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My Life Long Love of Masturbation

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My good friend turned me on to Solo Touch a short time ago after we spent the night telling each other about our sexual secrets from the past. She urged me to send in this one story and another that I will not tell about. So here it is. First a bit about myself. I'm single and 35. I work in an office full time four days a week and then part time I teach yoga and do personal training. People tell me I still look as young as 23. I'm 5'6' with small frame and small boobs so it makes me look like a kid. I make the most of my small body by dressing at work to look sharp and sexy, then when I'm off or at the club I'll show as much bod as I can. I like very short shorts and to be braless so my nipples show well. I love sex and masturbate daily. Living alone has allowed me to perfect my ability to orgasm plus I can can be as loud as I want. The more effort I put into an orgasm, the better it feels. Wow, writing this is making me wet already. The summer before last is when this happened. My yard is open to the old couple that live next to me but shielded from all others. They had gone away for three weeks leaving their grandson to take care of the place. John was supposed to show up on the Monday according to the old couple. That left me the weekend before he got there to do what I love to do when I know I'm alone. Sunbathe nude in my backyard. I did just that and after laying out for almost an hour I went in the house for another water bottle. I walked to the door naked I noticed the vacant house had a curtain open. John was already there! I went inside and peaked out to see what I could. I could see John in the background standing so I knew he had been watching me. While I thought about what had just happened I could feel myself getting wet and excited. I felt good knowing he wanted to see my nude body. I put on a bikini top and shorts then went outside to make like I was trimming and weeding the yard. Before long John came outside and I soon made it look like I just noticed him and went to the fence to introduce myself. My pussy lips were slipping back and forth as I walked. I held out my hand and told John my name. As we talked I could see John's eyes falling to my boobs quite often. My nipples were poking through my unpadded bikini top very nicely. We talked a while then I asked John for dinner. Dinner was a real turn on for me. I kept the shorts, no shoes and put on a very shear top with no bra to show my boobs. I felt sexy sexy sexy! We ate on the deck and all through dinner John kept looking at my boobs. After dinner we moved inside where I stretched out my legs crossing my feet on the end table so he could check me out even more. John told me about his last girlfriend that just broke up with him a month before. All the time he was telling me his story he kept looking at my legs. The conversation went from relationships to sex. I wanted this young guy to mount me and drive his hard penis inside me but I just could not bring myself to do it. I could though, watch him masturbate for me. Oh that was a great idea! I soon bit the bullet and asked John if he was ok with seeing me naked earlier that day. He made out like he never saw me until I told him I saw him in the window after. He covered his face and shook his head so I told him I was very ok with it and felt quite flattered. We then began to talk about sex. John was shy at first but soon began to open up. I wanted to know so I asked him about masturbating. I asked him how often he has to masturbate now that he does not have a girlfriend. At first he screwed up his face and said NO, but after some coaxing he began to give me details. He told me he had to masturbate every day because he had needs. I asked him if he had already done it that day and with a shy grin he answered a simple yes. Then I asked his if he could do it again and he just looked at me with his head to one side like he was waiting for more information. I sat up straight and looked at him in the eyes and slowly said.....could you do it right now with me here? He told me no so I told him it was too bad because I wanted to do it. Then I looked at him waiting for a reply. I could feel myself starting to quiver from the sexual tension I had created. Still waiting I asked.....well are you up for it like I am? This time he gave me a quite....sure I'm up for it. I was so horny by that time that I could hardly wait to get my clothes off. I stood up and asked him what he was waiting for while I stripped naked. John stood and stripped off too revealing a very long and hard penis. He was ready for action. I gave him a push onto the couch then I sat on the big chair across from him. I opened my legs then went right to work on my clitoris. John's hand moved nice and slow up and down his long penis while he watched me masturbate. I told John to make it last as long as he could because I could go for a long long time. It was not long before I was ready to enjoy my first orgasm with John. I told him it was coming and to watch my body now. I could feel it coming on higher and higher so I locked eyes with john then my orgasm hit like a huge ocean wave. I moaned and groaned with pleasure while my body bounced up and down with spasms of orgasm. John stopped moving altogether and once I could see well again I saw him sitting with his penis high and strong but he was not touching it. Catching my breath I smiled at him. Softly he just said.....wow, that was nice. I was laying back almost straight out by that time. I corrected myself and pointed my body toward John again. I opened my legs showing my shaved pussy then dipped my fingers in to rub off another orgasm. John began stroking his long penis again. He told me it would be hard to hold back with such a sexy show. I told him he must and to go very slow while I watched and enjoyed his show too. I locked my eyes to his hand so expertly running the full length of his long shaft. Up and down slowly again and again stopping every now and then while he regained control. I kept my eyes on my penis then went for my next orgasm. I knew it would not take much. In less than a minute I could feel it coming again. This time it felt like I had something inside my body that I had to push out almost like I had to pee. As it got closer I squeezed my legs together and straight out then it rocked through me again. Waves of pulsing orgasm rushed over my body while once more I bounced up and down uncontrollably. Again once the spasms left my body I was almost laying straight out. John was wide eyed looking over my body end to end while his hand moved one stroke then paused then another stroke then paused. I could tell John was not used to this tension so I asked him if he wanted to come yet. He told me no but he was not sure how long he could hold back. I sat up straight again then stretched my feet out toward him then slowly slid them aver the floor as wide apart as I could. I told him he should finish now while I watched him. His hand went right to work but much faster than before. Again he looked over my body then to my eyes and back down. His hand moved faster and faster. I could here a slight slap slap sound with each stroke. I could tell John was getting close when his face changed to an almost painful look. Not missing a stroke he pushed his feet hard to the floor lifting his body off the couch. His hand slowed down and he pushed back onto his shoulders and began slowly moving his hips and not his hand. I watched his young hard body fucking his hand for what felt like forever. With each pump of his hips his long hard cock popped out the end of his hand. With a long hard groan he spewed shots of white semen about a foot into the air. He stopped moving his hips holding them high off the couch then he finished with hand strokes while the shots of semen kept squirting. With each squirt he moaned until he was drained. He dropped to the couch still holding his hard penis and I enjoyed seeing him almost powerless while the semen ran down his hand and chest. It was such a great show that I had to continue on my own. I went right back to work on more orgasms. John sat there semen covered for about fifteen or twenty minutes longer while I masturbated myself until I was finally satisfied. Once I was able, I got John a towel then we talked for about an hour sitting naked together. John was half hard again soon so I suggested he do it again for me. This time I just watched. It was so beautiful to just sit back and watch this hot young man give himself so much pleasure. We never said anything all the time he masturbated by himself. Each time our eyes met one or both of us smiled. I got closer to him and began kissing his shoulders then I whispered in his ear to stroke his big cock for me so I could see his semen squirt. I kept asking him very slowly and softly....squirt for me, let me see your semen squirt. Once I knew he was about to squirt I just watched. He moaned much harder and his orgasm looked and sounded harder but his semen was only a few shots then he just jerked and moaned like he was squirting. John fell onto my shoulder holding his semen soaked penis while it throbbed and slowly went soft. I took the towel and cleaned him off. We talked some more then I told him I had to get some rest. He slid on his pants and I lead him to the door still naked. I did give him a long kiss goodnight and it did feel great. We planned on another night but I decided we should not because I knew I would mount his hard penis if we did it again. It was fun but it was over. Ok just one more. I'll keep it short. When I was training for my yoga a few years ago I spent the weekend in ________. I did something I would never do again even though I enjoyed it so much. While I was there a girl at a shooter bar was handing out papers about a masturbate-a-thon. I was by myself and could not keep the thought out of my mind. I really wanted to go! It was on the Saturday night two days later. I decided I was going to go so I spent $150 of my own money just so I could see what it would be like. It was great! I got there and a nice young lady showed me to a room where there was an attendant who watched over everybody's belongings and clothes. She gave me a small white towel and told me I had to disrobe to go beyond that point. Then my pledge money was accepted and she guided me down a hall. I was so nervous walking naked down a hall knowing I was about to masturbate with a bunch of strangers. I walked through the door to see about thirty people naked sitting in all areas alone or with a group or as a couple. Many of then were right into masturbating hot and heavy. I made my way to a spot close to a group of six guys and girls about my age and older. All of them were going at it but one lady. She whispered to me and waved me over. I sat with them without introduction. I put down my towel sitting in their little circle. The lady smiled at me then she joined in the fun. I was the only one not masturbating so I started right away. At first it felt odd but as I kept hearing people orgasm one by one around the room I began to feel very excited. I had a ton of orgasms that night and I saw many others orgasm too. It was very interesting to see the way all these different people came one by one and sometimes at the same time. The m-athon went on for two hours. Many of the ladies came a lot of times like me and some of the guys did too. There was one young guy who shot off about five times! He became the star of the night and the last one to come while we all coaxed him along to a big finish. He was skinny and not too good looking but he had a huge penis. His girl was also skinny and tall with almost no boobs at all. She made mine look big. It was a fun night but I'd never do it again. I hope you are happy Ann. I told both stories. I had a lot of fun writing this letter but now I'm horny and wet. I guess you all know what that means.



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