generally my wife is here when L comes. Even if I were alone in the house, it might seem less than accidental if L 'happened' to walk in on me masturbating again. If L felt I had exposed myself to her on purpose, and took offence, the repercussions could be unpleasant.
Besides, just recently L came crying to my wife, confiding various personal problems to do with her family, immigration status, etc. It's probably unfair of me to impose my exhibitionism on her in addition to her own problems, since I don't know if she would welcome it or not.
I still have the memory and the fantasy, though.



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