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Meeting My Sister

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A fictional story of a man finding his sister.


“My whole life has changed,” I said aloud as I got into my car at the cemetery. Just two weeks before I was celebrating after my college graduation. Now I just finished burying both of my parents. They were killed in a head-on collision with another car. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it through this week.

I let a couple of weeks go by before contemplating what to do with my life now that my parents a were gone. The family business was mine now, so I wouldn’t need to worry about money. My parents started a corporate consulting firm here in Houston when I was young. I had planned on running it with Dad but now I didn’t think I have the heart to do it.

I ended up deciding to sell the firm to friend of Dad’s for $525 million. I set up an offshore bank account with the money. I also sold the family home. That money was what I planned to live on for at least the next 5 years.

Once the house sold I began packing up things. Most of the things in the house went to Goodwill. I kept enough furniture to furnish an apartment. I also kept a few keepsakes that belonged to Mom and Dad, one of which was a lockbox.

I opened the lockbox and began looking through the papers. I saw one envelope that made me curious. It said ‘Adoption Papers’. Looking through the papers in it shocked me. Mom and Dad had a daughter when they were 15 and never told me. They put her up for adoption the day she was born. In the envelope was the birth certificate stating her birth name as Angela Marie Thomas. There was also a copy of the adoption document with the names of the couple that adopted her. Their last name is Johnston.

I started looking up people with the name Angela Marie Johnston, hoping I could find the only family I have left. I knew she was born six years before me, making her 28-years-old now. It took almost two weeks of searching but I found her. She’s a lawyer in Dallas.

I found her e-mail address on the website for the law firm where she’s a junior partner. I prepared an e-mail stating who I am, where I’m from, and that I think she’s my sister. I enclosed a scan of the birth certificate as proof. Once finished, all I needed to do was click ‘Send’. It took me a few minutes to get the courage. What if I’m wrong? What if I’m right but she doesn’t want any contact with me? Those and many other questions poured through my head. I finally clicked ‘Send’. Now for the hardest part, waiting for a reply.

The reply came three days later. The e-mail stated, “Hello Jaxson, this is Angela. I knew I was adopted but I never dreamed I had a sibling. Thank you so much for tracking me down! There’s so much we need to talk about. Is it too early to talk about meeting?” She included a phone number and the best times to call her.

I dialed her number at the first opportunity.


“Angela? This is Jaxson.”

“Jaxson! It’s so great to finally talk! I wanna know everything about you.”

“I feel the same way. I’ve wanted a sibling for as long as I can remember. I just never imagined it would be an older sister”

“Before we continue, could I ask a favor?”

“Anything, sis.”

“I wanna meet our parents.”

I spent the next half hour explaining about what happened and I let her cry some. We talked some more. I told Angela a lot about me. When I told her I’m renting an apartment she insisted I come live with her. She told me she owns her house and lives alone.

Two months have gone by. I paid off Angela’s mortgage and we got to know each other. I finally had time to get my life to a normal routine. I started dating some too. I was fairly sexual in college and hoped to be again soon. I just need to find a steady girlfriend. Until that happened I had to resort to masturbation. It seems that I was masturbating pretty much every night.

Sexually, I think I have plenty to offer a woman. I don’t mean to brag but my cock is above average in size. In high school, a girlfriend measured it and found it to be eight and a half inches in length and five inches around. She was very intimidated by it at first. But over time she began to crave it, begging to be fucked every time we went out together. We were together until she left for college.

One morning, while making my bed, Angela walked into my room. “Hey, Jaxson. Can we talk?”

“Of course! What’s up?”

“I accidentally saw you last night as you were masturbating.” Suddenly I was very embarrassed, and my face apparently showed it.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. If anything, I should be apologizing for invading your privacy by watching. The reason I’m bringing it up is because I can’t stop thinking about one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“I didn’t actually see your cock since you were covered but it seems that you are very large. Is it true?” Her face was bright red as she asked.

“Well, I have been told that I am bigger than most guys. My friends in high school were all jealous of me.”

While looking at the floor, Angela quietly said, “I know this is wrong to ask but can I please see it? I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since last night.”

“I would love to show you. Incest is a fantasy of mine. But me showing you my cock without you showing anything isn’t very fair, is it?”

“I guess you have a point. But why would you wanna look at me. I doubt I could compare to women you’re used to dating.”

“Angela, most of them couldn’t compare to you. You’re smart, funny, you have a great career, and you’re fucking gorgeous!”

“Do you really think so?”

“Hell yeah!”

“Okay. How do you wanna do this?”

“Well, I have a meeting about a business venture this morning. So how about after dinner?”

“Perfect!” She almost seemed excited when she said it. To be perfectly honest, I was too. I was completely honest about Angela being gorgeous. She’s 5’8” with straight brown hair that stops about halfway down her back. She has the most amazing blue eyes that any guy would get lost in. Her breasts and her ass are amazing too. I prefer smaller breasts and hers are a 34B (I checked while doing the laundry). Her ass is big enough to get a good grip on during sex (I shouldn’t be thinking about that).

She helped me make my bed the we went off to do our stuff. I couldn’t take my mind off the conversation and what would take place after dinner. Is it possible that my fantasy is about to come true? I’ve fantasized about more than just showing but I don’t wanna chance screwing up my relationship over it.

After dinner we went into my bedroom, mainly because I have a bigger bed. We both seemed nervous. I decided to break the ice and I started to remove my clothes. Once I got started Angela began removing clothes too. With each article of clothing removed I was more in awe of how gorgeous my sister is. The perfection of her breasts, the curve of her hips, her amazing pussy with a small landing strip of hair above. I guess I was a little too focused on her body.

“Are you licking your lips, Jaxson?”

Very embarrassed, I said, “I’m sorry. I just can’t believe that I finally get to look at the perfect woman, and it’s my sister.”

“I wish guys I’ve dated would say stuff like that. Well, excluding the sister part.”

“Well, they were stupid not to.”

“Are you gonna finish getting undressed?”

I removed the rest of my clothes and stood in front of my amazingly gorgeous sister. I began to get hard. As we both stared at each other I saw her pussy beginning to get damp.

I looked her in the eye and asked, “Is there any way we could masturbate for each other?”

“I’d love that so much! I’ve been daydreaming about that all day.”

We sat next to each other on my bed. I started slowly running my fingers along the underside of my cock, circling around the head occasionally. As I did that, Angela was using a small bullet vibrator on her nipples, alternating between the two.

As precum began to leak I wrap my fingers around my cock. Slowly I stroke, twisting as I get to the head. Angela’s running the vibrator down her stomach towards her clit at this point. Quiet little moans are escaping her mouth.

Angela asked a question that shocked me a little, “I get somewhat vocal when I masturbate. Is that okay?”

“Of course! I think it’s fucking hot!”

Angela smiled and finally touched the vibrator to her clit.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!”

Hearing that made me start stroking faster. I began putting pressure on my cock as I stroked. Precum was flowing out. This was the most erotic evening of my life and I loved it!

Next to me, Angela was running her toy up and down, from her clit to her asshole. I’d heard of women getting very wet, but I hadn’t seen anyone get as wet as Angela was getting. There was a large wet spot on my sheet.

She finally inserted the toy. With a blissful look she moaned, “Oh God! Fuck me so hard!!” She began fucking herself with an intensity I had never seen in a person before. I sped up my stroking to match her.

As we were both masturbating she was being very vocal, saying things like, “Oh fuck!”, “Oh shit!”, “Pound me with that huge cock!”

At almost the same time, our orgasms hit. My hips bucked as cum shot from my cock, the first stream hitting my chin. The rest pooled on my stomach. I looked over and Angela was writhing on the bed, moaning loudly and speaking almost incoherently. I reached over and held her as her orgasm pulsed through her.

After she came down we spent almost the entire night talking. We talked about previous sexual experiences mostly. I learned Angela was very shy when it comes to dating. I promised to help her. We also agreed to do this more.



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