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Midnight With My Brother

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I have been masturbating for three years now, nearly every night. Our apartment is small so my brother (12) and I (18) have always shared the same room. He sleeps early and very soundly and nothing could wake him up, even the loud moans of my orgasms, so I never worried about masturbating totally naked with him asleep on the bed close to mine.

So one day I go to my room after everybody has gone to bed, turn the lights out and start writing. This is how I always get myself to cum, by writing the dirtiest things I wanna do and describing all the little details of the sex I'm having in my mind. So I get really horny and turned on. The pen moves faster, then faster and faster and my writing is illegible now. One hand keeps writing, and the other squeezes my tits, moving, circling them until my nipples are button-hard. I start talking, talking filth, licking the sheets, my fingers scratching and playing lower and lower now. I can feel my pussy crying for a touch, burning to be rubbed up and down, deeper, deeper. I throw the pen away from my hand and move my fingers down to my clit, massaging, rubbing, rubbing harder and faster...OOOhhh God I just wanna keep rubbing, forward and backward, in circles.

In my mind I am surrounded by men and women, all naked, each one touching a different part of my body. I insert a finger onto my clit and a loud moan of pleasure and pain slips past my lips. Suddenly, I hear low moans and my heart falls to my feet. I turn to see my brother's eyes wide awake, glued to my pussy, his mouth wide open, and his hands inside his pants working his shaft. He's rubbing harder now, moaning and crying softly.

I'm paralized for a second, not knowing what to do. But then I walk to him, his eyes open wider, his hands grab tighter on his erection. I sit by his side and replace his hand with mine. He obeys silently, and I start working him. He moans. Every few seconds he would laugh and ask me to 'keep it going'. I take his hand and place it on my tits. He looks at me, and I smile, so he starts massaging me. I bite my lips and ask him for more. For some reason I get soo excited. Not wanting to remove my hands from his now hard small cock, I slightly widen my legs and start moving, rubbing on the edge of the bed.

I came once and it felt so amazing. I made him swear silence. We have been much closer since that day and he tells me more about his life.



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