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Masturbation Queen for Rent

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Girls read this and get your man to jack off for you.


Carol led me into a second bedroom she called the wet room. It has linoleum floors with washable rugs and a waterproof mattress. It's a cozy place and can be scrubbed down after a good sloppy session. It's where we've been doing it lately.

The heater had been on for hours and it was hot in there. There was a single lit candle in the corner, barely enough light to see, but great for what she had planned. She pushed me onto the bed and undressed me. Then she took off her robe. All she was wearing was a pair of soft cotton panties. The crotch was already moist.

"Close your eyes and tell me about the girl you're gonna fuck for me." she said. This was how she started me off. She wanted to watch me jack off, but I was too self-conscious, so she helped me with a delicious game.

"She's got dark skin," I said. "and long black hair."

"Is she Indian?"

"No, not Indian. Asian, maybe Thai. Very exotic."

"Tell me about her tits. I want to hear about her tits," she said. She took my hands and brought them to her nipples. They were already erect. I ran my hands over her tits, imagining that they were dark, with chocolate brown nipples. I described them.

"And her pussy, what about her pussy?" She guided my hand to her pussy. I could feel the heat from it coming through the soft hair and cotton panties.

"Her pussy is hot. I want her to fuck herself for me."

Carol slipped her hand under her panties and started to rub herself. "Her pussy is wet. Really wet," she whispered.

I held my hand over Carol's as she rubbed herself harder. Then she stuck my hand down her panties and I could tell she was wet. That made my cock get stiff.

"Her pussy is starting to drip. She wants to feel you inside her." Then Carol put her hand in a bowl of hot oil, let it get warm, and then wrapped it around my cock. I involuntarily arched my back and pushed my cock through her had until it slammed into the base of my shaft. I gasped for air. It was a slimy hot rush. "Her cunt juice is running down your balls, can you feel it?"

"Yeah, I can. It feels good. I want her to rub her juice into the crack of my ass."

Carol took a scoop of oil with her other hand and splashed it onto my ass, then fingered my anus gently. "It's time to fuck her, she can't wait any longer."

I took her hand in mine and held it still. Then I pulled my cock away, so her fingers were covering the head. After a little pause I jabbed upward, sliding through her hand until I was in all the way. That's when I got deeper into the fantasy and left Carol behind, which is what she wanted. I fucked my Thai lover as she lay on top of me. Forcing my cock in and out of her and listening to the slurping of her wet pussy. I felt the finger in my asshole, wiggling like a vibrator and it drove me to fuck faster. I was into a good rhythm now, imagining her tits bouncing above me. I reached up and felt them, smeared with oil. For me they were dark and full.

"She wants you to suck her tits," she whispered. The nipple was brought to my mouth and I sucked. The oil tasted like cinnamon and when I sucked hard, she whimpered. "She's getting juicier. She's pink inside and she gushing with juice. Carol poured another scoop of oil onto my cock and grabbed me again. This time I moved her hand away and put it on the inside of my thigh. "She wants you to squirt your load in her. She's begging for it."

"I want to hear her," I said. I was starting to stroke myself faster now.

"Give me your cum, motherfucker!" she said. "In my cunt. Hard, really hard!"

That's when I picked up the pace and started wanking at top speed. The spice oil got hot and made my balls tingle. Carol moved around so her face was just inches away from my cock. I could feel her breath on me. "Shoot it baby", she said in a harsh whisper.

I could feel her finger wiggling in my anus like a motor. It was getting me to the top. Then I shot my load onto her lips and chin. "That was good I said. Now who are you going to fuck?"

She lay next to me; her fingers were already inside of her pussy. "A big handsome black man and a little pale white boy with his stiff little dick, in my ass."

I knew what she meant. I got plenty of oil in my hand and slipped my middle finger into her ass up to the second joint. She already had three fingers of one hand forced into her cunt and she was stimulating her clit with the other middle finger. She was not just teasing herself; she was going for the orgasm right away. "More oil!" she demanded and I took the bowl and poured it all onto her cunt. It ran down her pussy and between the cheeks of her ass.

She started humping up and down and wiggling her three fingers around. Her other finger rubbed her clit like mad. Then her legs slammed shut and she went into a wild fucking frenzy. In just a minute, she screamed and it was over.

My cock was hard again from all that action. I tried to pull her hands away so I could penetrate her, but she wasn't ready yet. I stroked my dick to keep it hard. Then I put her on her hands and knees and forced my self into her from behind. No gentle foreplay, just good hard fucking. I kept at it for a long time. Me banging her from behind and her fingering herself from the front. Then I felt the tingling start and I reached up to her head and grabbed a handful of hair. I went into overdrive, slamming her hard from behind. In a few more minutes I was ramming in short fast strokes. I could feel the head of my cock against her two fingers. It was making her pussy tighter. Then I blew my second load. It was sweet and deep. I pushed her down flat and forced her legs together so her pussy got tighter. It helped me to get a few more contractions before I collapsed on her. I lay like that for a long time, then I pulled out and she turned over and wrapped her arms and legs around me.

"Stay over tonight, " she said. I'll suck you off in the morning.

"I can't, I've got to be at home by midnight."

Then I got up, put on my clothes and left $100.00 on the nightstand.

"Next Tuesday?" she asked

"I'll be here," I replied and left the room.



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