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Jacking in Front of Girls

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I was very embarrassed to masturbate in front of girls...but that all changed, and now I love it!


I was always very open sexually except when it came to masturbation. I was afraid to tell anyone. Once I was caught in the act, masturbating with my friend by his mother, who was a hot-headed Spanish woman. She caught us naked on our beds, stroking our hard-ons! She yelled at us and scared us and told us it was a sin, and called my mother.

My little buddy and I had been jacking off together since we were ten, omg! after that, we still did it, but TOTALLY secret. After that, she wouldn't let me sleep over any more, but we jacked in the afternoons. My mother didn't say anything, except that she'd found my magazines about six months before...

Forward to a girlfriend, just out of college. She would totally tease me, get me hot and hard, first by a slow, sensual strip-tease while straddling me, on my back, on the bed, then playing with her tits in front of me and rubbing them on my cock, stroking herself, masturbating straddling me...so fucking hot and all the time preventing me from touching either her or my own cock!!!!

She pushed me down on my back and would grind on my cock, slipping on her pussy lips, but as soon as she felt me about to cum, she would stop grinding. Ohhhhh god!! She would masturbate in front of me, or let me lick her, and have two, three or more orgasms, but not allow me to touch my penis. When she was satisfied, she would get dressed in her bra and panties, and then watch me while I masturbated in front of her. I was so totally horny, I would do it, even though I was completely embarrassed, I had to get off so badly. It was totally erotic for both of us. I've never cum so hard!

I had one girlfriend who would get off with me fingering her before going to work, but I almost never came with a handjob in the morning. When she got dressed and left I would jack off, but I could never jack off in front of her. At night she would masturbate herself and then jack me just when she was about to cum, and I would explode....

My embarrassment masturbating in front of girls climaxed when I had a girlfriend with herpes, who couldn't have sex lots of the time. Her previous boyfriend would masturbate freely around her during these times, and she wondered why I was so shy. Finally, she sat me on the bed and made me masturbate in front of her. I was so scared! Then when I masturbated for her she wanted me to tell her all my kinky fantasies, omg! The first time it took me a long time before I came, but not for long...

It worked!!! Too well! Pretty soon I only wanted to masturbate with her, and all the time!! At night we'd take a bath together and masturbate each other in the bath. When we'd do that, and have sex later at night in bed, our sex was totally fantastic! Then she got totally into masturbating me when she couldn't have sex. If she was around and I was masturbating she couldn't let me finish myself, but would come over and stroke me until I came (not that I minded...mmmmmm).

Well, it's all a bit crazy, but that's my story....now, before I date a girl, I almost want to ask "hey, are you into watching guys masturbate?" But of course, other things are important, and I'm so enthusiastic, I haven't had trouble getting girls to join me, even for their first time. And I think now I kinda know if a girl is into jackin and jillin. We recognize each other, maybe by how we touch...



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