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Mall Madness - Sex Sells

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This happened yesterday and still has me so horny.


I had a few hours before going to work and rather than sit around, I decided to kill some time just hanging out at the mall. It was Monday, and the mall had just opened, so there were very few people there.

I entered the mall and was casually walking the lower level. I noticed up ahead, two very attractive young ladies (early 20s) at one of the kiosks selling something - I wasn't sure yet. I was watching them as I approached and eventually caught the eyes of one. We continued to look at each other as I walked closer. I saw one of the most beautiful girls ever in a tight fitting, very low cut top that also exposed a nice tight, firm stomach, and then of course, pants that accentuated her perfect ass. This girl was definitely model material. I suppose she saw me coming and knew I was a sucker to whom she could make a sale. Now I do consider myself good looking, as I am very fit and often find ladies looking at me.

Anyway, as I approached, still looking at her eyes (which were beautiful also), she asked if she could show me her product. I said sure since I was in no hurry, but of course I was more interested in looking at her. She took me by the hand and led me to the counter. Holding my right hand in both of hers, she held it close to her body while she began telling me about the product she was selling - turns out it was some type of hand cream. Mostly, I was just checking out her perfectly shaped breasts as she spoke, but her voice was getting to me as well, soft and sweet, and a foreign accent which drives me crazy.

After a few minutes of her holding my hand, me enjoying the soft touch and how she at times gently stroked my hand, she asked if I was interested in making a purchase. I kind of played around a bit and wasn't sure - in fact, wasn't really interested, but was just enjoying being so close to this knock out foreign beauty.

After a little more hesitation, she released my hand momentarily and asked if she could demonstrate the product. Sure, why not. She opened the container and took a small amount on her finger tips. Then, with her right hand she took hold of my hand again, palm facing up and held it very close to her perfect tits, no more than an inch away, and began to rub the hand cream into the palm of my hand. She looked in my eyes and asked how I liked it - her eyes penetrated me, and as she asked me that, my hand brushed gainst her breast which is half exposed in her low cut top. I said it felt great and looked down at her breasts again as she continued to tell me more about the product. As she talked, my hand brushed against her breast again. I am not sure if she was intentionally doing it to lure me in to a sale - but I really didn't care. The third time my hand brushed her breast, I held it there to see what would happen. She didn't pull it away, but just smiled at me and actually held it a little tighter to her as she continued rubbing my hand. I could feel a little something happening in my loose fitting jeans under which I had no underpants. I am not sure if she noticed that or not.

Her sexy voice continued to fall on my ears as her right hand held mine against her breast and her left hand softly rubbed my palm. Slowly I moved my hand a little firmer against her and turned it slightly. It was positioned just right so I could use my index finger to rub around her nipple a bit. As I did this, I could feel the nipple start to harden and I could see it beginning to show a bit through her top. Then using my thumb and index finger, I gently pinched and squeezed her nipple. Looking each other in the eyes, she smiled, paused, and sighed a little. 'So what do you think?' she asked. I said it was great.

Well, she got her sale. Maybe that was her method, but I didn't really care. I will go back and see if things can progress much further. I don't know that they can as we are out in open, in public in the middle of the mall.

I realize this may not seem like going far with a stranger, but it sure is good material for future sessions - I can still see her and feel the firmness of her perfect breasts, and her nipple rising against my touch. As I think about it, I feel my member rising again. Perhaps I should take care of it.

I hope you enjoyed this story - it was fun living it.



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