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Movie Night

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This took place back in 1978-long before VHS, DVD and Blue-Ray there was Super 8mm.


One night, my wife and I were over at her brother's house (which was just on the other side of town) and we started joking about porno movies. Just one of those crazy topics that pop up. My wife's brother Rob and I both laughed about seeing some X-rated movies at our beloved Orpheum Theater in town back during our late teen years. By 1978 the theater was playing only G or R rated stuff, due to public pressure they had to stop showing the X-rated features.

Rob could never get his wife Kelly to go with him to see one-not due to lack of interest Kelly had confided-but due to the fact it was a small town and she would have died if anyone she knew saw her going into the theater to see one of those films. I embarrassed my wife a bit when I told Rob and Kelly about my taking her to a theater not far from where I was stationed in the Navy. We had gone with a buddy of mine-in his car-and I was glad he was driving because my wife nearly raped me in the back seat during the ride home! I went on to tell them that I could not get her to go with me again after that-she now knew the power of porn-I guess she hated being so horny that she lost control.

Then I told them about some Super 8 porno movies I had purchased in Europe (Amsterdam) during my Navy days. Kelly really perked up and asked if we could arrange to have a movie night sometime soon-she was really curious since she had never seen one. My wife scrunched up her face like she didn't like the idea, but I quickly said 'Sure.'

I don't think more than a week or two went by and Kelly called to invite us over for Movie Night. 'My neighbor will let us borrow a screen, we just need you to bring the movies and projector' she said.

That night as we drove up their long driveway I saw a car parked on the side of the house I'd never seen before.

I said to my wife; 'I can't believe she invited someone else to this'

We went in and was immediately introduced to a friend of Rob's and his wife. They were both very nice but I felt funny having other people I did not know watching my films. When I could get Kelly off to the side I asked her;

'How well do you know these people Kelly? These movies are not tame-there is some heavy X stuff in them.'

Kelly brushed me off-'Oh they're close friends and they know what kind of movies we're showing-it'll be alright'

'If you say so.....' I said.

The snacks were out, lights down low and with everything set up I started the projector. After the title the camera shot closely followed a marble as it rolled across a white carpet until it hit the puffy lips of a hairless pussy. Kelly almost choked on her soda. 'Cheese-Us!!' she yelled. We all laughed at her reaction. The camera zooms back to reveal three nude woman sitting bare assed on the floor leaning against a couch, with their legs wide spread, knees to their chests and three men on their knees some eight feet away shooting marbles at their pussies. Then the women reach down and hold their pussies open to make a bigger target for the marbles to enter. The men are bad shots. Soon the women get bored and start playing with themselves. The men drop their marbles and move closer to the women. Standing in front of the women they pull out their hard cocks and start stroking franticly. It's now a circle jerk for boys and girls and they race to see who comes first. They franticly tear at their organs and then the camera zeros in to show each one as they cum. Very hot. The End.

The lights were turned up so I could see to thread the next movie in the projector. I glanced over at Kelly. She was talking to her friend I had just met and both women's faces were beet red. They both shared their disbelief as to what was in the movie, and giggled like little school girls after watching something wickedly 'dirty'.

'That was a tame one' I said winking.

'Oh Cheese-we're in for it' said Kelly.

I had only brought three movies-each one about 15 minutes long and I felt we'd had enough. I had not noticed but Kelly had left the room about half way through the third movie and my wife told me later that she thought it was to go to the bathroom. As we packed things up and Rob's friend and his wife left, Rob went down the hall to check on Kelly.

He came back a minute later and looked a little embarassed.

'Kelly said she has a real bad headache and asked me to say good night for her. I think the films made her feel uncomfortable in front of our friends.'

My wife and I looked at each other and smiled.

'OK Rob-thanks for having us over-goodnight.'

As we passed by the hall heading for the front door foyer I yelled down the hall-'Good night Kelly...... hope

your HEADACHE goes away soon!' There was no answer.

We went out to the car and I said to my wife; 'Headache my ass. Bet you anything right now that woman is getting herself off. Rob's in for a wild night.'

My wife said nothing, but I did hear a little laugh.

About three weeks later we were up at my parents house for some family get together and I was surprised to see Rob, Kelly and their kids there. At one point during the night it was just Kelly and I in the living room and I asked her 'so what did you think about Movie Night?'

'Oh Cheeze-I had scenes from those movies in my head for days afterward.'

'Did they make you horny?'

'Yeah!'she said as if to say 'DUH!!'

'Did you have to take care of things?' I said joking.

Kelly rolled her eyes and said 'I did little else for two days'

'Whoa-I guess those films WERE good! Well, you do what ya gotta do.' I laughed.

'You have any more of them?' Kelly asked.

'Yeah-a couple' I said (I actually had about 12 she had not seen but didn't want to come across as a sex fiend)

'We'll have to have another movie night sometime.'

We both laughed and joined the gang in the other room.

One afternoon a few days later, the phone rang around lunch time. It was Kelly.

'Day off?'

'Yeah-you know I have Thursdays off, what's up Kel?'

'Care for a Matinee this afternoon?'

'Rob's home?' I asked kinda shocked.

'You're kidding right?' said Kelly.



'Be right over.'

At this point I should explain something. I had always had the 'hots' for Kelly but would not cheat on my wife. For a couple years Kelly watched our son at her house after he got off the bus from school. Due to this day care arrangement we had our son go to a school on Kelly's side of town. I had strange hours at my job-I got out at 3pm so I would go over to pick up my son and had an hour or so to visit with my Sister-in-Law before my wife got home from work. This way our son-could play with his cousins after school, and I didn't have to race home to an empty house.

During the summer my son stayed with Kelly all day. They did not have air conditioning at the time and even with fans the house got pretty warm inside. Kelly walked around in bikini bottoms and one of Rob's T-shirts that still didn't hide her ample breast and perfect body.

After lots of talks Kelly and I would talk about sex occassionally. One time we talked about masturbation. I told her how I loved to watch girls get themselves off-that it was a form of 'safe sex' with my girlfriends when I was in High School. I told her how incredibly powerful it was to time your orgasm to blow at the same time as your girlfriend. One of my girlfiends a few years after we broke up told me it was some of the best sex she ever had considering we did not have sex.

Kelly said she never did it in front of Rob-in fact she told Rob she did not masturbate.

'Which of course is a flat out lie.' Kelly laughed. 'I just could not do it in front of someone-it's-you know, a private thing.'

'That's what makes it so special and intense when you share it' I countered.

I wasted no time getting over to Kelly's with 4 movies and the projector, and Kelly had the screen already set up and windows covered with blankets. I set up the projector and had it running in minutes.

For a long time I had tried to get Kelly to show me her pussy-actually coming out and asking her a number of times during the course of a couple years, and one time even offering money for a dinner out with Rob! I told her I would not touch her or try anything but she said she couldn't. This time with the help of these movies I thought I might get lucky.

I was not wrong. After the first film, as I was threading the next movie in the projector, I saw Kelly stand up and pull down her jeans and undies. Slowly.

'Oh my God' I whispered loud enough for her to hear.

'I can't believe I'm doing this........ just don't touch me' she laughed, 'I want to watch the movie and you playing with yourself.'

'I can do that!' I said eagerly.

I turned on the projector and stood a bit off to her left side stroking my rock hard cock and watching Kelly on the couch. She sat there, her legs drawn up and wide spread just like the girls that had marbles shot at their pussies.

I could see her close trimmed pussy in the light from the projector and what light leaked in from the windows and watched her fingers gently caress her inner lips. I finally was looking at Kelly's gorgeous pussy and she was so wet.

I had seen the movie that was playing so many times I knew when to concentrate on Kelly's reaction. She was so much fun to watch-I could not believe it was happening.

'Man! It feels sooooooo good' said Kelly.

No more than three or four minutes went by.

'Dang-I'm close already' said Kelly pausing to pull herself open and look down at her clit.

A surge of sexual energy went through me like an electrical shock as I watched her and I knew that all I had to do is see her coming and I was going to blow like a violent volcano.

Suddenly the stud in the movie jerks off and shoots ropes of heavy duty cream onto his woman's belly.

Kelly's head shot back and her face twisted as if in pain but in reality she was in the grip of a massive heavenly orgasm. That's when I lost it as well-my dick spasmed and sent a impressive wad of cum onto Kelly's leather couch about an inch from where she was sitting. Kelly kept bucking-pushing her pussy up in the air against an imaginary lover and mangling her swollen lips in a rapidly circular moving grip. After sharing 10 seconds or so in the land of Orgasmus we both collapsed on the couch breathless, listening to the sound of the projector as it continued on with it's sexual images. We both laughed as we enjoyed our after glow.

This went on secretly for about 6 months while the kids were in school-every once in a while, at noon on Thursday Kelly would give me a call.

'Time for another Matinee?'



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