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My New Gym Experiences

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Starting a new gym membership here in Thailand. And sure enough, everyone there wanted sex.


Special exercises at my new gym - wow !!!

I haven't sent in my on-going sex experiences with the beautiful Thai boys for some time, because so many of them are repeats of the stories I have already told you. There is so much sex here, everywhere, everyone!
But this story has happened over the last four weeks, and has been an on-going development after trying out a new small gym off our little road. The gym is very small, being made out of knocking 3 little shops, side by side, into one room.

As it is new and way off the beaten track, there are very few members yet. I have not yet seen a foreigner there, only a few Thai men and boys.

So, I wont bother to describe myself as you can look at my pictures and read my more exciting sex exploits in SoloTouch.

The first time I went to see what it was like, there was a body-builder/manager and 2 Thai boys, in the late teens or early twenties. The manager showed me round, but could only speak very little pidgeon English but no problem. He introduced me to the 2 Thai boys both very beautiful, very slim and lovely smiles. Neither could speak English. They were both wearing very baggy long tee-shirts and long shapeless shorts. I was wearing a white vest and tiny red running shorts, with a white jockstrap on underneath, made from very soft and thin material. It held everything in, but you could see the whole outline of my jewels!

I had no idea what they were wearing underneath, as it was all shapeless. They were not together. But both of them could not take their eyes off me, my shorts and my lovely bulge. I did a few basic warm-up exercises and they went their way. Then I got a bench down, straddled it with legs either side and then used some small weights in each arm bringing them from the side up to my chest and back again. One of the boys came to watch me, smiling, and sat down on the other end of the bench. I continued some more, but I saw the boy looking up my shorts and seeing my jockstrap. I felt myself starting to get stiff, and I smiled at him. He smiled back and moved up the bench towards me. He reached out and put his hand on my knee and asked OK? I said OK! I started to move the weights back to the floor again and his hand slid up my leg and under my shorts and onto my jockstrap.
I looked round but the other boy and the manager were on other equipment at the other end of the room. The boy said OK? Again and I smiled and nodded. His hand was very light as it felt all over my jockstrap and felt my semi-stiff prick and 2 big balls. He mimed me to keep exercising so I lifted up the weights again. I saw him massage his own jewels through his shorts as he got hold of my erect hard-on and started to massage it slowly.

When he felt this, he said BIG, and slipped his hand under the side of the jock. He went wow when he felt my prick which was now very hard, and then wowed again when he felt my pre-cum running down the side. I could see a little mound in his shorts and he was massaging it very quickly. I was not sure who was going to cum first,  Thai boys cum very quickly!

He pushed his hand into my jock further and slowly pulled out my balls, so only the tip of my penis was still inside. He massaged the balls very gently, saying BIG again and laughing. I looked round but we were still OK from the others. But then he sat upright holding my balls and staring at me, and then he jerked his head and said CUM, CUM as he shot his load inside his underwear. After a minute he got hold of my penis again. Felt up to get some pre-cum on his hands, left the tip of the penis in the jock, but massaged the pre-cum from his hand only my balls and my penis.

That was too much for me, and I stared at him, opened my mouth and shot load after load into my jockstrap. He would not stop and I could not stop cumming. Spunk was oozing through the jock and the boy wiped it with his hand, licked his hand clean and said the Thai word for delicious. I was lying there panting, eyes closed, while he then put his hand up to the top of my jock and pulled out a load of spunk and licked it, laughing. I opened my eyes to see the other boy standing by his side, staring at my red shorts pulled to one side, my white jock, my balls and half of my penis and a load of spunk. When he saw all this he gave me the thumbs up, put his hand into the spunk, got some on his fingers and ate it all clean. Thumbs up again !!

They spoke to each other in Thai and then the second boy looked at me and indicated he would like to do the same !! I nodded NO, and he asked me in Thai when I would come again. The first boy stood up, and picked up my towel and his eyes asked me if he could use it. I nodded yes and he pushed it down his shorts and wiped himself clean. Then he took the towel and cleaned me up. I could smell his spunk, very different from mine. I told them I would come again in 2 days time. They smiled, thumbs up and left. The manager came up to me and asked me if I was OK I smiled and said I was very tired, but would come again soon.
I left the gym to find both boys outside, waiting for me. I said no drinks, I was going home, so the boy who had wanked me dry gave me a very wet kiss and then the other boy did the same. He also groped me gently, and said 2 days time - his turn.

So jump 2 days and my return visit to the gym, went in and there were about 5 boys and the manager but not the 2 boys from before. Never mind plenty of bodies. This time I wore my pale blue shorts and vest, and a red jock strap. The shorts were running shorts, very brief and left little to the imagination, deliberately.
I started my workout, saying hello, smiling and nodding to the other boys. Two of the boys could speak quite good English, so when I got onto the bench exercises, they both came over and we sat together chatting. One was in jeans but the other one had long shorts, no vest and a strong body. They were in their mid to late twenties.
I told them I must work and so lay down on the bench like before, but this time on my stomach, legs either side of the bench. The boys sat there as I grasped the weights and lifted them off the floor to shoulder height. This very tiring and I was soon tired and panting. Both boys were still sitting there, looking up my short shorts to the straps on my jock which fastened to my pouch. So I knew they could virtually see my arse. I just lay there, panting, when the first boy leaned over me laughing and whispered he was looking at my arse and wanted to fuck me !! I laughed and said not here, for a joke, and he said, no, outside behind the gym!!

He was serious but I said sorry I am a top and like to fuck and not be fucked. He looked sad, but licked his index finger and pushed it up my shorts, and into the top of my arse. He didnt force it in, but just rubbed me round the hole. I was instantly erect, but I was lying on it. But this boy had experience, licked his finger again and gently pushed it in a bit, slowly finger fucking me. His other hand moved round under me and found my erection. So he licked again, massaged my cock and finger fucked me getting in a lot further. The other boy said something to him, he turned round and then came back to me with a load of KY or something on his hands. He pushed his finger right in this time with the KY, and his other hand slid inside my shorts and he pulled it out underneath me with KY everywhere. The other boy then leant over and groped the first boy, pulling him out from the top of his long shorts. He pulled the shorts down a bit and I could see a lot of thick black hair and a short but thick cock. I could not see his balls. Remember I am shaved completely all over, but Thai boys don't do this although they love to see me with no hair and a big erection.

I gasped as I heard the manager shout up the room, but he was just saying he was going out for about an hour. This was the signal everyone seemed to be waiting for. The boy feeling me pulled me up into a kneeling position and pulled my shorts down to my knees. They all came to look at this pretty red jockstrap and I felt many fingers tweaking the elastic straps and the pouch. My penis was still very stiff, sticking right out of the side, and the boy pulled my balls out with it. I could see there was a lot of KY on the shaft and balls. He pushed my head down onto the bench. OMG he was going to fuck me but he was very good, put more KY on his fingers and pushed two into my arse and fucked me with them. Someone spoke to him and he took his hand off my erection and just balanced with it on my back, while another boy grasped my prick under my stomach with one hand and my balls with his other hand.

The second boy pulled the shorts down of the first boy and continued to wank him off. Somebody else undid the jeans on this second boy and pulled down his boxers. He was erect already and they started to wank him off while another boy undid his own trousers, got out his erection, long and thin, got some KY off the second boy and immediately started to fuck him, moving very fast.

I could not believe I was in the middle of an orgy!!

I could feel myself starting to boil, my penis was so hard and my balls were very tight. But the boy finger fucking me suddenly shouted and then I felt hot spunk shooting up my back on my vest. This was the end for me and I was shooting my cum all over the bench, over the other boys hand and onto the floor. Another shout and the fourth boy fucking the second boy was shooting his load inside the second boy, no condom wow!
So, in a matter of a minute, three of us had shot our loads. The smell of fresh spunk was very strong, and I wasn't sure what had landed on me apart from up my back. Everyone was laughing out loud, and the boy who had wanked me off, then undid his jeans, took out his erection and wanked it very hard. He was soon ready to cum and my finger fucking boy turned his head opened his mouth and the boy wanking pushed his prick into his mouth and shot his load inside the boys mouth until it was pouring down the side of his mouth.

We heard people coming into the gym; I looked up and saw the 2 boys from last time coming in. They stopped, looked around and came straight over to us. They could see spunk everywhere and all up my back. They all started talking and laughing and they all moved away onto other equipment. The first 2 boys said good, good and kissed me like the first night. I sat up, pushed my limp dick and balls back inside my red jock, and took off my wet vest. The first boy grabbed my towel and wiped the spunk off my vest while the second boy kissed me again and fondled my jock gently. This was the first time he had felt it, and I fondled his at the same time very small but erect.
The 2 boys then sat down either side of me holding me as I started to feel both of them. They were both small but strong and both had very small balls. The first boy started to kiss me again and I felt myself stirring again as the second boy continued to massage me. He felt me getting stronger and pushed his hand down the top of my jock, felt pre-cum and used it to get his hand down inside my jock from the top.

I continued to wank them both off at the same time, and very quickly, the second boy, who was still wanking me, shot his load and I felt all his hot sticky sperm on my hands. He seemed to shoot an enormous load even though he had such small balls. He just came and came and came, inside his boxers and jeans. I was now very strong again because of this and could feel myself reaching another climax. But the first boy beat me to it. He shot his cum into my hand down his shorts, but not so much as the other boy. He kissed me again and then used my towel to clean himself up. The second boy could feel me ready to boil over and kissed me, pushing his tongue right down my throat. That was it. He tongued me over and over again as I came again, not so much as him. He caught a lot of it and licked it all off.

We then heard the manager coming back. He shouted hello and then walked up to us. He looked around, smiling, sniffed the spunk-laden air, looked at sperm still on the floor and bench and asked me if everything was OK. I smiled and said sure, thanks. I pulled everything up, tucked everything in and went out to a chorus of bye byes from everyone, I was shattered, and my arse was sore, but I knew I had found a lovely new gym.
I will tell you the next 2 visits soon. Even more exciting and shattering.



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