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Mickey's Fun Time

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Since a few of you seem to want to know more, theres a few things you should know. First, What I caught Mickey doing was not primarily for here. Second, I'm not pushing things on for an audience. Now, some more things have happened, and I hope you enjoy them, but please don't ask me to do more than I am comfortable with.


OK, so, last time, I had watched Mickey use my panties for his masturbation, and in return, I had used his cum for mine. This situation has devloped a little. I guess that in the end, one of us was bound to find out that the other knew. In this case, I let Mickey know that I saw him use my panties. You know what? He cried. He was so upset that he had embarrassed me, and it took a while to calm him down. I told him that sexual exploration was natural, and that everyone, but EVERYONE goes through a time of experimentation. I also told him that I was ok with him using my panties. I also asked him why he liked them. He told me he had heard about girls getting real wet when they are horny and he just wanted to know what it was like.

I told him that my panties don't really tell it like it is and that when I am really on heat, I get so wet I have to take them off. He looked a little grossed out and asked me if it was like I was peeing. I told him that it is entirely different, but I added that some girls enjoy peeing as part of sex. (I'm not sure if I am one of them yet, but I have experimented in that direction.) Mickey told me that he gets hard, and that there is a little wetness at the tip, but soon after he cums and that's that. I told him that with me I spend a while getting aroused and I get wetter and wetter all the time and when I cum, sometimes I gush a little.

There was one of those awkward silences, so I asked him outright if he likes the smell of me on my panties. He said that he loved it and I asked why. He said it was musky with a little hint of pee. So I asked him if he wanted me to do anthing for him. He muttered something about leaving him my panties from time to time and then said, 'I wouldn't mind smelling you for real.' My heart missed a beat (or three) and I said that there were rules. 1) No way would I ever, EVER go all the way with him. 2) Either of us can say stop at any time.) He agreed and I sat on his bed and tugged my panties down. Of course, having talked to him I was horny as hell and quite wet. (Oh, I shave now too)

Mickey asked me if I hadnt grown pubic hair yet so I told him I like to shave it. He couldn't take his eyes off my pussy so I let my knees open a little and said 'Well, go for it.' He knelt up on the bed and leaned in towards me so slowly! I could feel his breath on my wetness and my clit was pounding. I asked him if he liked what he saw and smelt. He nodded and managed a 'Uh huh'. Then he asked if he could touch me. I took his hand and guided it around, showing him the things I like. I let him rub me until I knew I was going to cum. I told him I was close and asked him to push two fingers deep inside me while he played with my clit.

When the orgasm hit, he had a look of total wonder on his face as he felt my pussy grip. Of course when he knelt back up he was like a fucking board! I tugged his shorts down and asked him if he wanted me to jack him off. He nodded and I stroked his (very VERY impressive) dick. A few moments later he spurted all over me. Some even hit my pussy. I ended up with putting my other hand in place to catch it and soon had a little puddle of his cum in my hand. I couldn't seem to help myself, I just licked it off.

Mickey was really desperate and I can see that it wouldn't have taken much for us both to break our promise and go all the way. I know this is like TOTALLY wrong though. But that night, I had a lovely dream about him doing me in the ass. (I've never done anal, but I LOVE fingering my ass when I masturbate.) Maybe that wouldn't be so bad.



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