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My Chinese Maid #1

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Men are safe at sixty!


Being an older male in China has certain advantages. The Chinese show you great respect and expect you to be asexual. Being asexual, an older single man can employ a maid to cook and do housekeeping, a privilege not available to younger single men.

My maid was an attractive, twice married; 40-year-old, laid-off factory worker. After some initial reluctance to work for a foreigner, she realised I was not so different. She appreciated the generous salary and quite enjoyed the novel experience. Proper conversations were difficult due to her lack of English and my very basic Chinese, but we used a lot of body language, got on really well and had a lot of laughs.

An accident provided the first real step towards a different type of relationship. The hot water had failed again. Already soaped-up, I had left the bathroom to collect two buckets of warm water from the kitchen. She had her own key, so opened the front door to be confronted by her foreigner, a bucket in each hand and wearing only soapsuds. Wide eyed she uttered the Chinese equivalent of, 'Oh my god!' Then she just stood looking at me with a surprised smile. Without turning away, she closed the door, dropped her keys, took off her street shoes and stepped forward to take the buckets. I ducked into the bathroom to grab a towel and she followed with the buckets.

With a giggle she pulled off the towel and using her cupped hands to bail, started rinsing off the soap. I stopped worrying about being reported to the Public Security Bureau for indecent exposure and enjoyed the unexpected, erotic experience. Warm water and warm hands were running everywhere and despite its venerable age, my penis grew steadily. Embarrassed, I turned away but she seemed not to notice, even when her hand inadvertently brushed it a few times.

Nothing was said, but something in her smile told me that in future, I need not close the bathroom door when showering. Sure enough, we became very relaxed about my nudity and she often came in when I was showering to bring me things, or just to chat. As the morning shower is my favourite place for masturbating, it was just a matter of time before she caught me stroking my erect penis. I pretended I was just washing but with a knowing grin she reached across and stroked me. It was very quick and as she explained later, I ejaculated with the power of her 17-year-old son over her blouse. She just looked down at the pools of semen soaking her and laughed. Then she casually took it off and turned to rinse it in the basin. With sudden bravado, I reached across and unclipped her bra suggesting she should wash it too. She smiled back at me in the foggy mirror and slipped off her bra.

I dried myself slowly, enjoying the view of her small but so-cute breasts, which were like those of a teenager, despite having breastfed two children. When she turned to me I shyly dropped my gaze. I saw to my dismay and secret delight, that there was semen on her slacks, just near her fly. I pointed, so she looked, unzipped, turned away modestly and peeled them off.

Busy at the basin she had her back to me, so thinking in for a penny, in for a pound, I gently took hold of each side of her panties and slipped them down to her knees. With relief, I saw her finish the job and they joined her other clothes soaking in the basin. I was already late for work, so we dressed hurriedly, she in a mixture of my underwear and her pyjamas, which she normally changed into for her afternoon nap.



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