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The Family Rules (1)

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The family of my first girlfriend in college had a lot of 'rules'. The first rule was that the two daughters, Theresa (my girlfriend) and Valerie (her younger sister by about a year) were not allowed to date until they were 18, coming from a very small conservative town as well as two very protective parents. Thus, even though Teri was 19 and a freshman at the local junior college when I first met her, I was the first boy she had ever dated. The second and third rules were actually between Teri, Val, and their little brother. One was 'switchies'. Whenever one yelled 'switchies', they had to immediately swap what they were doing. Mostly this was called for things like one having more desert left than the other, or when they didn't like the chores they were doing. The other was 'fair is fair'. This usually meant that one had done the other wrong, and was justification for retribution; or, one got to do something and the other wanted to do it too.

Teri and I had only been going out for about a month when Val turned 18. Her parents decided that Teri and I would have to double-date with Val until they could trust her boyfriend, Paul, who was in his first year at college like us (whereas Val was still a senior in high school). Unfortunately, this meant that the slight progress I'd made in getting past 'first base' with Teri had to be put on hold. However, one late spring day the stars aligned for an afternoon of pleasure, where the three rules would lead to the most intense masturbation session of my life.

Both of the girls' parents worked, and their younger brother typically spent the afternoon until dinner at a friend's house because the girls weren't usually home to take care of him. But for whatever reason (I can't really recall), Teri, Paul and I had no afternoon classes this one day; and Val's girls' cross-country team practice had been cancelled. So, we all decided to take advantage by having an afternoon of swimming and sunning at Teri's back-yard pool; Teri's mom insisting that Val couldn't have Paul over unless Teri and I were there. We had all been swimming, sunning, and playing a little 'grab ass' when Teri, who was taking a course in medical terminology, asked how being circumcised was different from not being circumcised. Apparently, her class had come across this word in the medical dictionary; and while there was a brief medical description, there were no pictures. Since I was circumcised, I offered that it meant that the foreskin was cut back from the head of the penis. Teri said, 'I know THAT! I mean, what makes it different to be circumcised as opposed to not?'

Paul chimed in that he found, being uncircumcised, that jacking off was easier. Well, neither girl had ever heard that phrase, much less understood it. Teri advised that they had gotten well past the 'Js' in class and had never heard that term. So Paul offered to show them, to which the girls eagerly agreed. Paul then pulled down his trunks, revealing a semi-hard cock with an intact foreskin. Both girls immediately wanted a closer inspection, with Val claiming first 'dibs' since Paul was her boyfriend. After a few minutes of touching, Teri called 'switchies', intending to take matters into her own hands. Val then noted that my own erection was bulging in my trunks, and said 'fair is fair'; demanding that I drop my suit as well. Being a firm believer in the rules, I complied, so that while Teri was examining Paul, Val was examining me.

There was the expected comparing and contrasting; Paul with the slightly longer but slightly thinner uncircumcised cock, with a low hanging ball sack and sparse pubic hair; while I had the slightly shorter but thicker meat, with my balls tighter up but clearly bigger, and lots of black curly pubes. They even had us turn around so that they could critique our asses. It was funny hearing Teri and Val discuss what they believed to be the merits of cut vs. uncut, long vs. not so long, thick vs. not so thick, hairy vs. not so hairy, as they poked and prodded. Of course, Paul and I were enjoying the attention, and soon had copious amounts of pre-cum dribbling out of our now deep purple heads; which, of course, required further explanation.

It was Val who remembered that Paul was going to show them what jacking off meant, so Paul began to pull his foreskin back and forth across his glans, both girls staring intently. He started slow at first, but as his excitement grew, the speed became faster until his fingers were flying. Soon, so was his cum, in a series of long thick ropes that shot out a good three feet into the deep end. No sooner was he done than Teri said to me, 'Okay, your turn, fair is fair!' I explained that without a foreskin, I needed some sort of lubricant. Teri grabbed her bottle of baby oil (preferred tanning solution in the early seventies) and asked if that would do. I said sure, and after greasing up, began the stroke home. Like Paul, I started slow, with long deliberate strokes and a loose grip. But soon the thrill of jerking in front of not one but two girls was too much. My speed increased exponentially, as did the force and firmness of my grip, until I too blasted jets of sperm out into the pool. I came so hard that it actually hurt; the scrotal contractions continuing for a while even after my balls were emptied of their load.

Needless to say, Teri and Val were impressed by the performance, but appeared disappointed that our erections had begun to flag after such intense orgasms. Clearly, they weren't ready for the lesson in anatomy to end. Neither were Paul and I, but that's another story.



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