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Caught by Mates Girlfriend

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Alone in my flat when I was interrupted.


So this happened a few years ago when I lived with three other lads during Uni. Due to the location of the University to our home towns, it was common practice for everyone to head home for the weekend in order to get stuff washed, get free meals etc. Sometimes I decided to stay up as I enjoyed having the place to myself. Not only did this give me a whole flat to myself, I could masturbate freely without fear of being caught.

On this particular Friday night, the other three lads had left for home a few hours prior and I was simply laying on the sofa in the living room watching TV. A sex scene came on and reminded me that I was in fact alone. Having been through this process multiple times, I simply stripped off, went to the bathroom to grab some toilet paper and grabbed my laptop from my room.

I connected the laptop to the TV so I could watch Porn on the 42 inch screen and proceeded to load up one of my favourite JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) videos. This one was 25 minutes long and I was about half way through when the living room door opened. I had been caught before by one of my flat mates (a story for another time) and whilst I didn't want to be caught again, it wouldn't have been a big deal. However, I wasn't so lucky on this occasion. Instead of seeing one of my flat mates, it was actually one of their girlfriends. She let out a small scream and closed the door. All I could hear was her shouting "Sorry sorry sorry.....I didn't know anyone was here...etc".

I freaked out, leaped up and started to put my clothes on. Once I was dressed I told her it was ok to come in. At this point the porn was still playing as I forgot to turn it off in my panic and when she came into the room, the 'performer' on this particular video shouted "Do you like jerking off to my instructions you dirty little wanker?". I was so embarrassed. I turned the video off and was simply left speechless. I tried apologising and tried to say anything to take the tension and awkwardness out of the air but the damage was done.

Safe to say she didn't keep it to herself. I have been getting stick for it ever since. Being caught would have been bad enough but it was the video that did the damage so to speak.



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