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My Boss and His Suit

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I am a paralegal in a big city in Virginia, am 34 years old and am very pretty, even if I do say so myself. I have been told that I look classy. I work for a small two-lawyer firm, and the man I work with is in his mid 50's, is one of the nicest people I know, and he is also very handsome. He is married, but I know that he has a girl friend as well, and has for a long time. I am married and have two children, and I love my husband.

My boss-let's call him Phil-has always been completely professional with me and with the other women here in the office, and has never, ever made any kind of advances to any of us.

The problem is that I want to have a sexual relationship with him. Sometimes we are very close together when we are looking over papers or whatever, and this sometimes almost gives me an overwhelming urge to touch him. It would break my husband's heart if I were unfaithful to him, and so I can accept that I will not actually have intercourse with my boss (though I would love to!) However, I do want to masturbate my boss, I want so desperately to pleasure him. His girl friend is a knockout and I am sure that they have an active sex life, so it's not that I think he is deprived, but I want to touch him, handle his penis and stroke him, and do other naughty things for him. It doesn't seem like if I do that, I would be completely cheating on my husband, but it would be wonderful if Phil would let me do this for him. I know he would love this.

Now, my favorite masturbation fantasy is that Phil and I working at our conference room table, with papers spread out and we are working shoulder to shoulder on something. When he wears a suit, he looks fabulous, so in my fantasy, he is wearing one of his tailored suits. It is late, the others have left, and I put my hand on his leg. He pauses, but doesn't say anything about that, and I slide my hand up higher. He looks me in the eye and I tell him that there is something he could do for me that would make me very happy, and he asks what. I then tell him that I want to give him pleasure, he doesn't have to do a thing, I just want him to let me pleasure him. He is hesitant, and I know he is thinking of his girlfriend, but I touch the growing bulge in his pants, and it distracts him. I slowly unzip him and he is getting hard, and I take out his penis and it is beautiful, 6-1/2 inches and thick.... I slowly stroke him, and he becomes more and more excited. We look into each others' eyes and I proceed to give him the best hand job ever, and I tell him that I want to do this for him every day, that any time he wants, all he has to do is say so, and I will take care of his need. Suddenly, he erupts and shoots cum all over and the sight of him having so much pleasure sends me into spasms, too. I also want to give him oral sex, but the Rules say I can't go into that too much, so I leave that to your imagination. But I jill myself to this fantasy all of the time, even at work, and it is becoming more insistent.

Do you think that I should tell him? Or should I just show him what I want? I really, really want to do this, and I want to do it every day.



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