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Careful What You Start

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Learning young from a sister and brother passed to my sibling.


Me and my friend Barb grew up together and as we developed we would compare our bodies. This lead to touching as we explored. At 12 or 13 she was much more developed. Barb was taller and better built than me I was a little more petite. But we were still filling out. She had very nice breasts about c cups to my a cups. Barb had a very nice bump as we called it it flowed very well and had nice lips. I was skinnier and seemed to gave a very big bump compared to her and she seemed to always count on how she liked my bump better than hers.

Was we enjoyed playing with each other when we had sleep overs and one day as I was at her home on a sleep over she asked if I had seen a real penis. Well I had seen my younger brothers and no big deal. No a real older boy she added.

No I said, then she told me that she had seen her brother he was 15 and he let her touch it. Well I asked a thousand questions and then she interrupted and said that when her parents went out to dinner that night that he would be left in charge and she would ask if he would let me see him.

I always liked Frank her brother he was real nice guy.

I could not wait for her parents to leave and as soon as we thought the coast was clear Barb called Frank to her room and asked him to show us his member. Shute he said but you know the deal, all clothes come off.

Barb forgot to mention this to me but I was so excited and Barb started instantly stripping naked as he dropped all.

I was shaking and Barb quickly grabbed my top and shorts helping me strip.

I told you she had a big beautiful hump and Frank said its very beautiful, I was sort of embers seed but also pleased he liked it.

Frank lay between us as Barb led my exploration, I was so excited to see a real hard boys penis and was it gorgeous .

Barb took my hand and guided me to stroke him carefully, he felt so hot and very stiff in my hand, he was leaking a lot of fluid from the tip.

The fluid was sticky but slippery, now take the fluid and use it as you so up and down slowly and gently said barb.

I did this two or three times and wow Frank started to shoot this white stiff out and I almost let go but barb said no just stop and hold him. As I could feel him pulsate as he kept shooting streams of this white stuff.

I was was in a fog as to what I was experiencing all over my body, my hormones were in overdrive.

Barn quickly cleaned Frank up and she let me smell his cum, what a scent it had it seemed sweet of a sorts but nutty.

Then Barb said you have to try this and she straddled her brother, all this time Frank is laying there letting us do this to him.

Barb was now straddling Franks penis and he seemed still hard as ever, Barb was rocking back and forth on him and Frank would grab her breasts with his hands, all I could do was watch and listen to the wet slapping sounds of her rubbing on his penis.

All of a sudden Barb collapses on Frank and her body was shaking all over. I knew what had just happened.

She got off and I was next but I was not sure about this but Barb quickly just pushed me on to of Frank and oooohh boy what a feeling. I had often fingered myself and both of had done each other exploring but this was way different.

I was on top and slowly rocked back and forth, carefully said Barb as she said your bump looks so nice, I was straight up and looked down to see his penis disappear as I moved forward and then boom I had the most mind blowing real orgasm that I can call a first if many. As I collapsed on him and I heard him once again say aaaaahhhhh. As I felt him pulsating as I was on him. I had made Frank cum again. I quickly got up an had his cum all over my wet hair.

I was in a fog and wanted more if what happened and I didnt know how Frank did it but we took many turns humping Frank that night.

I let Frank explore all of me it was so o hot.

Frank seemed to last a lot longer and did not cum as we took turns but was in all his glory.

We would play these games for a couple of more months and one day as Barb was doing her normal humping she moved her hands forward to change position and as she went forward and then back I heard them grunt and then Frank said get off and as Barb got up I could see Frank was in her, then he flopped out shooting all over his chest.

I now knew that they had been doing more than just humping, since we had fingered each otht out often when at my home , I had noticed that Barb seemed a little more loose latley.

Later that night Barb said that it just happened a couple of weeks ago and Frank knew when to pull out so no danger and you should try it.

A couple of weeks later I almost let him on but he was too big as I felt him in my hole.

I was ready to try again but then they had to move away and lst my chance.

Then I had to go to my brother and start on him.



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