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More Of My Wife's Adventures

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My wife relates yet another hot story at bedtime.

A couple years ago, while laying in bed, my wife asked if I would like to hear another story to jack off to.  Her stories are normally very exciting, so I agreed as I reached for her 'B' cup breasts.  "Why don't you get started playing with yourself while I begin"?  Then she began to relate a story that happened around 20 years ago.  This is the first time I've heard the particulars, but, had my suspicions all along.  "Do you remember when I was stripping the woodwork in the parlor and accidentally started a fire with my steel wool getting into the electrical outlet"?  "Yes I do".  Here is the story as she related it to me:


Well, it was a hot day and the girls were in school.  I was wearing shorts and a loose fitting top, minus the bra.  I was almost finished with the woodwork when the steel wool I was using to strip the paint got into the outlet and ignited a small fire as it spread to the wood molding.  I was scared and called out for help.  Bill, next door, heard me and came running over.  He saw my problem, ran downstairs and turned off the electric and came up and put out the fire.  I was so relieved, I got up shaking and gave him a big hug.  I was still trembling as he held onto me.  I began to cry and he wiped away some of my tears.  As he was doing so, he leaned in and planted a big open kiss on my lips.  Feeling relieved and grateful, I just returned the kiss.  I didn't mean for it to go any further.  In the past, we had hugged and kissed before, but nothing any further.  This time was different.  I was so relieved that he was able to prevent my burning the house down, I just lost my senses.  It didn't help that I could feel his cock was rising to the occasion.  That was the first time I felt him pressing his now erect cock onto my stomach, and boy, did it feet good.  He was a little nervous and not sure of how to proceed, so I took his hand and placed it onto my breast.  He got the idea and began to fondle both breasts at the same time.  It was then I reached down and held his cock in my one hand.  That's when he broke the kiss, left my breasts sitting there and closed and locked the front door.  "Best not get interrupted", he said.



By now, my cock was overly excited and I was stroking it to her story.  She, too, was busy with her hand inside her panties playing with her own pussy as she relived her story.



She continued:  He returned to me, took my hand and led me to the living room couch.  Soon, we were back into a passionate kiss with our hands roaming all over each other's bodies.  He lifted my top over my head and for the first time, he saw my naked breasts.  He remarked how beautiful they were and reached down with his mouth and began sucking on my nipples, as I swooned.  Not to be outdone, I reached for his jeans and undid the button and lowered then to his ankles.  Next came his underwear, and then it was my turn to see his naked cock for the first time!  He is not as large as you, but impressive none the less.  I'm not sure if I was just caught up in the moment, or I've wanted to do this for a long time, but I slid my mouth down to his cock and began to suck on it like a crazy woman.  I finally slowed down and decided now is the time.  I slid my shorts and underwear to the floor, looked him in the eye and said, "BILL, FUCK ME."  He pulled me down to the floor, began to suck on my nipples again, continued down and began to suck on my pussy.  I was in Heaven.  Then he lined himself up with my very wet slit and entered my in one soft push.  He felt soooo good inside of me.  I came right away, partly because it was such a taboo thing to be doing and partly because it just felt great!  As I was cumming, my contractions must have triggered his orgasm, too.  It felt reallllllly gooooood!



That's when I began to stroke my own cock in earnest.  I told her I was ready to shoot and she was ready, too.  We both basically came together.  What a mess!  But a good mess! 



I told her that was a great story and that I always thought the two of them were intimate somewhere along the line.  That's when she said, "Wait til you hear the next installment!"





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