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Blue Balls

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We left them with blue balls. 

I wanted to share this story that happened while I was visiting Jess a few weeks ago.

One evening Jess and I went out to a club. We were dancing and whatever and there was these two guys that kept checking us out. 



We go back to our table, standing there leaning against the wall talking and the waitress comes up and hands us drinks, points at the guys and said they are compliments of them. 


We nod our heads as to say thank you and continue talking. 


I ask Jess "do you want to have a little fun with them if they come over"


"What do you have in mind" she asks


"I'm not sure yet, just follow along" I respond


So we talk a few minutes and they finally come over and start talking. Right away I can tell they think they are God's gift to women.


Don't get me wrong they were good looking guys but we just aren't interested


"You ladies are hot, I can't believe your men let you out of the house alone" one man says


"Yeah, there's no men in our lives" I say. "There's not any men around that can handle both of us together"


 "Well it's your lucky night then" the other man says "you've finally found the men you need"


"So you think you two have what it takes please the two of us" Jess asks


As he reaches down and grabs his crotch the second man replies "I think we've got what it takes and then some"


Me and Jess look at each other and just laugh


"I doubt what you have in there could do anything for us" I say


"Yeah, I doubt you two put together could please one of us, let alone both of us at the same time" Jess remarks


"You girls ever had a threesome" the second guy asks as he looks at his buddy and nods his head


"All the time" Jess laughingly announced


"Well, what about a foursome" the first guy asks 


"No can't say as I've had the pleasure of a foursome YET" I sarcastically respond


"Well I'm sure we could arrange that" the second guy excitedly says


"Oh really" Jess asks, "you can hook us up with two other hot women tonight"


Of course we both laugh at the expressions on their face when she said that


"I was talking about us" he responds 


"Yeah, sorry" I pipe back "we're more into women than men"


"There's no way you two hot ladies are lesbian" the first guy says


I lean in and give Jess a fairly passionate kiss and we look back at them. 


"That doesn't mean anything, women are always kissing each other once they start drinking in the clubs" one of them said


"Well do they do this" Jess asks as runs her hand under my skirt and starts rubbing my clit as she kisses me


"You're just pretending to finger her" one of them says


"OK, I'll show you something they don't do" I say as I get down on my knees facing Jess, stick my head under her skirt and run my tongue up and down her slit


Jess raises the front of her skirt and says "look, no panties and she's definitely not faking the fact she's licking my cunt"


"Holy shit" both men exclaim


Looking down at the men's crotches you can definitely tell they are turned on by what they just witnessed. 


"Now since we hate to leave you two gentlemen with blue balls all night I will make you a deal" I say pointing down at their crotches


"What's that" they both excitedly say at the same time


"If you find us two other hot girls willing to go home with us and have a foursome we will let you watch and jack off" I laughingly respond "But you two have the wrong equipment in your pants for us"


Needless to say they walked away with their heads hanging in defeat and a bulge in the front of their pants.  We didn't see them the rest of the night. 





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