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My Boyfriend's Roommate

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Just a little story about my boyfriend, my boyfriend's roommate and me. The names have all been changed, just so no one gets too upset.
It is kind of weird to think or even say that my boyfriend has a female roommate. It really perks people's ears and they question me often about it. I really do not worry too much about it because my boyfriend also has another male roommate, so if she is going to get it on with anyone I doubt it will be my boyfriend, well, my boyfriend without me of course. Phil and I have had a very open relationship since the beginning, we are very trusting of each other and I know that man will never leave me; he is just too attached to me. I know someday we will probably be married so we both need to get our wild sides out while we still can. I am pretty comfortable letting Phil have his way, so to speak, with whomever he wishes, just as long as they have been 'agreed upon' and they follow a specific criteria, so it just isn't one of those spur of the moment things. Ashley, Phil's female roommate, has always seemed to be too into her studying to do anything naughty, but this year we really found out about her. Phil and I normally would watch movies over the weekend and would frequently ask Ashley to join us.The one night we were all kind of tired so we laid my boyfriend's futon down and we all laid down, Ashley in the front, me in the middle and Phil in the back. Phil has this thing where he always likes to put his arm around me when we watch movies and his hand reached all the way around to Ashley's tummy. We lay like that together throughout the whole movie, I noticed Ashley doing something kind of strange, reaching back and touching my legs and touching Phil, but I really didn't mind, and after all I didn't really think she got horny like that. After the movie was over she just went back to her apartment and Phil and I did our normal before bed ritual of giving each other oral pleasure. I told Phil about what Ashley had been doing, and this intrigued him to question if she would be 'fair game' I said I doubt he could, which was kind of a challenge to him, so he took it.The next few months on and off Phil and I would get braver with Ashley and testing her limits. We would start by watching a movie then shifting positions, and then end up where we were all starting to get more comfortable with the idea of all pleasuring each other. One of the big things we did was get a hotel room before my Phil and Ashley lived together and we got really down and dirty together, which was pretty interesting.To sum that all up that brings me to the latest story. Phil and Ashley have just moved into an apartment with another one of their friends, so the three of us again started the night with watching a movie as usual, then once their other roommate Josh left, Phil asked for a back rub, in his room. Both Ashley and I knew what that would lead to, so we went. No words needed to be said, we just all went. Phil has this way with the two of us to where he can always talk our clothes off, and he was very convincing this particular night. I was pretty horny after watching a racy video, so I was up for anything.When we started out, we rubbed Phil's back, and I mentioned he had a boner, because he almost always has a boner, and he asked if we would rub that part to. So Phil filled over on his pack and took out his cock and I started stroking it while Ashley rubbed his chest. Stroking Phil's cock really got me wet, so I started rubbing my crotch on his leg. After doing that for some time I was really horned up and Phil was stroking his own cock trying to talk us both out of our clothes. He asked Ashley to put on a fashion show of some of her more risky attire, and while she was changing in her room I striped down to nothing but my underwear and licked Phil's big cock that was dripping with pre-cum. When Ashley came back she was in this tight Victoria's Secret number that was so hot and it turned me on even more. Phil and I started to work her out of her clothes rubbing her breasts, feeling her butt and just talking her out. Finally both her and I were naked, this is the part that always kind of made me uncomfortable and yet so turned on. She watched me as I felt my wet pussy lips and stimulated my clit as she rubbed her own. Phil pushed us closer together because he was ready for the 'show.' Ashley and I sure put on a good one this time. When we were pressed together I could feel her breast and nipples teasing my chest and she pulled me closer kissing me deeply. She then slid her hand between my leg touching my moistness, oh just thinking about it now is making me so wet. I start feeling her soft ass and humping her hand making it wetter and wetter. She then slides her thin finger into my wet pussy and penetrating me. I just moan as she rubs my pussy more and more. As she feels my wet pussy I start sucking her thick nipples. I can feel her heavy breath on my face and look into her eyes. She takes her fingers from my pussy and begins teasing me by licking my leg, oh how I wanted her to engorge her tongue on my wet throbbing pussy but she did not. I begin to feel between her legs making her jump, and she takes my hand to guide it into herself, feeling her moistness only brings me closer to climax. We then entangle our legs and start rubbing our pussies together, I feel her clit touch mine and our juices mix. Phil takes a big lick of both of our pussies as Ashley and I lay entangled in each other. Her and I part and begin wildly fingering ourselves, while Phil shoots his load all over our chests, her and I climax together and lay wet and covered with cum.I am hoping that next weekend will be even more eventful. I love letter Ashley watch me finger myself, and Phil really likes it too. I hope to someday soon feel her tongue against my pussy and feel my tongue against hers also. This site has been very helpful with my sexual exploration and my own masturbation, come on ladies I know you read these so please contribute some more stories!



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