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Jayney's Hermaphrodite

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I've put female-female, but this person was both. A fully-formed and functional penis, a fully-formed and functional vagina. Although she had no testicles and such, she could and did ejaculalte, and she has fully functional female reproductive workings. I had asked my masseuse from the previous contribution if she knew anyone.....


...And so I met Lee Hai. Lee, like so many people I've met here, studied in England and speaks perfect English. I have never been so nervous since I first let a boy finger me! I really didn't know how to proceed. Lee arrived at my hotel room wearing a lovely, loose fitting silk dress. She, like almost all Thai sex workers, (or maybe it's most Thai people?) started her sexual education very young. For a while, and as part of the foreplay, we talked.

"Of course, I knew I was different from birth. My parents were so proud they had a genuine hermaphrodite! We are considered a great blessing! It took a while and some tests to work out that I am more female than male....but only just."

When she stood in front of me and undid that wrap around dress, I was delighted to find she has tiny hard boobs like mine. But oh, how she teased me with her little black panties. They were fuller than I was expecting, but then I guess she had more to put in them than most girls. When she finally took them off and stood naked before me. I was disappointed....no cock? Then I realised she had tucked it between her legs.

We lay on the bed together, naked. Again with that sixth sense they seem to have, she knew I wanted to explore her. I love kissing, and most Thai girls I've been with love to be kissed. I spent a long time kissing her, kissing down that firm body, those tits were amazing. As I sucked her nipples, her cock started to swell.....and swell....and swell! I got to her tummy, and it was already what is technically known as 'fucking immense' and it wasn't even hard yet! I wrapped my fingers around it...just....and took as much as I could in my mouth. Finally, I got her fully hard, but there was a scent...a very familiar scent....coming from lower down. I spread her legs and found the cutest vagina I've ever seen. It was wet, and over her opening was a tiny, yet highly sensitive clit. I focused on this and fingered her. She felt exactly like a girl inside, and licking that electric little bud made her cum, again, just like a girl, on my two fingers.

But that cock....I just HAD to know....I lay on my bed, and asked her to fuck me, knowing it would be difficult to take that beast all the way. She was typically kind, sensitive, and gentle. She managed to give me a pretty awesome shagging, making me cum three times, and boy, did I feel filled up. Then she said she was close, too. I wanted to SEE her cum...and again, I still don't really know how they know, she pulled out of me and started to masturbate that huge cock.

When she came, it was like a fucking fire hose. Cum spurted high into the air, and I mean high. She was kneeling, and it went way above her head height. The first five....yes...FIVE spurts were like that, the remaining seven or eight were less powerful. I haven't seen so much cum, even in a gang bang, let alone from one person....I wanted it on my face, and again, she knew. She pointed that beast at me and sprayed my face, hair, and open mouth. Her cum tasted different to other men. While still salty, it was much less salty.....fuck....what a thrill.

Then, she took me by the hand onto the veranda. She held me to her while I held her cock with my right hand, her right leg between my legs. Fuck...we were in a five star hotel....in a seventh floor room, right at the front, stark naked, and me with a hermaphrodite clutched to me. She kissed my ear and said "please....do it." She knew...again..And so did I! I let myself pee on that beautiful thigh. As I was peeing, she kissed down me, and let me shower her face.

When it was time to return the favour, I learned that she pees through her cock, but in a very feminine way, if that makes any sense at all. This time, I knelt and let her bathe me from hair to tits.

Afterwards, we went back to bed, and after another brilliant foreplay session, she fucked me again. This time though, I wanted any cum she had left inside me. Any cum she had left? Was I fucking kidding? Although not on the scale of round one...this wasn't far behind. I felt spurt after spurt jet inside me, and within seconds, way before she had finished, I felt it squishing down her shaft and over my bum and thighs.

Yes, it appears hermaphrodites as a species cum in vast amounts.....they are very different both in form and temperament to ladyboys. Ladyboys are men who have used hormone treatment to grow boobs, and feminine their bodies....and they can be quite savage.....evil queens, I guess we would call them.

There are feminine hermaphrodites, and masculine hermaphrodites. I wasn't going to waste my time with her though. I had questions.

When two hermpahrodites are together, can you er....fuck each other simultaneously? Yes...happens a lot.
Are there any hermparhodites who produce live sperm...and viable ovaries. Yes...it's very rare...but yes. And yes, they can get themselves pregnant but the pregnancy usually self terminates.

Are they all as generously hung as you? No....some are normal man size...but some are much bigger than me...one I know can even fuck herself!

Do you like anal sex? Yes, but only with a normally sized man....I don't like it with another hermaphrodite. Usually, they are too big..painfully big.

Is there anything you've never done that you'd like to do? Yes, there is, but it's very dirty. I'd like someone to take a dump on me, rub it in everywhere and then make love to me. I have friends in Germany who tell me 'dirty sex', as they call it, is quite popular....I'd like to try it.

She did.



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