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Female Doctor Exam

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This is a true story. I had a doctors exam last year. As I sat in the waiting room of the rather plush, carpeted, office, my mind was far from erotic thoughts. Rather, I was focused on hoping to get out of there with enough time to grab lunch before needing to be back to the office.

The nurse came in to take my blood pressure and heart rate, saying the doctor would be in shortly.

In a few minutes, my doctor arrived. I had seen her a few times before for a sprained ankle and some other minor things, and had always thought she was very cute. She was Asian, very smart, barely five feet tall, 90 lbs, nicely cut jet black hair, pretty face, thick eye brows suggesting a wonderful bush, and wearing a white lab coat over loose fitting shirt.

She started the exam, which was more thorough than any I had in a long time with many questions related to health and family history. She examined my neck and ears, then my chest and back, asking if I wanted to remove my shirt or, if I preferred, she could lift it up. Working out six days a weeks with lots of biking, I am in very good shape and very tan, so I casually simply removed my shirt. Thump thump thump on my chest, listened to my heart and lungs in back, a normal everyday boring exam.

To my complete surprise, she said she would need to do the cough test. While putting on purple latex gloves, emotionlessly she asked me to lower my pants. My heart started racing.

Without thinking about it, I slowly undid my pants which, being dress pants, fell to the floor. I slid my under underwear down below my knees. Here I stood, inches away from a beautiful female doctor, no shirt, pants down, presenting her my tanned, limp foreskin-covered penis.

She examed my entire pubic area, my testicals, and did the cough test. She examined my penis, pulled the foreskin all the way back, then forward, then back again, inspecting underneath it. All the while, she was leaned over, face inches from my penis, her lab coat and shirt hung open to reveal the most beautiful tiny A cups held firm by a flimsy white satin bra.

It was more than I could take, my penis swelled and started to become erect in her hands.

'I am terribly embarrassed and sorry,' I said.

In a serious manner, she said, 'Please don't even give it a thought; it is natural, and I am a professional. If you feel too uncomfortable, we can stop the exam, and I can ask for a male doctor to finish. We are almost done anyway.'

I said, 'It just a involuntary reaction, it's not like I have control. If we are almost done, let's just finish.'

'OK,' she said.

By this time, I had a raging erection, pointing almost straight out, 7.5' long. Her face was inches away it.

She continued the exam and was very thorough and clinical, asking questions like, 'Any problems urinating or other problems?' She spent what seemed like hours but was more like seconds inspecting the head of my penis, pulling my foreskin back again, fully erect, checking, she said, for bumps and spots.

She told me to importance of keeping the penis area clean. I began to talk to her and told her how I was very particular and showered twice a day and was sure to keep my underneath of foreskin super. She said that was good and said everything looked great and to keep doing what I was doing.

Getting close to finishing this part of the exam, she pulled my foreskin back over the head of fully erect penis, and said, in a very clinical voice, 'If you masturbate or have sexual intercourse frequently and your foreskin become irritated or rashed or dry, any good hand lotion will work great to keep it soft. The brands with aloe vera are the best. The foreskin stretches quite a bit, and it looks like you take good care of it anyway. Do you apply lotion after showering?'

Without thinking what I was doing, I replied, 'Oh yes, I do lotion my entire body every day after showering with a common brand. It seems to work well.' Fully erect with my foreskin pulled over the head of my penis, I was shocked to hear myself continue, 'You are right, when I masturbate, the foreskin does stretch a lot. Let me show you. And you are right, it does dry out sometimes.'

I then took my right hand and, using the three finger position (thumb on top of the penis and two fingers underneath), showed her in slow motion how I masturbated, pointing out to her the stretching of the foreskin by sliding my foreskin slowly and completely back and forth over my penis head three or four times, which by this time was covered in precum. She sat on her stool, face inches from my penis. It was pure heaven.

'OK, any more questions?' she said.

'No,' I said.

She asked some more quesions about family history of testicular cancer, all the while my precum and dripping penis out in the open. Then she said I could pull my pants up. I did and it was over. What seems like hours in was fact likely no more than a few minutes.

She finished the exam as though this sort of thing happened daily, asking more questions and doing the knee tap thing and checked my feet.

As I became limp and less aroused, at the end of the exam, realizing I had basically masturbated three or four strokes right in front of her, I again told her I was embarrased, but I learned a lot and thanked her.

She again repeated that there was nothing to be sorry for, and it's good to ask questions, that's what she was there for.

I left the office and headed straight for home and masturbated. My penis was so hard and so excited from the encounter.

I imagined my doctor disrobing in the office with me, her perky A cup breasts and perfect triangle shaped furry black pubic hair, and us making love for hours. I thought about how close her face was to my erect penis and how I showed her how I masturbated, and imagined cumming her mouth and she happily lapped in up. I shot ten squirts of white-hot semen into the air. I continue to think about that story and always cum very hard.



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