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Me And the Sybian!

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Something very memorable that happened to me when I was 14.


Hi everybody my name is Brittany, and I just had to write on here my experience when I was 14! I am 18 now, a senior in high school-it's summer vacation now though. I ran across this site because my friend showed me all the masturbation stories on here. As a 14 year old girl, my hormones were raging. I was hyper, horny, and had lots of sexual energy. I consider myself pretty, and my dad has always told me I was the most beautiful girl on the earth. Now I've changed a bit, but when I was 14 I was 5'5, B cup breasts, long blond hair, and a small firm butt. I live with my dad, my dad being divorced when I was 5. I've been with my dad ever since. My dad and I are close...and I definitely am a daddy's princess, or daddy's girl. I feel very comfortable around my dad ever since I was little. I will talk to my dad about everything sexual, or just walk around the house in bra and underwear...I don't care! And neither does my dad.
My dad has always told me that he doesn't care what I do with all my sexual energy inside the house, if I want to release it, or if I want to try things out with my body. It's just outside the house when I was with boys was when he started to worry. And the last thing I wanted to do was make my Daddy angry, or be mad at me. So I kept all my sexual energy inside the house. Daddy was very understanding about me, and he understood that I was a very hyper sexual girl, and he didn't try to suppress it, or say I was doing anything wrong. He let me try anything I wanted, or do anything I wanted inside the house. I always loved that about my dad and he's still that way even today.
I remember every weekend when I was home with my dad just walking around being horny. I even used to walk around the house naked all the time because it was a nice sensation being naked. Again, my Daddy didn't care, and I didn't care. We both knew nothing was wrong with it, like most people would think. I remember one Saturday when I woke up before my dad, and I was naked in the living room and horny. I just felt like hopping on the back of the couch and straddling it, and bucked my hips back and forth, back and forth, getting this pleasure sensation on my vagina area. I kept this up for a long time until my dad came down. I heavily breathed good morning to him and kept humping. My dad just laughed, replied good morning back, and asked if I was having a good time. I told him that I just loved the feeling. He replied that he could tell! I just told my dad that I was just really horny that morning. While my dad went into the kitchen to get something to eat and get on his computer, I hopped off the couch and got on the living room floor to hump a pillow. My dad came out and said something like, 'wow Princess...I think your ready for what I have to show you. I was going to give it to you when you are older, but I think you need to release all your raging hormones with this thing.' I was super curious and really wanted to know what he was talking about!
He brought me to his room and brought out this weird looking machine out of the closest with a stick like thing sticking up. He told me that he was giving this machine to me to play with anytime I wanted and to do anything I wanted with it. Since I was already naked, he told me to squat down so the little stick rubs right against my vagina slit. He flipped on the switch, and it made this low humming noise. I got really really excited when it was turned on. My heart was beating fast. I then squatted down, so the vibrating stick was right between my vagina slit.
And the FEELING! Immediately I felt this huge jolt of pleasure shoot through my body. I remember just automatically closing my eyes and moving my whole body up and down, up and down, so the stick rubbed back and forth against the spot between my legs.
I told my dad that this was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt...and asking him what he was doing to my body! I remember him saying something like, 'Princess.. the vibrating stick is making you feel really amazing. It's just fun isn't it? Your mom just loved this thing.' (the Sybian machine was my dad's ex-wife's, and she just took off and left it with him).
Daddy also told me that I could put that stick inside me if I was horny enough, if it didn't hurt too much. He took out this slippery liquid and rubbed the vibrating stick up and down with it. He said it was to make it really slippery for me, to make it easier for me. I didn't really understand what he meant. Then he gave me the bottle of the stuff and told me to put a whole ton of it on my vagina and to rub it in like lotion. The stuff was really slippery, and I poured it all over my vagina, rubbing the stuff in really good. And just the rubbing of it into my vagina made me feel really good all over. Then Daddy told me I was ready to have lots of fun! He told me to stand right above it and to squat down lower and lower until the stick was right inside of me. He told me it was going to hurt when I did that for the first time. He told me just to take my time and play with it.
Dad told me that he had to go and work around the house, but just to play and have fun with it, trying new things out. He said he wanted me to discover what the explosion in my body will be all about. All that Saturday afternoon I just got off and on it, went to the bathroom several times, and went back into the room. I played with it for hours and hours. My dad even came in a couple times to check on me and asked how I was doing. The second time he came in, I was humping and bucking on it wildly, moaning and making noise...and he said, 'well I can certainly see that your having a good time!' And I did have my first orgasm that day.. several orgasms! I felt the amazing explosion my dad told me about...and it was the most amazing thing my body has ever felt.
My dad gave me the machine and put it in my room as my toy. I played and played with it constantly until my body was exhausted. My dad would always be downstairs reading or working on the computer while I was upstairs humping and bucking on it. I made loud noise throughout the whole house every time, but nobody heard it except for my dad. After hours of playing with it, I would always hop straight into bed and just take a long happy nap. My dad would always come upstairs when I was done and tuck me into bed, kiss my forehead, and said he was very happy that I was having fun and feeling good, and that he enjoyed listening to me all afternoon. Then before he left he told me that he loved me. I just love the Sybian, and I love my Daddy for giving it to me!



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