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My Bi Sexual Bestfriend

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My First Story


On one hot summer day of 2014, my best friend Diana and I decided to chill at her house. Dee's parents were never home and my parents were out of town so we had the house all to ourselves. Anyway we were in her room just chilling and talking about everything that came to mind. She even told me about the times she had sex with girls. Since I'm her best friend I listened to her stories.

We were watching TV and I fell asleep. I felt a cold hand creeping down in my thong and started playing with my clit. At first I thought it was just my dream because I was having a very sexual dream about me and a guy I was talking to at the moment. It wasn't long before I felt a pair of lips attack my neck. The sensation was unbearable and I couldn't help but moan out. "Yeaa bitch I know you like it ". Once I heard those words and the voice I knew it was no longer a dream. I opened my eyes to see Dee's hands in my thong and her lips on my neck. "Dee what the fuck you doing? " I asked nervously and embarrassed. Mostly embarrassed I moaned. I quickly pushed her off me as I sat up in the bed. "Shut up Niya" she barked as she grabbed me by my neck. I became scared as she held me tightly by my neck. "Dee what are you doing ? "I asked my voice shaking". You been teasing every since we was kids, now that we are 18 I'm about to fuck your brains out " she answered as she licked and sucked on my neck.   

"Dee I don't like girls " I said honestly. "Not yet, now shut up " she answered as she kissed me. I didn't kiss back I was shocked that my best friend was attracted to me sexually. "Kiss me back " she ordered as she held me tightly by my neck. I kissed her back like she demanded. She kissed me roughly as she felt between my legs then over my big butt. "Mmm I never had chocolate before" she whispered in my ear. I sat there in silence and motionless. " Lay down bitch " she said as she pushed me down on her king size bed.

She got on top of me as she kissed me roughly and I kissed back. She put my hands on her butt as we kissed.      "You ready to taste some vanilla? " she asked me as she humped me. She ripped my T-shirt off leaving me in just my underwear. She attacked my now hard nipples. Her warm mouth made my body tingle. I let out a small moan as she pinched the other one. She began sucking on the other one as she played with my clit with her hand."Take my clothes off bitch" she ordered as we stood up. I took off her shirt exposing her C cup titties her nipples were also hard. I took off her panties only to see her shaved mound in my face.

She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her mound. I couldn't move she had a good grip on my head. " Mmm smell my pussy bitch " she ordered as she shoved my head harder in to her mound. She pushed my head back on the bell as she quickly sat down on my face. In the process of her sitting on me my mouth was open. Now my mouth is filled with clean shaved pussy and my nose was smelling her mound. "Eat it bitch". Since I'm not a lesbian I didn't know how to eat but I did it the best way I know how. I also stuck my tongue in her pussy hole only causing her to fuck my face.

After 10 minutes of riding my tongue she cummed. I slurped all her sweet juices up before getting up. "Come here bitch, let me taste that sweet chocolate" she demanded as she laid down next to me. I gladly sat on her face. She let her tongue explore my paradise. Licking my sensitive spits made me go over the edge. She began sucking my clit. I started hunching her face hard as she smacked my ass and ate me. She stuck her tongue in me and I rode her face fast and hard. I cummed in her mouth and she kept sucking. I couldn't explain the sensation that was running through me. I got up from her face as she got her strap on and bent me over. She begin to pound my insides, making my juices drip down my legs. Once I cummed we kissed and cuddled.

We still fuck till this day. I'm not a lesbian but she is the only girl I fucked.



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