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Masturbation Addict Again

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This is the second part of my story on the fun things I have found myself doing.


Hello again, last time I told you about how much fun I had walking about in the town in a coat and on the downs nude, and how I found my self masturbating more than ever. I had got as far as telling you about walking nude on the downs and masturbating five or six times while doing it, since then I have found new ways to pleasure myself and new places to do it. I have walked through town a few times in just a coat and nothing on under it and it has always been fun. I find I have the most amazing orgasms from doing that and the idea of standing next to someone with nothing on under my coat always makes me very wet.

I have gone further than that now. I have walked into shops and shopping malls and let my coat fall open a few times when I'm standing behind someone, the feeling is like an electric shock to me. I love it. I also go out in a dress with no underwear on, so my breasts are easy to see. If I sit just right I give a glimpse up my dress to people as well. But the thing that realy turns me on is being naked outside. I still go to the downs and walk nude for as far as I dare, sometimes I leave my coat in the car in the car park and walk a little way down the road, it is a mind blowing experience.

Last week I was walking the dog path at about 11:00pm, my coat was on the park bench and I was about two hundred yards from it. I had been sitting on a small grassy hill with my legs apart playing with my clit, and had a lovely long cum. I was thinking about walking to the top of the path and having another cum there when I heard a sound, it was foot fall on gravel. I was scared silly. I looked down the hill to the road but no cars had driven up so I got up and ran to my coat, I was about half way there when a man with a back pack walked over the hill and passed right where I had been sitting, he saw me and stopped walking. I guess the sight of a naked lady running over the grass was not what he expected to see. I grabbed my coat and ran for my car, he didn't follow me and I got to my car and jumped in and locked the door. I didn't put the coat on I just drove away. I got about half a mile and stopped the car and got out to put my coat on, then I drove home with my heart beating like a drum. It was the first time I had been caught but apart from scaring me silly it made me so horny. When I got home I had a long series of cums one after the other. I spent the next four hours or so making myself cum thinking of what the man had seen and what he must have thought.

I decided that I would still go to the down's but I would be more careful, but I needed a new place where I would be safe and still be able to enjoy myself. A few days later I was talking to a man in a chat room and he told me about the naturist beaches on the south coast. I had not thought of that. A place where you could be nude and no one would care. I checked a few web sites and found two beaches that were not too far from me. I drove down one Saturday to check them out and see if they were nudist beaches. There was a sign that said the clothing optional beach was past the red markers. I took my dog with me and walked a bit further along to have a look. It was a nice quiet place with loads of sand dunes with a wood at the back of pine trees. It looked okay and far in the distance I could see some people walking about and playing in the sea. I decided that I would come down here in the week when it was sunny and see what it was like. I planned what I would take, like my one piece costume and a beach blanket and some drink, and that was about all. I loaded the car and set off. It was a nice feeling and I had been wet all morning and had two cums already.

When I got there, there were two cars in the car park so I parked and locked the car. I picked my stuff up and set out along the beach. About half a mile down there were some small dunes that shaded me from the wind, so I put my blanket down and set up there. Before I took off my clothes I walked to the top of the dune to see what was about. A bit further down there was a man naked lying on a towel and further down was a couple and a single lady near them. I went back down and slowly took off my clothes, it felt lovely to lay on the beach naked. My nipples were very very hard and my freshly shaved pussy was wet but my clit was very hard and sticking out from between my lips like a small flag. It was not too cold and there was no wind so I lay there for about 20 minutes then decided to go for a short walk. There was a path behind the dunes that led to the wood so I walked along there and headed for the trees. No one was about so I started to relax. When I got to the tree line there was a fence made of round logs, so I went to it and sat down. It was lovely sitting there nude with the trees and the sand and sky, so I decided as it was safe I would make myself cum.

I opened my legs and moved my bum on the logs so I was comfortable and started to rub my clit. It took about four minutes to make myself cum and it was lovely. I then walked into the woods along the path and had a look about. I had very puffy lips and there was cum running down my legs. I walked in a bit further and started to play with my nipples, then rubbed my clit more. I leant against a tree and had another lovely cum. After I had calmed down I went back to my towel and as I walked over the dune I saw that a man was setting his towel out a bit further down from mine. I had no choice but to go past him to my towel, so I walked down the sand and walked right past him. He must have seen all I had as I passed, my nipples were like rocks and my pussy lips were full and red and my clit was sticking out. He smiled as I passed but said nothing, so I went to my towel and laid down. As I looked back the man stood up and removed his clothes. I watched him for a few minutes and he had a nice body. I laid on my towel and watched the clouds go by then I looked up and saw that the man had his cock in his hand and was stroking himself. This turned me on a lot so I decided to join him. I opened my legs and started to rub my lips and clit. He turned slightly to watch me and the look on his face was amazing. I opened my legs further and pushed a few fingers into me. By now I was so wet I was squelching as I played. He turned his body so he was facing me and I could see him masturbating all the way. It was lovely. We lay there facing each other playing. I had my legs as far apart as I could get them and I think I came five times at least. I was so wet my towel had a very big wet patch. I watched him cum and saw his cum shoot out onto his chest and the sand, then he watched me. It was so amazing doing that and watching another person do it. I stayed there for a few hours and we never moved. I masturbated all the time changing position as well. I got on all fours with my bum facing the man and played with myself giving him a great view. It was a lovely time,

After I was done I put my dress on and packed up. I was about done when the man walked up to me and said thanks that was the best time he had had. He had cum all over his chest and his cock was very red. I smiled and said me too, then left. I have been back there a few times now, and I have found a place where men go to masturbate. There are usually a few there and last week another lady. In all there were about eight people in the dunes, watching eatch other masturbate, and I put on a really great show.

I have found what I like to do now and I have had more fun than ever. I love to be nude and I love to masturbate. On average I cum at least five times a day, and sometimes many more. I still go to the downs nude, and I still go to town, but I really love to lay on the dunes with my legs apart, with people watching me. I hope others find the same pleasure as I do, and have a great time.



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