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My Curious Mind & Learning

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Hello to everyone. I have read many great and wonderful stories of how you learn to masturbate and I want to share my own story too.

I used to babysit for a young good looking couple Jim and Sarah when I was 18. They were nice people and gave me good money tips too. I always admired Sarah when she dressed up with her very short skirts. She was thin with long legs just like me but I did not have the skirts like her nor could I with my parents.

One night after I put the baby to sleep I was wondering around the house snooping for anything interesting I could find. I knew I should not be snooping but my curious mind took over.

I was looking in the cabinets in the basement where their large television was. In a deep cabinet was a bunch of movie tapes stacked in rows. I pulled some out and read the titles which were mostly sex tapes. I was very curious to see the tapes so I looked at each title to see which one I wanted to see first. At the very back of the stack was a black and yellow box that looked like a blank tape you would buy in the store. I pulled it out and on the box was written 'His & Hers'. This made me wonder what could be on the tape so I slid it into the video VCR to see what it was. The tape started with Sarah waving at the camera sitting in front of it like nobody was in the room with her. She said hello to Jim then asked if he was lonely. She then got up and as she moved back to the bed behind her I saw she was naked.

I sat frozen to the screen. Sarah was getting comfortable on the bad now and she kept talking to the screen but I lost track of what she was saying because I was shocked she was naked.

Sarah sat with her back against the headboard then took a little machine she had plugged in the wall and put it to her open legs toward the camera. She turned it on then I could hear a buzzing sound. As she laid it on her pussy I could tell it must be feeling really good. Sarah was telling Jim to stroke his cock while she was rolling the little machine slowly over her clit. I knew then that she made this movie for him to watch when she was away sometimes.

I watched for a while then Sarah told the camera she was going to cum. She began to squirm around on the bed still holding the machine to her clit then she tightened her body up and had a rather loud orgasm. It was the first time I had ever seen a woman orgasm. I knew what orgasms were but I never had my own either. I kept watching the tape as Sarah came a few more times each one as good as the others. When Sarah was done she laid on the bed with her legs open and showing her pussy lips while she gently rubbed her clit.

I sat there stunned by what I had just watched as the tape went fuzzy then I thought I would reverse it and watch again. As I got closer to touch the buttons the tape became clear. Now I saw Jim! There was no introduction like on her tape just Jim naked stroking his long dick up and down. I was even more intrigued now. I got closer to the screen as Jim masturbated hard. I then noticed a difference in his video. Sarah was filming him while he stroked away. Sarah was saying thing like 'stroke that big cock for me' and 'do it faster babe'. A few times she zoomed in on his hard cock then asked him to go real slow. Jim's cock was really shiny like it was covered in oil or something. Sarah asked him when he was going to cum and he just said 'soon'.

The camera zoomed back to normal and Sarah told him she was ready for his big cum. Sarah told him to go nice and slow when he was ready to blow.

I remember how I began to shake like I was really cold. My teeth started to chatter just a bit and it was just because I was so nervous about seeing the tape and watching them masturbate.

Soon after watching Jim slide his hand up and down his cock for what felt like a long time he announced he was about to cum. Sarah told him to slow down and go real slow. She zoomed in enough to just see his face and just below his balls. From the look on Jim's face I could see he liked the feeling his was getting. He grunted a bit then started groaning hard while Sarah was oohing and ahhing then long strings of cum shot up into the air while he continued to slowly stroke the lower part of his cock. I found it odd how he never rubbed past the head of his cock once he started to squirt his cum.

I watched Jim's body jerk a bit after he was done cumming and Sarah put the camera down so it was pointed at him. She then came into the picture and got down and licked the cum off his stomach and then gave it a few slow long strokes and said 'that stuff tastes good'. I was not sure if she meant his cum or what he was lubed with.

I moved the tape ahead farther but found nothing more to fill my curious mind. I was so horny after watching that tape that all I could think about was that somewhere in the house was that little machine that made Sarah feel so good. I thought if the tape was filmed in the bedroom then there was a good chance it would be there too.

I went upstairs and checked the time. I still had about two hours before they would be home. I went to there bedroom and once inside went straight to the night tables. The very first one was a gold mine. There were more than just that one. Sarah had six different vibrators in the drawer. I took out one that was shaped like a penis and felt the shaft. I rubbed my hand up and down thinking this is how Jim felt when he was doing it on the tape. I put it back in then pulled out the plug in vibrator I saw Sarah using. I quietly took it with me and went back to the basement where I could make a bit more noise. I slid my jean shorts off then my top and bra so I was naked just like Sarah was in the video. I turned the tape back on with the volume real low. I plugged the little vibrator into the wall and sat watching the video. Once Sarah clicked on the vibe I did the same. It hummed away and I felt the little rubber tipped finger with my own. The buzz was very intense I thought but if it feels good like it looks, I wanted it.

While watching Sarah again I put the vibe to the same spot as Sarah did. Instantly it felt very good and I knew why Sarah liked doing it. I did not know what to expect for a orgasm but I could hardly wait to find out. I kept the buzzing finger on my clit where it felt so nice and it was only a short time before I was getting an even better feeling that I would soon learn was an orgasm. The feeling grew stronger and better and I kept the buzzing machine right in the right spot not moving it at all. As my orgasm got closer I moved the machine and the feeling slowly went done. As I was finding the right spot on my clit again Sarah was having her first orgasm in the video. This time I kept in the right spot buzzing directly on my clit then my orgasm came over what felt like my entire body. I watched the screen at the same time I was having my first orgasm Sarah was just finishing hers. I soon had no choice but to take the machine off my clit because it got so sensitive.

As I was gaining my composure I could only think about doing it again. As soon as my clit allowed me I was right back at it. I watched the entire tape once more having orgasms with both or them. It felt so sexy, hot, dirty and good all at once.

I soon knew I had to put everything back how I found it so I would not get caught. All I could do is think about the tapes and my own orgasm all night long.

When Jim and Sarah got home I got excited again thinking how they would probably be having sex soon after she took me home.

While in the car Sarah asked what I did that night and I told her the truth. I watched a movie.

I sat for them many times after that and each time I watched the movie and borrowed her vibrator. I learned a few days after that first night how to masturbate using just my fingers. The orgasms I have masturbating with fingers are as good as the vibrator ones but the vibe gets me there much faster. Now I have my own collection of toys in my own night table.

That's it. How I learned. If not for being sneaky and curious I may have waited much longer to enjoy the lovely little clit mother nature gifted me with. Many of you learned much earlier than me I know. I think for me it was better to already have sexy thoughts all the time and be older like I was rather than learn to orgasm when sex was not such a big deal.

Now I need to orgasm, a few times.

Thanks for reading.



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