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My First Time

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It was the middle of August, and the weather was very hot. I used to lie in bed, tossing and turning while trying to sleep. There was no air conditioning, so I decided to try to get cooler by taking off all my clothes and lying in the breeze from the window.

I was curious about sex but didn't really know anything about it yet. This was the 1950s, so there wasn't really much for young guys like me to find. And my parents were strict Catholics and never really had much to say on the subject.

Anyway, one night as I lay there, I felt a tickling in my penis. I reached down to touch it like I had done many times before; only this time there was a strange sensation iike I had never felt before. I couldn't describe it except that it felt good. I moved my hand and it felt even better. I moved again and the feeling increased. This was amazing! I'd never felt anything like it. I continued to move my hand and the feeling built like nothing I'd ever known. It got so strong that I began to fear that something was wrong inside me. So I stopped, breathing very hard. I had more trouble than ever getting to sleep.

The next night it was the same. I took off all my clothes and lay down. I was a little afraid but still curious. I wanted to know what would happen but was afraid I'd hurt something if I went too far. Still, I reached down and touched myself. I felt a small twinge of the sensation I'd felt the previous night. I began to stroke myself and felt the feelings build. It felt wonderful but at the same time scary. Eventually I got to where I had been the night before. I tingled all over. Knowing that I'd been there before and nothing bad had happened, I stroked myself a little more. The tingling increased. A drop or two of sticky liquid appeared at the end of my penis. The sensations increased, and I felt like there was nothing else in the world except me and these feelings. I felt like there was something just beyond me that was waiting for me; but I was still afraid, so after stroking myself a little more I stopped again. This time the tingling continued. It was wonderful, but I was still apprehensive. I didn't know what was happening to me and wasn't sure if I wanted to know where this was going.

The next night was even hotter than the other two. I lay in my bed sweating. My penis was limp as I lay there. I didn't want to tempt fate, but the sensations I remembered from the previous two nights made me reach down again to touch myself. As before, I felt my penis grow in size. It got harder too, even more than I'd ever known it to be. The tingling increased much more rapidly than before. My vision began to tunnel. I was breathing in gasps. The tingling turned into a throbbing. The drop of liquid appeared again. I stopped. I slowly started to go back to normal, but I still felt very excited. I didn't know why. I stopped. But this time I reached down and stroked once, twice, three times. Again I stopped. I was trembling and breathing hard. I didn't know what was happening to me. I stroked again, once, twice.

Then it happened.

The feelings suddenly grew and overwhelmed me. I felt an electric shock go through me. A padded club hit me over the back of the head and I saw stars. My legs jerked and my butt was completely off the bed. My penis pulsed once, and again, and AGAIN!!! I cried out. There was suddenly a lot of the sticky liquid all over me. And I felt the most wonderful sensation course completely through my body.

I don't know how long it lasted. It felt like hours. I didn't want it to stop. But of course, it finally did. I got up, looked for my underwear to clean myself off with (I didn't want to go to the bathroom for fear of running into my parents) and lay down again. Needless to say, I had no trouble getting to sleep that night; and I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face.



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