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First Year College Student and Aunt

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A 19-year old Asian male stays with his aunt and awakens his sexually.


I write this as the real experience of my sexual awakening (as a 19 year old male). I was adopted from China as an infant in the mid-1980’s to a Caucasian family living in the U.S. on the west coast. Life was fairly normal, other than growing up in a primarily white community and being one of the few minorities at school. I did not have much sexual experience as I got close to graduating high school (had a girlfriend, but nothing long-term, and nothing more than heavy make-out sessions after school dances, etc.).

I decided to go to college on the east coast to get a new perspective and applied to a few liberal arts colleges. I got accepted to a reputable school after my senior year of high school and planned on moving to a small studio apartment about five minutes from campus. Unfortunately the previous tenant was leased through the end of October and I had to find alternative living for the first few months of the academic semester. Luckily, my mom’s youngest sister (Aunt Colleen) lived about 45-minutes from my school campus and agreed to let me stay with her until my apartment was ready.

At the time, Aunt Colleen was in her late 40’s, had dirty blonde hair with a few streaks of gray, and was average build (green eyes, maybe 5’5", 140 pounds, and C-Cups). Her husband (my Uncle William) battled colon cancer and passed away in 2001. They have one kid (my cousin Jimmy) who teaches English in Germany and makes it home once a year. I like hanging out with Jimmy, but we rarely see each other. Jimmy lived with his parents on the west coast growing up, so we got to be together a lot. They moved to the east coast when Uncle William got a job at a law firm. When Uncle William died, Jimmy and my Aunt Colleen did not want to move back and stayed out east.

When I finally made the move out east to live with Aunt Colleen things started off normal for the first two weeks. We stayed out of each others way, sometimes ate meals together, and occasionally watched TV in the evenings. I was commuting a lot to class so I was barely around. Aunt Colleen’s house is relatively large (since Uncle William made good money as an attorney). I stayed in Jimmy’s old room that was built in the basement with it’s own full bathroom and small kitchen out in the common area.

One evening, I had just gotten out of the shower when Aunt Colleen came in unexpectedly. She said, “Oh my goodness, I am so sorry, I thought you were still in the shower and wanted to put these extra sheets in the closet in case you needed new bedding.” My clothes were across the room draped over a chair and I had already thrown my towel in the hamper so I was fully naked standing in front of my aunt. I said, “That’s okay Aunt Colleen, let me just grab my clothes really quick!” I saw her eyes flicker down to my groin area. Asian culture does not routinely circumcise their male babies and after my adoption my parents decided to keep me uncircumcised. I’ve never really let anyone know I was uncut (other than my parents already knowing). She quickly left the room and went back upstairs.

Later in the evening my aunt came back downstairs. I was in the common room watching TV. My aunt said, “I am so sorry about barging in on you. I wouldn’t have if I knew you were out of the shower.” I said, “It’s totally okay, you just caught me between changing.” Aunt Colleen then said, “but can I ask you a question?” I said, “Sure,” as I muted the TV. “Your mom told me when they first adopted you that you were uncircumcised, but I have never seen foreskin in real life before.” I could see where this was headed, but still apprehensive since I was shy about being “different” than all my peers growing up. No girls I had been with ever got to the point of seeing my penis, so I was inexperienced and scared about how people would react since foreskin was not common here in the U.S. Aunt Colleen then said, “Do you think I could get a quick peek?” I said, “Uh, sure,” but now knowing how this was going to happen. I wasn’t as nervous because she was not my biological aunt even though I always considered my cousin and me to be close.

Aunt Colleen sat down on the couch next to me and placed her hand on the elastic of my basketball shorts and gently slid them down. My penis was flaccid and my testicles were loose since I got out of the shower a while ago. She said, “Is it okay if I touch your penis?” I nodded. “Oh my, I never thought foreskin would be this loose, and it’s so soft and silky” as she gently retracted the skin slightly over my penis head. “Robert,” she said. (sidenote: my name is Robert). “I haven’t had anyone around the house lately, after your uncle died and Jimmy moved abroad.” “I was so excited to have a guy around the house again. Just for the company. I didn’t think it would be like this, but now I see that we can support each other more if you would like. I know I would.” The whole time she was fondling my penis and pulling on my foreskin. “Have you been with many girls in the past, Robert? Your mother never talked about you being in a relationship.” I said, “No. In fact, I was nervous to let you see me since I am shy about being uncircumcised.” She replied, “There is nothing to be ashamed of and I find it exciting and interesting.” At this point I am fully erect and my foreskin is naturally retracting over my head.

Aunt Colleen said, “Robert, let’s support each other. I know I want this and I promise that your experience will be worth it.” I just nodded as she started to masturbate me. She said, “this is more than I expected. The foreskin just glides over the head. You are getting really hard.” Then said, “I need to get more comfortable.” Aunt Colleen slid off her white top and began unhooking her bra. Her breasts were slightly saggy, with average sized nipples (based on my comparison with porn models), and a few freckles by her cleavage. She then slid off her loose fitting blouse to reveal white laced panties I could see some pubic hair protruding out the side. Aunt Colleen then slid her panties off to reveal a patch of black fuzz with her lips poking through. I had never seen a woman’s vagina before so I was intrigued, scared, and excited all at the same time.

“There, that’s much better,” she said. Aunt Colleen then proceeded to bend down and her face was directly next to my penis. “Wow, this smells so erotic,” as she sniffed under the hood of my prepuce. Then, without a word, she took my penis in her mouth. It felt so warm and wet inside her mouth. I was receiving my first real blowjob from my aunt. She apparently knew what she was doing. I am almost six inches when erect, but she was able to take my whole shaft into her mouth and could tongue my testicles at the same time. It felt incredible. She nibbled my foreskin as she pulled it over my head, and then would quickly retract it. Aunt Colleen continued to smell my penis every once in awhile and would occasionally use the tip of her finger to wipe away the precum building up at my foreskin tip. I felt the pressure building up in my seminal vesicles and I guess she could sense it as well because she began increasing her speed. I said, “Uhh, I think I am about to come, what should I do?” Trying to be polite (since I did not want to come in her mouth without warning).. She did not respond and continued sucking on my penis while keeping my foreskin completely retracted. I started to come and tried to pull out of her mouth. Aunt Colleen held my torso tight with her arms and pinched my foreskin closed with her lips. I started pulsating warm come into my closed prepuce until some started leaking out the tip. Aunt Colleen sucked all my sperm out of my foreskin with a satisfying look on her face. “Wow, you sure needed that,” she said smiling, “Now it’s time to show you how to satisfy a woman.”

Aunt Colleen stood up in front of me and said, “Here is a look that you might not have expected.” She stood over me and spread her vulva in front of my face. “See how wet your uncircumcised penis made me?” I could see moisture building up around the inner pink hole.” “Robert, I want you to eat me out. I want you to put your tongue deep in my vagina and lick me to orgasm.” Aunt Colleen stood over me as I sat on the couch and thrust her vagina right in my face. The musky/sweet smell was pungent and I stuck my tongue inside her parted lips. My first taste of a woman’s pussy was wonderful. I was addicted to the aroma, the taste, the feeling. Aunt Colleen was literally grinding her vagina against my face and moaning. Occasionally she would mutter, “Eat my pussy, make me come.” I continued licking her vagina and then she said, “suck on my clit.” I could see her clitoris sticking out. It seemed larger than many I had watched in porn. I just started sucking on her budding clit as she responded aggressively to my mouth. “Keep going, keep going, right there,” she moaned. I didn’t know what to expect, but I felt her opening tense up and clamp down on my tongue. “Oh god, Robert. That young tongue of yours did the trick. I haven’t been orally satisfied in such a long time.” She then said, “Let me taste my pussy off your lips,” and passionately kissed me. “Well, let’s get cleaned up here. If you want, meet me in my room in an hour.” And she disappeared back upstairs.

The next few weeks were some of my fondest memories.



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