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My Exhibitionist Mom - Chapter 10

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Mom broke her wrist so I've been helping her masturbate, and she gave me an unexpected and delightful surprise!

Mom broke her wrist and couldn't "take care of business" for a little while, and I've been lending a hand, so to speak.... The last time was in the car, and masturbating Mom got me very worked up. I needed to get some relief myself, so I told her I was going to find a private place to park.


Mom said, "Okay Honey, let's go down this road, it looks pretty private." I parked the car on the side of the road, which ended near a lake with nobody around. Mom was looking at me, waiting for me. "Mom, you're not going to watch, are you?" "Go ahead, Honey, I've seen you masturbate before." "You DID? When?" "I saw you masturbating in the bathroom using a hand mirror. If you didn't want me to see you should have closed the door." "Oh Mom! I probably didn't even know you were home! You didn't see me finish did you?" "I watched the whole thing. It's perfectly natural, Dear, you know that. I need to pee so I'll go out the side of the car while you're masturbating. Open my side door and take off my pants so I can go."



I got out and opened her door, then started to unbutton her shorts. "No peeking, now," she said. I gave her a smirk. When I was back behind the wheel I shoved my hand down my shorts and panties and felt my wet pussy and clit. I was almost ready to come immediately. "Oh. Oh. Oh." I tried to be quiet, then I heard the pee coming from my Mom and hitting the leaves below, while she said, "Ahhhhhhh... That feels good." 



My hand was a blur as I masturbated quickly. For some reason hearing my Mom pee got me going even more. "Shit, I'm coming already." With little fanfare I ejaculated once onto my hand and started spasming. "Oh god, I just came. I just masturbated." Mom said, "Wow, that was quick, Honey! Did it feel good? I got a little excited listening to you. Would you mind doing me again while I'm still wet, before you put my pants back on?" "OK Mom, but I can see your pussy, I hope that's okay." "Just do it quickly while I'm still wet from my peeing and don't stare. I'm excited again from doing it out in public." I put my hand onto her pussy and moved it in a circle how she liked it. This time she was looking right at me as I masturbated her.



"That's it, Honey, do me. I'm going to come on your hand. Fuck me with your fingers. Put two in my pussy now. NOW." I did as I was told. "Harder, now. HARDER. yes. YES. YES. Mmm hmmm. Faster. I'M COMING ALREADY." I could feel her pussy spasming around me after only 20 strokes or so. She was trying to hold her gaze into my eyes but the pleasure was so intense. "Honey, you're getting so good at masturbating me, I'm going to miss it when my hand heals!" "Oh Mom, what a thing to say. You know I would masturbate you any time you like. Just doing something nice for my Mom." "Awww, you are a sweetie," she said.



That night when I came into her room to kiss me good night, and she whispered in my ear that I was such a good daughter for helping her in her time of need. "I'm going to do something nice for you right now. Would you like that? Take off all your clothes." "MOM!" "Do you want me to do it for you or not? It's a limited-time offer!" "Do what?" "Just take off all your clothes and kneel up on your knees with your legs spread facing the headboard." "But-" "Don't make a big deal, just do it, Honey, and you can thank me later." I got up on my knees completely nude, and knelt exactly as she said. She scooted her face directly underneath me. She was going to lick my pussy!



I was so excited I started dripping onto her face before she even started. I saw her blink as my juices dropped onto her cheek. "My goodness, Honey, you seem excited. I'm going to have to go slowly or you'll come too fast to enjoy it!" She moved her tongue right onto my hole, then up inside it. She licked slowly up and down my slit, stopping just short of my clit. Then she did something unexpected, and ran her tongue over my asshole. It felt so good my pussy involuntarily clenched and unclenched each time her tongue hit my ass. 



"Mom, you're teasing me. Please, let me finish. I'm so horny I'm almost ready to come already." "Honey, take your forefinger and put it into your ass. And when you do, I'll lap at your clit and you can finish onto my face. Let it all out and don't hold back. Let yourself go." "Okay Mom, are you ready? Here goes." I put my finger all the way in, and bucked my hips forward onto her tongue. "I'm doing it! I'm doing it! Here I go! I'm coming! I'm coming on you Mom! My finger is in my ass and I'm coming all over you!" "Let it out, Honey!" All of a sudden my juices started spurting onto her face in small, powerful jets each time my finger plunged into my asshole. "OH! OH! OH! OH! I'M STILL COMING!" 



For another 15 spasms I fucked myself in the ass, slower and slower, until I collapsed onto the headboard, my mother slipping out from beneath my legs. She said, "Our little secret, Honey."" "Mom, that was wonderful. Thank you so much for that gift. I'm so tired now I have to go to sleep." I kissed her goodnight, and collapsed without even putting my sleepshirt on, exhausted. And before I fell asleep, I heard a banging noise from her headboard. She must have been trying to hump the pillow to orgasm. I hope she got herself off.




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