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Me and Sis Under the Blankets

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My older sister and I (3 years older) enjoyed a game every Saturday morning called 'under the blanket'. As we watched cartoons in the living room, we would sit together in a big, overstuffed chair with a blanket covering us up. My mom was always still asleep as we got up at the crack of dawn like kids do.

My sister would always initiate the game by disappearing under the blanket and removing my pyjama bottoms. She would then proceed to play with my small and limp dick while I continued watching cartoons. I can remember not getting much out of this sexually and thinking it was a normal, brother/sister Saturday morning activity.

After about 10 minutes she would emerge and I would descend to play and finger her hairless pussy. She would squirm and sometimes hold my hand but never made any noise.

We continued this activity for around two years, up to the age of 14 and then stopped. I cannot remember the reason we stopped now. We just did one day.

Now, I was a very late bloomer and didn't start masturbating until I was 14 years old. I was having incredibly forceful dry orgasms until I began ejaculating clear liquid.

My sister was by this time all grown up. She was pretty but in a plain jane wallflower sort of way. I don't think she ever had a boyfriend during school that I knew of. She had short brown hair, very tomboyish-looking. She was a little chubby with thick legs, an extremely ample ass framed by wide hips. Her tits were mysterious to me though as she always wore loose sweaters and shirts around our small apartment.

I was a scrawny teenager with chronic shyness syndrome and very little courage. I didn't have a girlfriend until I reached college. At that time my cock was around five inches.

We were close but did not talk about personal stuff. Our mom was a single mother who worked very hard as a waitress in a town kinda far away. She sometimes would stay with her boyfriend who lived close to her job when she worked late. My sister was in charge.

Saturday morning came around and I was watching cartoons when my sister sat down next to me on the couch quietly. She was wearing an overlarge t-shirt and stretchy black pants. She didn't say anything to me but curled up with her feet facing me on the couch. That was the signal for our foot pushing game to commence. Basically, we would lie on the couch at opposite ends and place our feet against each others in the air. Then we would push and wrestle each other for fun.

I dutifully put my feet up in the air and she raised her bare feet in challenge. We had not played this game in months.

As we battled, I caught glimpses of her crotch from time to time. Her tight pants were outlining her full pussy lips through the material, and I could just make out a darker patch in the middle and was getting me kinda excited. I could feel my cock starting to rise as we struggled, laughing all the time.

Then it happened. One of her feet slipped off mine and flew down straight into my groin heavily. My cock was hard and deflected the blow somewhat but it still hurt as I recall now. I immediately doubled over in pain and gasped while clutching myself.

My sister exclaimed 'I'm SO sorry!' and leaned over me with a look of horror on her face.

I reassured her that I was ok but she didn't believe me and started pulling my hands away to see if I was ok. I fought her then as I was very embarrassed and resented her trying to mother hen me.

She looked me in the eye and said very seriously 'Let me see! I want to make sure you're all right'

She slapped my hands away and briskly pulled my gym sweats down revealing my very red and swollen penis. I shifted my leg to block her view but she spread my thighs with her elbows while her hands grabbed my cock. I can still see the look of intense concentration on her face as she studied it, moving it around in her hands. Her face was flushed and sweaty.

My balls were throbbing still from the pain while my cock stiffened under her touch. I wriggled as she leaned closer and blew her breath onto me. Intense pleasure mixed with pain flooded my senses as she started to gently jack me off, sending spasms of shivering in my body. Her left hand was massaging my stomach and then crept south to cup my balls firmly. I groaned and stared at her pussy.

After around 10 minutes of this she stopped and asked me if I was going to cum. I didn't know for sure but didn't want her to stop so I said 'lemme help'.

I grasped my cock firmly and proceeded to jerk off with my sisters head only inches away. I needed to come desperately so I put my hand on my sisters hand and placed it on my nutsack. She was staring at my cock when I felt my cum rushing upwards. I closed my eyes then so I didn't actually see my sisters response to my orgasm but when I opened my eyes she was wiping semen off of her nose and was kinda scowling. I noticed that the sperm was much thicker than before.

She smiled at me and got up. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

We did not talk about this for months but this was certainly not the end of our sexual explorations.



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