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Massages in Asia

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I have been in Asia for a few years now. Massages are a lot more common than they are in the western world, and especially Europe as it is where I come from.

After a few months following my arrival in Asia with my friends, we tried some massage places as it is really cheap. We went for back massages, the feet massages, the body massages, thai massages, Vietnamese massages ..., all very simple, nearly always fully dressed.

It was quite a surprise as I thought body massages were performed with oil or anything that makes the rubbing more efficient and hence helps warm up the muscles.

One day, talking with another friend of mine, in a city I had just moved in, he was telling me I had been missing the all point of massages for the whole time.

So my friend took me to one of these places, just similar to the one I was going but they had additional services. He convinced me to go for an 'upper body massage' (or so would be an average translation).

So we went in the change room, I was getting really excited. We wrapped ourselves with a fresh towel around our waist and were taken to our separate rooms. A young man came in, with a cup of hot tea, and told me to relax while waiting for the massage girl. So I sipped my tea quietly, inspecting the room. It had a bathroom with a massage bed in it, then the bedroom, with a normal bed, and a little sofa on which I was sitting, zapping the different tv channels available from on tv in front of me. But I couldn't help wondering about what would happen exactly.

A young and beautiful Asian girl came in, wearing a short skirt and a sport polo shirt on top. She said hi, and I answered, nervously ...

She asked me to go in the bathroom, face down on the massage table, and to remove the towel. So I did. She came in, turned on the water, soaped up my whole back and legs and washed me all over. Then she asked me to turn around and so I did. I didn't have a hard on yet but I was getting really curious and of course, horny.

She washed my belly, thighs, and then she grabbed my cock and poured soap on it, washing, moving up and down and it got me hard ... She rinsed me and got a towel, asked me to stand up and she dried my body from top to bottom. Then she asked me to go and lie on the bed.'Wow' I remember thinking, that was quite a massage warm up.

I was lying on the bed, recovering from the surprise. She said she was going to start the massage and asked me if I'd rather have it with talc (???) or oil. I asked for oil, as talc sounded kind of strange.

Then, she took her top off, and took off her bra too. Now I understood the 'upper body' massage, that was her upper body we were talking about. She finally took her skirt off, leaving her wearing white panties only.

Even though I had calmed down, I felt a hard on building up strongly.

She took some oil, started to rub my back, and for 20 min, she did a tremendous massage job. She went over my back, my neck, then went down my feet, moving up to my thighs and that was fabulous.

I felt all relaxed and the hard on had disappeared as I couldn't see her. I could just feel her hair on my skin sometimes, and could also smell her perfume.

At one point, she lifted up my legs, and sat behind me. Behind but also under me, as my thighs were resting on her laps. I thought I was on for some Thai stretch but that's not what happened. She started to pour oil on my ass, and massage it with her hands, fingers and nail tips. So slowly. It was the first time I experienced that feeling. Then she proceeded down my ass crack, and back on my butt cheeks. Her hands were then moving on the side of my balls and dick, moving to my belly which wasn't any more all in contact with the mattress. She avoided my genitals for a short while, teasing me. I started to moan and when she saw I was begging for her hands, she moved them to my balls, playing with them, and also stroking my dick gently, just a few times. It was all oiled up and it was just blowing my mind and I still couldn't look at her.

After 5mn of playing and teasing, she asked me to turn around. She had gotten up too.

She then poured some more oil on my chest and she poured some on her chest as well. She was stunning. She was giving me amazing smiles, giggling and talking to me so smoothly. She then bended over me and massaged my chest with her breasts.

I didn't try to kiss her, I didn't even try to touch her at that point. I was too amazed. She was going in circular motions, from my chest to my knees, avoiding my cock at first, but not on her way back up.

She grabbed my cock in her hand, and started rubbing it against her breasts, while pumping on it. I was in heaven.

With my hands I reached her back, and started touching her, telling her how beautiful I thought she was. I moved down to her ass and heard no objection. She was now on my right, giving me a great view on her ass. While I was looking at her legs and ass cheeks, she was still jerking me, slowly, as I asked her to make it slow, so I could last longer. I wanted this to last for as long as possible. And It was going to be hard. She was playing with her nails, exploring all areas over my throbbing cock, going down to my balls, teasing my ass, then squeezing my dick between her tits.

I then slipped my hand under her panties, rubbing her ass and still no objection from her. I decided to go further and I was now playing with her pussy lips and she started to moan too. Maybe she was faking, but at that stage, it really didn't matter. I played with her clit and then inserted a couple of fingers in her pussy, which was wet. Her muscles where contracting around my fingers as I moved in and out of her, slowly. By that time, I was ready to give up and as she was jerking me, having the top of my cock banging against one of her tit, I exploded in a huge orgasm. I shot cum all over her breasts, in 5 or 6 shots. That was one of my most powerful orgasm ever.

She looked at me and smiled. I thanked her as she was reaching for some tissues to clean the whole mess.

When she finished to clean me, she went for massaging my arms, hands, and legs and stomach. During that time, we engaged in a small chat, as much as my ability to speak the language allowed me to. She was still topless and in her panties.

When the massage was over, she had me lie again on the massage table in the shower and she would clean off the oil and bits of cum left from earlier.

After it was done, she told me she would leave and let me go back to the change room, where I found my friend who just came back too. I told my friend how amazing it has been and I thanked him for making me discover such a nice place.

I got back home and felt asleep really quick as I was spent from the experience.

I went back a few times but never was able to get the same girl again. Maybe she had left.



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