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My Ex's Habits (3)

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Another random recollection.


So N. was a voracious lover and was always pushing her own personal boundaries... although always very discreet. She told me of so many experiences she had when she was growing up that would drive me wild. She told me of using improvised 'toys' from her younger brothers toy box when she was supposed to be babysitting them when Mom and Dad were out for the evening. She shared the uncountable experiences she had in the private bathroom off of her basement bedroom, while she was in High School, that had its own small sauna. She recounted an experience in her very late teens, after she had left home, where she reached orgasm in bed next to her mother late one night well after Mom had gone to bed.

Needless to say... I wasn't there for any of those. But the stories she shared with me drove me to the heights of pleasure. I felt that I had been let into the dark side of her sexual psyche. I'm sure many have had experiences they dare not tell a soul or have purposely forgotten to save themselves the agony of that admission. N. shared freely in those days.

So this quick story begins at a time when N. and I had had a falling out. We were separated and she was living on her own. N. had just started a new job and was experiencing life after school with real responsibilities for the first time. Cash was tight none the less. This job in particular actually reminds me of yet another story.... but anyway, N. was keeping her ear to the ground for a second job. Something part time and in the evenings. She found it. N. was working in a professional setting... the second job she found for herself was anything but. She somehow had found a listing for an opening as a receptionist at a 'massage' parlour in a neighbouring city two hours away. She told me that it was perfect because it was far enough away that she could maintain anonymity. I just scratched my head and instantly got an erection. She assured me that nothing 'funny' would take place and that she was just there to answer the phone, work the front desk and handle the 'legit' money. What was I to say... knock yourself out N.

I wasn't pleased with the idea... I was still emotionally attached. But the idea was also stirring a much deeper and darker side of me that I couldn't deny.

A few weeks passed. When I spoke to N. next I had to know how the job was going. N. is a practical girl. The drive each way for the pay was ridiculous. She couldn't keep the job and only ended up working there one weekend... or two shifts. The reality was this is something that appealed to N. on that 'dark psyche' level that I mentioned earlier. The underbelly of male and female sexuality and its complex politics excited her. She wanted to see the faces of the clients as they walked into the place. She wanted to see who frequented these establishments. She wanted to see them walk through the door. She wanted to see them after they were freshly serviced. She met the girls. She saw the rooms they operated in. N. got to live the life on the edge... from a safe distance.

The second night N. had an interesting experience that I know she filed away in her own personal 'spank bank'. N. was approached by one of the massage attendants after a client had entered her room. The massage girl told N. that she could make an extra 50$ if she would just join the two of them in the room. The guy just wanted her to watch. No hands... just watch him get jerked off by the attendant. N. did it. She sat there and made a little small talk. Names weren't exchanged. N. took a seat in the room and quickly it became about this guys orgasm and everyone in the room knew it. N. told me it was electric. It wasn't that the client was handsome, quite the opposite, it was about the act. They were all depraved.

When N. eventually told me this story, weeks after it happened, she reiterated it with an almost cold, matter-of-fact delivery. I tried to pry her for details... oh more details. I always wanted more details. But she said it wasn't a big deal. 'It was what it was' she said.

As I write this now I feel I must add that I don't believe that last statement any more. What I suspect is that N. got her hands dirty that night. In fact I'm not sure she was even hired to be the receptionist. I think N. knew exactly what she was doing and walked into the job with open eyes just to satisfy her own dark urges. Anonymous men needing the services of a young woman to jerk their cocks off. N. is one of those brave souls that actually indulges her fantasies.

I don't know how many men there were... if any at all. Perhaps she did just watch that one time.

Maybe she stroked off a couple of hard-up losers that just wanted a thrill.

I'm not sure I'll ever get the truth. The truth isn't N's strong suit. But I do know she fingered her pussy on the way home those nights from the Parlour... two hours away... in the car... on the highway. That I can guarantee. I can also guarantee that she's made herself cum very hard, at least a couple of times, with the thought of those two nights in her head as she ground her clit against her hand in the bathroom at work... or in the shower first thing in the morning... or in the bathroom at the gym before she leaves.

It's in her nature.

I'll write again...



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