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They Wanted Us To See!

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They made sure we could see them and what they were doing.


Charlie and I had found out about this secluded place to go and park from friends at school. So, on this one Friday night, we thought we'd go and check out the place. It was in a large vacant lot well off the road. When we got there we found several cars already parked. We pulled in between two of the cars and parked.

After several minutes, Charlie and I were talking and kissing a little just getting warmed up to some serious making out. It was then we noticed the car next to us. They had turned on the interior lights and the boy had his seat reclined back some and he had his head laid back. We could easily see his girlfriend bent over him and could see her arm moving in a jerking motion. It was very obvious what she was doing. And, it was also very obvious that they were wanting us to see it.

Charlie and I both just sat there and watched them. In a little while, the boy raised his head and we could hear him let out a loud grunt as the girl quickly pulled her head back. Charlie said to me 'he's cumming right now'! I'd never seen this before in real life. It was very arousing to see this. Then we watched the girl with some tissues wiping off her hands. We watched as the boy pulled his pants up. All the while the lights were still on.

This certainly did get Charlie and I in the mood. We'd never done anything like this before but sure had it on our minds after watching this couple. They then turned off the lights, started up and pulled off. Charlie and I came together kissing. When we broke from our kiss, I asked Charlie 'did you like what we just saw'? Charlie answered 'what do you think'. I asked him 'would you like me to do that to you too'? Charlie answered 'I wish you would'. I said 'I'd like to'.

We started kissing again and I put my hand on Charlie's lap and could feel his cock. It was rock hard. Charlie then turned on the floor lights so we could see a little and he reclined his seat. Then he unfastened his pants and pulled them down. For the first time I got to see his dick. It was quite big and was sure hard. I reached for it and put my hand around it. Charlie showed me right where he wanted me to hold it and I went to stroking it. I got just like the girl was in the car next to us and before long Charlie started making some noises and finally went to getting real stiff and he let out a grunt as the cum shot from his dick. I was new at this and didn't know it was going to come out like it did and I got hit in the face by it. I was living and learning. I backed up and the next shot came out. When Charlie finally finished, cum was all over his belly. My hand too was covered with it. Only problem is Charlie didn't have any tissues in his car. Charlie said to wipe it off on his shirt.

Charlie pulled his pants back up and told me how good that felt. He then asked if he could 'do it' to me. I was a lot more modest than Charlie and turned down the offer telling him 'sometime when we're at my house alone'. This did finally happen around two weeks later and it was fantastic feeling having a boy's fingers in me instead of mine. Of course, I got to 'do' Charlie again in real good light so I could really see everything and knowing this time not to be too close to his dick when it went off. His 'cum shot' was so neat to see. I know well that if Charlie and I keep this up we're liable to end up with Charlie giving me a 'cum shot' deep inside of me. We're already so tempted to do this.



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