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My Brother

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This is about my brother Andrew and me. He is two years older than I. A few years ago, I discovered him in the shed at the bottom of our garden, reading porn magazines and masturbating. I had never seen a boy doing it before and was shocked when I opened the shed door to see him there. He had no clothes on--completely naked. On our Dad's workbench were several adult magazines, open and showing girls displaying their private parts. There he stood, with his erect penis in his hand, pounding vigorously away. This was the first time I had ever seen his penis in an aroused state--growing up with him, I had only seen it flaccid. I hadn't seen it for quite a while, since he had hit puberty I guess.

And now I suddenly found him here, masturbating in our Dad's shed, his full, his balls bouncing up and down as he rubbed his cock. I stood in the doorway, my mouth gaping open at the sight of my brother's hand working away at his proud cock. "Andy!  You naughty boy!" I exclaimed. He turned and faced me, in shock and surprise, unaware that I had been watching him. His face was already flushed; but his expression turned to one of panic. Yet he was too far gone, I guess, to stop himself...suddenly, as I gazed, fascinated by what I was watching, his penis erupted. A long white string of cum squirted from his tip, high up into the air, before splashing down over the wooden floor of the shed, quickly followed by another stream, then a third.

With each ejaculation, he gasped and his hips bucked, thrusting forwards. Seeing my brother cum like this was just thrilling for me. I was 14 and had never seen anything like it. I could only stand and gaze at the spectacle in amazement. He was so embarrassed. With his cock still twitching and cum still pumping out, he desperately tried to grab his pants and pull them on, obviously anxious to hide his manhood from his sister's gaze. But it was too late--I had seen everything! "Rachel, what are you doing down here?"' he gasped in panic, pulling on his jeans. "I just came to get my bike," I replied, "I'm going round to Megan's for a bit. But what are you up to?"

He started to gather up the porn magazines, trying to keep me from seeing them. "Nothing," he muttered angrily, "It's private. Don't you dare tell anyone, Rachel. No one! Okay?!" He began stuffing the magazines in a plastic bag. "'Why not?"' I replied, in my annoying tone of voice. (I can be very annoying when I want to be, especially to Andrew.) He looked at me and I detected a look of desperation in his face.

"Because I'm asking you not to..." There was a pause whilst I watched him wipe up the copious amount of semen covering the shed floor with some tissue he had pulled from his jeans. I thought for a moment. "Okay, I won't tell anyone--but only if you let me watch you again." He stared at me in stunned silence, obviously blown away by his sister's demand. "What?" he exclaimed.

"I liked watching you--you're sexy... I want to see you do it again," I replied. "I love your cock--it's grown up. I want to see you squirt again." He knew he was trapped. If I were to tell our parents, he was in big trouble. They would be horrified if they knew what he was up to, especially with those magazines. They are very strict about anything like that: very 'old-fashioned' in their views. And so he agreed. 

A few days later, after me 'reminding' him about our deal, he came into my bedroom after school. With our parents at work, we had a couple of hours alone. After trying unsuccessfully to persuade me to change my mind, Andrew began to remove his school uniform, whilst I sat on my bed watching. Shyly, he took off his shirt and tie, and then his trousers. Finally, embarrassed, he pulled down his pants. His semi-erect penis sprung out. He looked at me, rather sheepishly. "There, you've seen it now. Can I get dressed now?" he asked, seemingly desperate.

I shook my head. "No way--I want to watch you wanking," I replied. After a moment, he took his manhood in his hand and began caressing it into life, gently pulling his foreskin back to reveal his beautiful, glistening purple head as it began to grow in his fingers. I gazed, fascinated by it all. To see my first cock so close-up was amazing. The fact that it was my brother's was even more fascinating. I'd grown up seeing his penis--but now it was like another creature, a throbbing, hungry beast, twitching in his hand, obviously with a mind of its own.

I felt a sudden tingling between my legs as I sat on the edge of my bed, gazing at my brother's cock growing to its full size. I was still in my school uniform but found myself becoming aroused to the extent that I couldn't resist the urge to touch myself. I parted my legs as Andy watched, in shock, his sister pulling up her school skirt around her waist to reveal her blue panties. "Rachel... you can't do that," he said, horrified. But I ignored his plea. I was feeling so horny that I didn't care. As his hand grasped his erection, I noticed a dribble of clear juice appear at the tip of his head, then run down his shaft. I began to rub my tingling, wet puss through the material of my panties. As he looked down at me, he could immediately see the light blue cotton turn dark with the dampness of my teen juices, seeping from within me. Spreading my legs further, I smiled at him.

"Well, want to see more?" I asked. He didn't say anything, but his hand was now furiously pumping up and down his shaft and I could see that his balls were riding high up, eager to release their load. I took this as a 'Yes'. With my left hand,I pulled my panties to one side, to reveal my cute, tight little hairy teen puss to my brother. It had been a while since he had seen it. In the meantime, though, my hair had grown and my pussy had evolved, developing large, red lips, and a clearly visible clitoris. His eyes widened. I have since discovered that this was the first time he had ever seen a girl's aroused pussy in the flesh--up until then, he had relied on his porn magazines for his stimulation.

Now, he had his naughty sister's pussy right in front of him. As he gazed down, his cock throbbing in his hand, he watched me gently slide two fingers between the swollen folds of wet lips and inside my tight hole. I smiled up at him, and began pumping my hand in and out of my vagina. The juicy noise of my dribbling puss filled my bedroom. Within seconds, unable to control himself, my brother shot his load. In an explosion of teen orgasm, his cock spurted a creamy stream of cum up into the air, which landed, significantly, over my blouse and naked left leg. Another squirt landed on my right hand as it busily worked away at my juicy puss.

I couldn't help but let out an excited giggle, as I realised my naughty brother was uncontrollably cumming all over me, his hips now thrusting back and forth, as he took another step closer, now standing between my open legs, his cock just centimeters from my face. Another squirt..again all over my school blouse. A gasp, and another load hit my face, running down my left cheek. Still giving, he released a stream which landed over my leg again. His balls continued to unload as he groaned with pleasure, squirting a creamy deposit again on my blouse.

Now dripping with my brother's hot cream, I continued thrusting my fingers in and out of my pussy, but now they were drenched with his semen, which I began to push between my lips, and inside me. I removed my hand and scooped up the cum that was running down my inner left thigh, before inserting his semen between my legs. He had now taken a few steps back, panting and spent, his cock still dripping but now shrinking. He seemed to be in a daze, as he watched in disbelief, his sister masturbating herself covered in his cum. And then he realised what I was doing. Seeing me thrusting my semen covered fingers inside me, he jumped on me, grabbing my hand from between my legs. '

"Rachel, you stupid bitch, don't do that, for God's sake," he fell onto his knees between my legs, grasping my sticky hand in his. My panties, drenched with my juices and his semen, were still pulled to one side with my left hand, allowing my brother to see my every detail, close up. Clearly, he could see how his seed was smothered all over and between the folds of my still-hungry puss. "You could get yourself pregnant doing that," he gasped, horrified at the realisation at what he had done. And to my amazement (and pleasure), in a panic he began to try and wipe away his semen from my pussy with his fingers. I couldn't believe it.

"Andy, what are you doing?" I asked, as the touch of a boy's fingers on my pussy for the first time in my life sent me spinning. "Stupid girl--if that gets inside you, you could get pregnant," he almost shouted, in a panic. He continued to wipe my tingling cunt with his fingers. I was a dripping mess, his hot semen all over my clothes, face, hands and leg, such was the copious load he had released. Suddenly, without warning, Andrew slipped his fingers between my lips. He looked up at me. Neither of us said anything, but I remember allowing my legs to part still wider, an unspoken invitation. He began exploring the tight, quivering hotness of my vagina. First two, and then three fingers slipped easily inside. With my own juices, plus his semen inside me, he found me easy to enter.

I remember letting out a moan of pleasure at having a boy's fingers inside me for the first time. And his expression was one of wonder and excitement at being able to explore a girl's private parts for the very first time, too... For several minutes, he fingered me in silence, except for the lovely noises caused my his naughty fingers squelching and slurping in and out of my tight teen pussy. My hips began to quiver and shake. My breathing became quicker, deeper. I gave an involuntary jump, my hips rising off the bed. I let out a giggle as my brother's thumb suddenly found the hardness of my clit.

"Oh God..........." I remember calling out, and then I fell back on my bed, Andy still busy between my legs. My hips now began to rise and fall, up and down off the bed, in time with his fingering. 'Ohhhh..........ohhhhhhh.......mmmmmmmmmmmm..', I heard myself calling. And then, oh my god, I was cumming, so, so hard. Powerful waves crashed over me and I felt my vaginal muscles suddenly contracting around Andrew's fingers deep inside me, clasping him in an orgasmic hold, cumming hard over him. I had experienced an orgasm previously, during masturbation. But this time ,it was different. This time, my brother's attentions had taken me to new heights. This time, I could feel my pussy filling with fluid, as Andrew made me cum so hard, I squirted over his fingers and my bed sheets. There we were, brother and sister, experiencing our first sexual encounter together, with him covering me with his hot creamy seed and me discovering my first female ejaculation.

We were both hot, wet, sticky messes, the bedroom filled with the heavy aroma of hot, teen pussy and semen. I remember, clearly, lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, panting for breath, with my brother knelt between my legs, his hot breath on my puss, watching as my juices flowed out onto my bed sheet. It was such an erotic moment for us both. Afterwards, we showered together and washed the scent and shame from each others bodies.

Our feelings of shame didn't last long. Within a week, we were exploring each other once again. For the next four years we continued our sexual relationship, finally ending it about 12 months ago. We decided that as we are both with partners now, it wouldn't be right to carry on. Rachel



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