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My Assistant Is Great

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I am currently under a doctor's care for a certain health issue. The doctor is very much a homeopathic and prescribes vitamins and other non-typical treatments so the meds are minimal. The side effect is frequent erections! In fact, at times begin to worry that if I have priapism because it will not go away. Yes, of course, masturbation helps a lot and my wife is understanding and helpful including just letting me 'do it' when I need to. The doctor feels this will subside in time. I am not sure I want it to! lol

But during the work hours, it can be a real problem. Fortunately, I live two blocks away so I when I have enough time between appointments I can walk home and take care of it. However, my assistant has noticed things and also knows I have been seeing a doctor. It turned out that my wife even dropped a few hints. So over a period of a week or so she started to give me odd smiles and glancing toward my crotch and those kind of knowing looks when I would excuse myself to walk home.

One of my clients is a very pretty, 40ish lady about 5'6', blue eyes (I think enhanced with contacts), maybe B cup, slim, single, dresses very sexy. One day, she had a date and was dressed to kill so much so I complemented her. She said with a wink and a smile, 'Well, this is my third date with this guy and I not going to let him get away!'. She had on a low cut blouse and she would often stand and lean over my desk to review material, obviously revealing much. I wanted it to stay professional so when I looked up from the material we were reviewing, I locked eyes with her and did not budge to look down her blouse.

She looked me in the eyes for a long time, it seemed so anyway, until it became a stare down and then she said, 'You are killing my confidence about tonight if you are not even going to try to look!' I said, 'Well, .....ahhhhh....... I was trying to stay professional!' She looked me in the eyes and after what seemed like another hour, I looked right down her blouse.

My face must have showed my reaction. Her top dropped away and her bra cups were loose so I could see her breasts. Her pink nipples were gently touching her bra as her breasts swayed as she moved slightly. She stayed that way for a minute as I soaked up the view. I then looked up at her and said, 'You are drop dead gorgeous and if this guy is not turned on, he is a gay eunuch.' She laughed and stood up. Shortly after she departed with confidence.

I had a raging hard on and I grabbed my coat (winter time here) and told my assistant I would be back. She said with a wink and in a tone that made me understand she knew, 'uuhhh huh......sure'. As I was about at the door, she stopped me by saying, 'I hope you understand it does not bother me what you have to do and if you like, just use the bathroom.' Well, the bathroom is not far from her desk and it is NOT sound proof. After an bit, my shyness wore off and I went in and masturbated. When I came out she said, 'Now see wasn't that much better? Don't be embarrassed, your wife told me about what was going on.'

Over the next few days, I would use the bathroom to get relief and each time she would smile. After a client left, I asked her to join me in my office so I could hand off a couple of projects. My penis was pulsating and straining my pants. When we were done, she said, 'Looks like you need a moment. Your next appointment is about 10 minutes.' I blushed and nodded understanding and said, 'Thanks for your toleration'. She returned to her desk. I proceeded to the bathroom at the time the phone rang and she answered. I quickly closed the door as she had finished the call. I proceeded to dropped my pants, underwear and held up my shirt up to watch myself in the mirror. I was hard as a rock and it was nice to let my penis out unrestrained. Just then, she knocked on the door. Well, I was in such a hurry that I did not close the door so it actually latched. Her knock was sufficient to nudge the door open enough so that she could see me in the mirror as she started to say, 'That was your next appointment and .......oops, sorry, well, auuhhh, well he cancelled .......... so no hurry.' She continued to look at me in the mirror and I simply stood there letting her.

My penis was throbbing and pre-cum was starting to ooze. I put my hand on the door knob and I was going to close it, but instead, opened it just a bit more so she could see me without having to look in the mirror. She smiled and I could see her move her shoulders to relax to watch. I began to stroke and in no time I ejaculated into the sink. She pulled the door closed and I cleaned up.

Wow, what a great assistant!



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