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My Favorite Time at School

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I went to school to be a lifeguard at a picnic. I didn't know it would be my most favorite time of jacking off at school. Totally naked in my classroom.

This is my most favorite masturbation story. When I was in high school I was on the swim team and had taken life guard training was a certified life guard. One of my teachers at the school knew that I was a life guard and asked me if I could be a life guard at the annual yearbook class picnic. They held this picnic each year on a Saturday at the school pool. I spent most of the day at the pool in my raised chair enjoying looking at my classmates in their bikini swimsuits. At about 2pm my teacher asked me if I would go to his class room and get something he left there. I said sure! I pulled on my green army jacket and in that and my tiny speedo suit started walking to the classroom on the other side of the school campus. As I walked down the hallways of my school it was weird since I was only wearing something smaller and tighter than my whitey tighties. This started to get my cock growing. So halfway across campus now my cock was just bulging out of my thin blue speedos. My breath was going in those short quick rhythms you get when you are really horny. I opened the door to the building that the classroom was in. It was an octagon shaped building so as soon as I entered the building I turned to right to head to the classroom. Doing this I was now out of sight from the hallways. I dropped my swimsuit and jacket to the ground immediately. Walking the rest of the way to my classroom naked and going in was so exciting. How many people can say they actually went into their classroom nude? I can! I went and sat in my actual desk and started stroking my cock slowly. I wanted this to last. I then went and sat on my teachers desk and continued stroking until I got close to cumming. I decided to leave the classroom and go back into the hallways and then head upstairs. I had gotten the item the teacher requested and set it on the stairs as I headed up. Upstairs had an open top that let sunlight inside the building. I walked around stroking myself getting closer and closer. Finally I knew that the time had come to go all the way. I liked to lay down and hump things when I was this age (17) and quickly laid down on the warm cement in front of my history classroom. I started sliding my cock on the warm cement and quickly shot a huge load of my cum on the ground. I pulled myself up and squeezed out the last few drops of cum and then headed down to grab my coat and pull on my speedos. Heading back to the pool now and fully satisfied with what I had done, I looked down and realized that my cock was still dripping in my speedos. Now I had a nice big wet spot for anyone to see. Luckily my coat was long enough to cover it. I gave my teacher the item they wanted and quickly removed my coat and jumped in the pool to hide the wet spot. I jacked off one more time later at that school but this one is one of my favorite times.



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