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Teenage Masturbation and Later

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I suppose all males love to see cum shoot off. Quite a few females do too!


Teenage masturbation fun and later

My best friend and I had masturbated together several times before he moved away.

A few months later he called and said he had built a camp site in the woods where he now lived and asked if I wanted to visit and camp out. I said sure and I would be there the next week-end.

When I arrived we walked down the hill to his new camp site next to a lovely stream. He had his tent pitched next to a fire pit he built to cook out. We hiked for a bit until it was dinner time. We then went to the house to shower and to get the food and then back to the tent.

After dinner we cleaned up and by then it was almost dark to we headed for the tent and turned on the lantern. It was a warm time of year so we stripped to our shorts and lied on top of our sleeping bags.

We were probably 13 and as most teenage boys we had spontaneous erections several times a day. Pretty soon he said he was beginning to get a hardon and asked if I was too. When I said yes he asked if I wanted to beat off. (At our age neither of us had heard the word masturbate. It was usually beating your meat.) We both took our handkerchiefs out to cover our stomachs to catch our cum. We were lying side by side watching each other as we began to beat off. We started talking about how it good it felt and how many times a day we usually did it.

In a few minutes he asked if I was close to shooting off and I said, 'Just about'. He then asked if I liked watching it. I said, 'Always'. Then he asked if I wanted to watch him?

I said, 'Yes, just let me know when you are ready and I'll do the same'.

In a few minutes he said, 'Watch my dick, I'm gonna cum. Hold yours straight up and let's see how high we can make it shoot off'. As soon as I saw his start shooting off I came too. Our cum shot off about a foot high and back down covering our handkerchiefs and hands. We cleaned up, talked a while and finally went to sleep.

The next morning as usual we both had early morning hardons and needed to get up to take a P. We got out of the tent and walked to the stream and had to wait a minute or two to get soft enough. He said, 'Wanna see how far we can make it go'. I said I had never thought about that when he said, 'Watch this'. I watched as he squeezed his dick off and on making it pulsate and it squirted about four feet. I did the same thing and was amazed how far we could make it squirt. He said, 'I'd love to see cum shoot off that far wouldn't you?'

By then we were both hard again and he said, 'We can shoot a foot high on our backs, let's beat off and see how far we can make it shoot standing up'.

I said, 'Why not'? Beating off together and watching each other had us ready in no time and I told him, 'Watch; my cum is ready to shoot'. When I said that he said his was too and started beating faster and shot off about the same time as I did. This time, standing up we watched our cum shoot off five or six times for two to three feet and we watched it float down stream.

This was the last time we were together and only once again did I masturbate with another male but I still reminisce about watching someone else masturbate until they cum. I suppose all males love to see cum shoot off. In later years I have found quite a few females do too. There's nothing much better than a good hand job, especially watching my wife do it for me. She loves beating me off and seeing me cum and does some special things with it after as well.



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