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Me and a 'Friend'

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Talk about surprizes...


I was 13. So was "Ken." I really didn't know him at all. I remember playing at his house a block form mine, and we were in his backyard in his tent. I recall him getting naked and told me to also. Well, it was summer, and hot. All I was wearing was a tee and shorts. The tent was a 2-person type, but big enough for kids our age. I stripped, being a hot-blooded kid and knowing I liked to be naked, and we started to touch our dicks. I don't remember getting hard nor him, but I do remember his brother sticking his head inside the tent asking why we were naked, and to come up to the house.

So as his brother started to back out of the tent, he grabbed our clothes and ran inside the house, leaving us naked, shivering with fright! We decided to run to the house like he did. When I reached the house, I turned around so see where Ken was, and he was just walking slowly from the tent to the backdoor. I said, "HURRY UP, DO YOU WANT PEOPLE TO SEE YOU?" But he just slowly walked to me and we went in. We stood there in the kitchen with our little cocks sticking out, naked as can be, when his brother called to us from upstairs. "Come on up!" So we went up in his room and sat on the floor where Ken's brother was sitting. He looked at me, then took Ken's hand and then mine and told us to stand close together. I remember my cock touching Ken's. It was great!

Kens brother, "Kyle" was about 14 and "kool." Ken put his hand on his cock and started to rub himself and told me to do it to myself too, so I did. Kyle went to the john and left us there for a long time it seemed. Really, it was like 5 minutes. I remember starting to feel something really strange inside me. Burning and cooling at the same time and I didn't want to stop. Then Kyle came back in his briefs. He said he was going to shower. He went into the shower room and we watched as he stripped and showered. He was really cute and "built" and had a huge cock. We watched from the bedroom through the open door, and all we saw was his butt.

All of a sudden, Kyle turned around, with this big hard thing sticking straight out, and jacking off. I was so amazed to see a "grownup" doing this. We backed up so he could do it alone, and we sat down on the floor and waited for Kyle to end his shower.

I don't know why we didn't watch him finish. Later on I remember being dressed and going home.

It was two summers later when I saw Ken walking by my house and I went over to say Hi. He remembered me and asked how I was. I said I'm 10 now and recalled what had happened 2 years before. Ken said he did, and wasn't it fun?!

I said I didn't recall anything much happening. But Ken said come over soon to re-explore ourselves, and I said I would.

It was July, and mom said to go play one bright hot day. So I thought, why not go to Kens. I ran as fast as I could, got up to the door, knocked and who answered the door, Kyle, just wearing a towel.

WOW, I thought, this is my kind of house. (Please adopt me???) As I went in, Ken came in and Kyle left to go somewhere. I asked Ken if he wanted to play, and we did. All day we played. About 4 pm I said I had to go home for dinner. But before I went, Ken asked if we could play one last game. We went to his room and Ken starting to strip. My heart pounded, my cock throbbed, and I started to get that feeling that I get when jack off and Ken saw I was ready. Wow, My first real encounter with my friend, and what a friend! When he turned and faced me naked, I was shocked! I never saw a bigger cock. Even my brother's cock wasn't that big! To me, it was 12" long! In all reality, maybe 6-7 inches, but for a boy of 10? We had a great time feeling each other and playing with ourselves. It was the first time that someone else touched me and jacked me off. I did the same to Ken.

I had to go, it was late, and dad was home I thought, so I asked Ken to come over the next day. He said sure... and I knew my mom was to go out that next day. I couldn't wait till tomorrow.

I got up early that next day, and waited for hours, really it was more like a few minutes when the doorbell rang. Ken was here! ...So was my mom. She said I could have Ken in if we promised to be "good." I said of course we will. She left a few minutes later saying she had a lot of errands to do with my aunt. No problem! We had food and drinks and I had Ken, all to myself!

A few minutes later, we were all alone. Ken said let's go play a new game he had learned from his brother.

We went downstairs and Ken led me over to dad's workbench and told me to lie down on it. He tied me down, hands and feet, then pulled my shorts down to my ankles, and told me to close my eyes. Well, I would do anything for him! Then I closed my eyes. He put his hand around my cock and started to jack me. He let me slip into oblivion! I could feel my whole inside starting to explode with willingness to please him. But he was there to please me! Being tied down was so different and made me know that Ken was in charge, which I loved. That day turned me around about pleasing Ken and myself.

We grew up fast, seeing each other a lot. When we were 16, I saw Ken at a friend's house. I said to Ken, how about it? He said sure, but we would have to do it right here, right now, in front of these two other guys. But that's another story... By the way, I discovered this wonderful site just the other day... All I can say is that it's GREAT!!!



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