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Masturbation fantasy (F)

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It had been five days since she had masturbated. She hadn't been sleeping well, and she knew she wasn't going to make it through this night without bringing herself off at least once. All day at the office she had been thinking about it, knowing that once she was in bed she could fantasize, knowing that the bitter sweet touch, the too-sensitive part progressing to uncontrollable ecstasy, would bring relief, a release and dreamless sleep, at least for a while.

She drove home carefully, teasing a breast occasionally, through her clothes -- she liked to call them "tits" when she was thinking sexually. While on the throughway she risked a few short teasings of her clit, but not too much -- save it for later, and let's not get in an auto accident. She could feel her clit through her slacks, already erect and aching for touch. She thought that if she were standing with her pelvis thrust forward, people could see her erect clit. It was an exciting thought. Maybe she would try that next weekend, at the mall. Masturbate a little in the rest room, maybe take off her bra, then wander the mall a little, aware that she was being watched. Her clit would be right out there, should be easy to see the small bulge even through her slacks. She could press her pelvis forward, just a little - people watching her masturbate in public but wouldn't be able to do anything about it because they couldn't be absolutely sure.

She shed her coat and outer clothing as she walked into the apartment, then stripped off her bra and panties while looking at herself in the mirror. It wasn't a bad body for a woman in her late thirties, some would say a little too thin, the breasts -- tits -- small but with pleasingly long nipples which right now were almost as sensitive as her clit.

No supper tonight. It was already late and she was tired, frustrated, and anxious for the fantasy to begin. She wanted to touch herself between her legs while looking at her mirrored reflection, but even more she wanted that first delicious release to happen while she was in bed.

Finally -- beneath the sheets, lights out, eyes closed, on her back -- she imagined the scene. She was alone in a strange room, lying naled on a firm bench, trying hard not to touch herself, writhing a little to get some stimulation to her clit, thrusting her chest out to push the nipples forward....eagerly waiting for the men to come in. It was hard to wait -- she thought about the pun implied by "hard to wait" and touched her nipples, circling them, then sliding thumbs and forefingers up and down their half inch lengths. So sensitive -- she could almost cum just from this alone -- nipples must be getting longer, stiff and asking for more -- she flicked the left one with her forefinger, wished there were a way to suck on it -- pulled at the right one, tugging fairly hard to damp down the sensitivity a little. She should try nipple masturbation again soon but not tonight. Her clit was almost aching and she knew she would have to start down there soon.

The fantasy men materialized from the darkness, four of them as usual, amazingly fit men in their 30s or 40s, muscles tense, watching her, wanting to see her masturbate. At last she allowed herself to stimulate her clit -- spreading the lips, showing the obvious erect clit, sliding index and middle fingers back and forth on each side of it, the clit showing through. She watched the men, fascinated, noting that they were already fully erect. At her direction they began to masturbate, hands sliding up and down beautiful erect cocks, erections pointing upward, straining as they watched her masturbate. She wanted to see them come, needed to see the jets of semen spurting - semen cumming, cumming on her body. Watching her masturbate, the men couldn't help masturbating - jerking off - themselves. They would not be able to hold it back very long tonight.

She tried to delay her own orgasm, but it had been too long since the last time. Her natural lubricant soaked her, providing the perfect sweet slippery aid to self-love as she used thumb and two fingers to slide back and forth along to top and bottom of the clit. The clit seemed as if it would burst from sexual tension, each stroke begging for more stimulation, each stroke taking her excitement higher. She arched her back for a moment, knowing the display would further excite the men.

Now all four men were right next to her, straining, muscles tense, breathing hard, hands moving quickly up and down slippery erections, their pelvic areas thrust forward. She could see that they were excited to be masturbating in front of her, and in front of other men. She wondered if the excitement were only because they were watching her masturbate, or if they were also turned on by masturbating -- she thought "jerking off" which other men watched. The idea of men jerking off because they were watching her was always hugely exciting.

Now two fingers of her left hand inside her vagina, stimulating the ultra-sensitive G spot on the front while her right hand "did" her clit. Her breasts -- "tits" she thought again -- ached badly, wanted stimulation too, but she was too far gone to pay attention to them. Next time, maybe some nipple lassos, or some small weighted clamps on the nipples....a little pain was sometimes even more exciting.

The men were telling her what to do, how to stimulate herself..... "show us your clit"...."masturbate....masturbate yourself....jill off....make yourself cum....."

The men were getting very close to ejaculating, breathing very hard, penises straining, penile openings gaping. She knew they couldn't hold out much longer, and neither could she -- wanted to hold off, but it was too late to back off -- a good "cum" right on the surface now, couldn't stop it, wanted them to watch as she masturbated, as she made herself cum again and again -- as she forced each of the men to cum -- show them the clit again, thighs wide open, right hand almost a blur of motion --

"On me!! On my chest - on my tits - yes my tits - On me -- On me... On me... On me!!" She must have cried it out loud as the men in her fantasy moved a step closer....."Oh god -- on my chest -- on my tits, my tummy..." And she could see the pearl white spurts of semen as they burst forth, landing on her body -- two spurts, three, four, five, dozens of them covering her---what a grateful release, semen all over her -- everything, all at once, from four men, everywhere on her body, glistening --

Total body spasms as the blessed release finally came -- and came -- and came, semen spurting onto her chest, abdomen, thighs -- next time she would ask for it in her hair, on her face, she'd keep it all on her as she dressed and walked outside, in public, with cum everywhere on her face and body -- uncontrollable spasms, a further release of her own body fluids --

And finally, a breathless calm, and sleep.




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