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Let Me Teach You Something

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this is a true account, though it has been modified for personal reasons. The actions are true as I remember them.


Let me teach you something.

Let me start by saying I feel sorry for young boys these days. I remember when I was growing up I had quite a collection of inspirational material for my secret little hobby. It was nothing at all to find bra and panty ads in my mothers magazines. To this day a woman in her bra and panties turns me on. I wish I could find copies of those, I would love to rebuild my collection.

I remember the Maiden form woman, and the Bali ads. As the ad stated you never knew where she would show up. I think I had the entire ad campaign in my secret place. They were in a Ziploc bag inside the heater vent but don't tell anyone. It wasn't the best place, but for my thirteen-year-old brain I thought I was clever. Looking back now I'm sure my mother knew what was going on, she just avoided the matter.

After my mother and father were divorced it was just my mother, sister, and I in a small cottage style house. Though we didn't walk around the house nude, there were plenty of opportunities to catch each other half undressed or naked. I slept in the attic with plenty of holes in the floor so if they were in just the right place I could watch my mother or sister change clothes.

Until this day, no one ever gave me the talk about the sex or masturbation. Usually the subject was just avoided. I had a book about puberty and the basics of sex the health department had given me, but it didn't mention masturbation. I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew girls made my willy hard and when I bent over it hung down like an udder. So I milked it.

Then I got caught wet handed one day.

My sister was at my grand parents house for spring break. She would be gone for a couple days, and mom usually worked late in the afternoon. So I thought I was safe to have a little fun. I got totally naked and laid out the bra ads on my bed. I really didn't know what I was doing so I was standing at one at the end of my bed leaning forward resting on my left hand. My right hand was gently squeezing the tip of my half hard dick slightly pulling the tip downward. It was the same motion grand father had showed me when he taught me how to milk a cow.

My ass was towards the door so I never noticed mom come in behind me. I was in my own world so I don't know how long she was there. But she could see everything. There I was ass in the air balls bouncing with rhythm of every pull, jacking off to about thirty ads of women in their bras and panties.

She quietly stood there watching me for a while. Once got into a good rhythm she gently placed her hand on my ass. "Let me teach you something." " Hold your hand still." She said as she gave my ass a gentle push. This forced my dick to move through my hand, not me pulling just the tip as I usually did. Suddenly I could feel the whole thing all the way back to my balls.

I never even thought of stopping at that point. My young hairless cock was harder than ever before. I can still remember the awesome feeling of my balls bouncing off the back of my hand. It sent lightning bolts through my whole body. "This is what you would do if one of those women your looking at were really here. Only she would be naked and what your hand is doing would be her vagina, the big one between her legs." She said.

No one ever actually told me anything about sex. I learned what I could form my well-used health department booklet. But the booklet didn't have any pictures so I had to use my imagination. I knew the term, just not the image. "Have you ever seen a naked woman before?" she asked me. All I could do was shake my head no. I was busy with more important things. My pace had slowed as I listened to her, but the feeling of her pushing and rubbing my ass was to good to stop and risk her leaving.

I didn't know she was teaching me how to have sex, I just knew it felt better what I had always done. And having a hand on my ass made it even better. I remember mom moving her fingers around constantly as if she was nervous or something. In my limited year or so of experience playing with myself nothing I had done before has ever felt like this. It was great. Every time I would rock back she would gently push me forward again pushing my penis deeper and deeper into my hand.

The feeling of her hand spread across my ass opened my mind to a whole new world of pleasure. My arms started to shake. My knees got week. We both knew I was close to climax. "Some guys like it when a girl does this." She said as her middle finger found its mark firmly on the center of my asshole. At first I wasn't sure what to do. But mother knows best I guess. And it did feel good.

As her finger softly pushed into my ass up to the first knuckle I started to shoot stream after stream of hot sticky cum onto the towel beneath me. With each push on my asshole I shot a bigger glob of cum onto the towel until there was no more. I froze as waves of pleasure filled my body like I had grabbed an electric fence. The rush of blood sent me crashing to the bed, my still half hard cock landing in the middle of the mess I had just made.

"Some men don't care for the finger in their bottom. But it looks like you do." She said as I tried to cover my self and clean off at the same time. "That's up to you," she continued. "I know your father loved it. If you want I'll see what I can find for you to use so you'll still have both hands to masturbate." With a shy smile I nodded my head yes pulling the towel across my deflating dick to get the cum off before it dried.

As she turned to go back down stairs she pulled the towel off my lap leaving me completely exposed again. Then she softly wrapped one hand around my dick, giving it a couple of pulls towards my stomach, the other hand cupping my balls. She said, "You do have a big penis. Your balls hold more than I expected. You made quite a mess. We'll talk later your sister will be gone s-till late tomorrow. And I need to go to town for a bit."

With that she left me there, naked and sticky. Lying on my bed with the feeling of my dick getting hard again from the way my mother had touched it. I must have gone to sleep, because the next thing I knew my mom was calling me down stairs. I was still groggy from my nap, and confused by the events that had transpired earlier. I was hoping it was time for food.

After putting my pajama pants on I told her I would be down in a second. I never wore underwear with my pajamas so my penis bounced freely as I climbed down the ladder. My thin pants were thin so it was rather obvious I got an erection when I saw my mom had bought men's magazine. There it was on the table plain as day. There was a naked woman on the cover so I knew exactly what it was. My best friends father had the same one, we just weren't allowed to look at it.

She had put the dishes on the table for dinner, but there was no food. The magazine was left in plain view, and there was something still in the bag she was trying to hide. It was obvious we weren't done with our earlier encounter yet. So I guess the food would have to wait.

But we'll save that for later.



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