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My Incredible Wife (Part 4)

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I'm the luckiest guy in the world. My incredible wife has outdone herself this time and I am still in shock. If you've read my other submissions you already know that Mel has grown to share my infatuation with masturbation, and has begun to understand how it personifies trust in a relationship, how it brings excitement to our marriage and how it has brought us closer than we've ever imagined possible.

I had a birthday last week, a pretty big one at that - 49. A few weeks ago Mel asked me what I wanted for my birthday. All I had to do was grin at her and she knew what I was thinking. She said simply 'I think I can take care of that' and that was the end of the conversation.

Then, just last Saturday she had made arrangements for the kids to be gone for the night. My birthday was actually Sunday but she said we needed to celebrate a little early as she was having trouble handling the anticipation. I was wondering what she had in mind, plus I had been traveling most of the week and had arrived home Friday evening exhausted. We hadn't seen each other for days and I was really looking forward to being alone with this wonderful person. It sounded to me as if she was feeling the same way, which was exciting to me.

Once the kids were gone for the evening she told me to go upstairs to our bedroom and wait on the couch. She said I was to sit there quietly and to pretend that I wasn't even in the room. 'Don't say a word or the whole thing is off' she said with a sly smile. I had no intention of blowing this one, whatever it was, so I intended to do exactly as I was told, but my mind was racing.

As I scampered up the stairs, my head was spinning and I wondered if I should take my clothes off or not, but since I had not been told to do so, I sat on the couch as instructed. After a few minutes I heard Mel coming up the stairs. About that time I noticed my hands were cold and my mouth was dry. This was really getting to me. I was dying to find out what she had in mind.

She walked into the room, around the bed and sat something on the dresser that appeared to be a VHS tape, all without acknowledging me at all. She then disappeared into the dressing room out of sight. I tried to see what the tape was but could not identify it from my vantage point on the couch, so I just sat there and tried to relax. After a couple of minutes she appeared at the door of the dressing room and I was riveted. Mel had obviously been lingerie shopping recently as she was wearing a very fancy white pushup bra and a pair of black panties that I had never seen. These were those kind of panties that are low cut at the hips and then straight across at the legs. I have no idea what they are called but they looked absolutely fabulous on her. As she walked around the room barefoot her large breasts jiggled a little and looked very erotic, all bulging up in that bra. I could almost see the areola around her nipples, but not quire. I also noticed how the bottoms of her butt cheeks were showing below her panties. What an incredible sight she was.

She walked over to her little make-up table and bent over to check her face and fuss with her shoulder-length brown hair. Her legs, which are sculpted by regular spin classes, looked magnificent. She still acted as if I wasn't there and I did exactly as I was told. It was almost like watching a deer in the woods, I was barely breathing and didn't want to scare her away.

She now moved back toward the bed, and toward my side of the room. She picked up the tape and took it out of the sleeve. I still couldn't make it out as she popped it into our old TV/VCR machine and turned on the TV. She picked up the remote and sat at the foot of the bed directly in front of the screen. I had a pretty good side view of the screen and waited for the tape to start. All kinds of crazy ideas were running around in my head - was it a tape of she and another lover? Was it a tape of her and I? Did something like that even exist? Then as soon as I heard the first sound from the tape I recognized it - even though I had not seen it for years. It was an old movie that I had in my very private stash of porn. I had hidden these tapes in the basement years ago when the boys had gotten big enough to be curious about such things, and had really intended to throw them away, but of course had never gotten around to it. I was instantly embarrassed as I had no idea she even knew that they existed and my mind was racing back to try to remember what types of porn I had collected. This particular tape was more of what you would call the soft core variety. It's called Play Time, and is not really much of a movie but has some of the greatest masturbation scenes in it that I have seen. Not that they are real exactly, just very sexy.

Anyway, here's my gorgeous Mel, dressed in the most provocative outfit, glued to a video that I had no idea she even knew about, let alone appreciated. I was in total shock. The first scene of this movie shows this beautiful woman lying in bed with her boring husband getting herself off while the chump sleeps. Pretty good stuff. Mel just sat watching the scene without moving a muscle. My eyes were darting from her to the screen and back, I didn't know what to look at. When the scene was over she pointed the remote at the set and fast forwarded a ways to the next (and best) scene where our heroine is sunbathing topless with her best friend on vacation. The lame-assed husbands are off playing golf and the girls are talking about sex, or lack thereof in their marriages. They admit that they each have to masturbate frequently to be satisfied and then eventually move into the condo to masturbate together. During this scene I noticed Mel was starting to get into it. She was dragging her nails lightly over the swollen globes of her breasts, back and forth, from one to the other. Eventually I saw her dip a fingertip into one of the cups and tease her nipple a bit. I had to adjust my pants a little at that sight, which I did very carefully and quietly. She arched her back and stretched a little, then leaned back on her elbows, still glued to the set. The girls were really going at it now on screen with lots of moaning and some pretty good moves of their own.

There's one scene in particular where there's a closeup shot of one of the girl's nipples actually touching the leg of the other girl as they both masturbate on this couch. That seemed to be almost too much for Mel as I could see here squeeze her thighs together hard and then sort of lean my way a bit so she could jam her left hand between her legs, obviously for a little relief. She stayed like this for a few minutes then scooted back on the bed until her head was actually on my pillow. She laid flat on the bed, then brought her knees up and apart and was still watching the action on the screen between her spread thighs. The girls had reached their orgasms and another dry in-between scene was playing so she reached up and pointed the remote to fast forward again. As she did so I noticed she had sneaked her other hand into her black panties and seemed to be pressing on her mons.

My hardon was really getting uncomfortable now so I decided I would carefully and quietly free my cock from my corduroys as soon as the movie started playing again. About that time she landed on another one of my favorite scenes where one of the girls is trying to set a trap to seduce the other girls husband by getting 'accidentally' caught masturbating in the sauna. It's a quick but tasty little scene and Mel obviously liked that one a lot. She really started moving her hand in her panties now and I could hear the little squishy noises over the video sounds, coming from her pussy.

My cock sprung out of my zipper as soon as I gave it a chance and I was lightly stroking it, watching Mel enjoy herself. It was almost too much to bear so I really had to be careful to not cum too soon. My cock was leaking profusely so the head was all shiny and my fingers were even starting to get slick.

Soon she was really moving her hips and I could tell she wasn't going to last too long. She reached up with the remote and flicked the TV off and almost in the same motion turned her body toward me, dragging my pillow with her and started watching me through the V of her spread thighs. It was the first time she had acknowledged my presence and her eyes were on fire. This went on for maybe three minutes or so, me watching her hand clearly moving inside her panty crotch and her hips moving with a life of their own. And her staring right at my engorged cock as I hammered up and down furiously. Occasionally she would stop her hand motion and just pat her pussy, or take her hand out of her panties and stick two fingers in her mouth while looking right into my eyes. That really makes me crazy. I had to totally stop several times to keep from cumming, and then start in again. Finally I saw that look on her face, the one where her eyes were almost pleading before they roll back in her head. She slowed her motions to nearly still, I could tell she was hanging on the edge of a tremendous cum, then with a yelp she moved her hand quickly up and down and started to climax. Her whole body shook in waves of pleasure as I stared slack jawed from the couch, trying to hold off my own orgasm as long as I could. Soon the inevitable happened and I sent three or four thick ribbons of cum arching into the air.

We sat there staring at each other for a moment, her body limp and positively glowing. A smile crept across her lips as opened her eyes and said 'you didn't imagine I would do THAT, now did you?' My answer was to stand up and strip out of my sodden clothes and crawl onto the bed beside her and hold her tight. 'Nicest birthday gift I ever got' was all I could say.



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