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Masturbate For mMe

Posted by: Age: 56 Posted on: 4 comments
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One of my favorite pastimes


When I came of age I had no preconceived notions of what sex or masturbation was. Women's shape just started to get attractive to me. Masturbation was not mentioned at all in my family life, I had never heard of the word or any of the slang terms associated with it.

When I started to masturbate it felt natural, it felt great and it felt right. I did not know that what I was doing was called self abuse and was looked down upon and made fun of for century's. What I was doing felt fantastic! So I made a decision after I learned what masturbation was and that decision was to continue to masturbate because there is not one thing wrong with masturbating as I could tell.
I like to be naked in private with my wife as much as I can. I know my wife likes it because I see her stealing glances of my penis when I walk naked in front of her. I also have a nice ass and I've caught my wife looking at that thing quite often, too! Makes taking care of myself worth it!
We have a shower adjacent to our bedroom so I get undressed in the bedroom. After my clothes are all off and I am ready for the shower I like to stay naked and talk to her in the nude for a while until I feel I've shown her everything I got. And I know she likes it when I tease her because has me turn and she slaps my ass. Then I'm off to the shower.

The best thing I did for my sex life was to be totally honest with my wife and tell her that I masturbate regularly. I did not make up a story about how I stopped masturbating after we married or whatever lies husbands tell their wives about their masturbation habit. She told me she suspected that I masturbate but did not know for sure if I did before I told her.

I like to masturbate for my wife and she likes to watch me do it. This turns me on tremendously. Either one of us will shut our bedroom door, depending who wants it more. I get into bed bottomless and start to play with myself. The TV is on but no one is listening. I tell her how I am thinking about the last Blow job she gave me as I start stroking my erection. How her lips felt so good wrapped around my erection as she moved her mouth up and down.
By this time she has moved over closer to me and she has her head resting on my chest and is looking down my body at my stiff erection. She reaches down cups my balls and starts to massage them as she tells me how great I look stroking my big dick as she calls it. She then slides down my chest and starts to give me oral of which I absolutely love!

When she's done with oral and before we have penetrative sex, I like to get out of bed and masturbate standing up for her like I used to in private when I used to masturbate in front of a mirror.



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