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More Cleaning Up

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After the first times with TammieJo, she became a lover of me cleaning up and licking my own cum in many different situations.


The next time TammieJo and I went on a date was almost a month after the night when she had me pull out and cum on her then lick it up. We both had things that interfered so we only talked on the phone, almost every day, and met for lunch twice. But, this night we finally got to express the sexual passion that had been bottled up. When I picked her up at her apartment, we kissed and fondled so long we were late for our reservation at a really nice restaurant. During dinner we kept our touching appropriate for the closeness of the small place but we got so turned on that she was wet and I was fully hard. We stumbled to the valet and got in ready for sex so she immediately had my pants open and my penis out. My fingers played in the wetness that soaked through her stockings, no panties, until she was panting.

As soon as I pulled into her parking spot, she was on me kissing and trying to get my shirt open. Shortly, her blouse and bra were off and I was sucking her nipples, and my pants were down to my knees. She begged me to hurry up and fuck her and at first I suggested we go inside but she demanded. The cramped front seat wouldn't do. I got out intending to go to the back seat but when I did, TammieJo turned ass to the door and pulled the hose down, offering me her pussy. Standing at the door I shoved into her hard and took her and she came with a mini orgasm just before begging me to cum in her. I let loose and filled her but before I was even done, she was moving and turning, grabbing her clothes, pulling me into her apartment.

We hobbled in with hose and pants around knees until we were in her bedroom? We kissed until she took charge, shoving me by the shoulders to my knees. “I need to cum, John, make me cum baby.” Her juices and mine were wetting her thighs and her pussy was a lovely mess. I lapped away, until her legs weakened and she flopped back onto the bed. “Suck my pussy,” she moaned, “lick it all up baby.” And I did, tasted the mixed cum that was so pungent from us two, and kept at licking  so long that eventually we'd been in three different positions of me eating pussy when she roughly pushed my head away saying she couldn't cum anymore. I snuggled up to her from behind and held her, my hard cock in her ass crack. She shivered a little now and then until she relaxed. She turned, faced me, and we kissed. “I'll make you cum over and over, until you cry for mercy,” she said.

First, she pushed me on my back and rode me until I came in her very hot pussy again, then turned around and plopped her messy self and firm sexy dripping hole over my face, commanding me, her “freaky boy”, to eat our mess, as she grabbed my very sensitive goey cock and began jerking it almost before the last orgasm subsided completely. Groaning at me, she held my base with a tight grip as the other fisted the head, spongy half soft yet sending almost painful sensations as she squeezed it as I licked out globs and strings of spent lust. “Cum you fuck, cum and eat our cum oh you fuck,” she hissed. And it worked for both of us. She orgasmed in my face so the last of our juices flowed into my mouth and over my face and I also contracted in orgasm, wincing with pleasure and agony. I felt like she was almost mashing my cock head like a lemon being juiced.

When she rotated and lay next to me, she held her hand up to my face like a prize, my ejaculate on her fingers and palm. “Be a good boy and make my hand wet with your spit so I can make you go again.” So I licked, wetly, made her hand more juicy, and she slathered it on my cock, rubbing my long but soft noodle, trying to wake it. She repeated it again, then again, until I go half hard. “You need my mouth? Will that work if I break my rules and suck you disgusting messy prick?”

Yes, that did it. She had an aversion to spent juices so as TammieJo put my sore cock in her mouth it made me swell. As she nursed the tip and squeezed my balls, it made me go on a slow boil. When she let her spit run down the shaft so her hand slid smoothly up and down, I got hard as rock. When she took me out to say, “So now I'm finally ready to let you cum in my mouth and you're going to take so long I might give up?” I got incentive to bear down and just fucking take advantage. I tensed every muscle and shortly my raw cock head in her mouth throbbed and unbelievably squirted a respectable load in with enough force she dropped it out and coughed because she was caught so off guard. I oozed the rest onto my belly. She coughed a few more times, laughing at the same time, then took me in again, and I was so sensitive it felt like she was chewing on me. I cried out, begging her to stop, a tear running out of my eye. “I told you so,” TammieJo taunted. “But it's fair. My pussy lips feel like they're on fire right now but I know we'll both still want more tomorrow. Snuggle me you naughty freak.”



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