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Middle Of The Day

Posted by: Age: 70s Posted on: 1 comments
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Been a while


At 71, I don't masturbate nearly as often as I used to. And since my prostate surgery a couple of years ago, I also don't get the erections I used to get. But I can still masturbate, and I can still orgasm. Not totally dry, but nowhere near the amount of cum I used to shoot regularly. Still, very satisfying orgasms. Now, if I could just find a cooperative, hairy pussy woman to share things with...

Mostly, I masturbate a couple of times a week. Sometimes standing at the bathroom sink before bedtime, my balls laying on the cool counter. Gives me a great view of things, and what little cum I ejaculate usually ends up in the sink, which makes for easy cleanup afterwards. On rare occasions I'll watch some porn on the computer, maybe read some stories here on ST, and then "do it" while watching a video of a gal pleasing herself.

The rest of the time I'll do it in bed, laying on my side. Morning, after a good nights sleep. A little cleanup when I'm done, but again, not nearly as much as I used to produce.

Kinda got in the mood mid-morning today, and really got to thinking about it while out for a morning walk. So, after I got back home, I got out a DVD of videos I'd downloaded over the years, watched a good selection of them, then grabbed a box of tissues and headed for the bedroom. Couldn't remember the last time I'd done it in the middle of the day, but I was certainly in the mood. Stripped down, flopped down onto the bed, and started rubbing my balls with my left hand, lightly touching my cock with my right. As usual, not much of a hard-on, certainly not enough to call a "serviceable" erection, but without an eager partner to do things with, no matter. After a couple of minutes, the feelings started building, and over the next several minutes, I started getting a bit larger in size. Perhaps with a woman's pussy to entice me, I'd firm up enough to be able to put it in. But if not, I could certainly enjoy "doing her" with my mouth and tongue, and I'm sure I'd respond well from her efforts.

Today, things kept building, and I closed my eyes and pictured my last girlfriend's pussy - nice, thick bush, full labia, hair down the sides and just a short distance down her legs. Once upon a time she'd offered to shave that area a bit for me, but I told her "no". Nothing like a full bush to show she's a real woman! And soon enough, that memory, that glorious image, did its trick, and I was cumming. A strong cum, and a good amount too. Flowed out of my semi-erect cock, down my fingers, and onto the back of my left hand, which was holding my balls. Ah... I laid there for a while, breathing heavily at first, and finally relaxing in the afterglow. I needed that!



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