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I Skyped my wife

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A Surprise Call


This just happened last night and at first I was not sure how I felt about it but it only took a few minutes to get really turned on. Now as the hours pass I am getting only more so and have not thought of much else today except that I want to see more and the thought of what happened makes me want to lay down naked and have a long masturbation session right now. I know in a few hours what happened last night will hopefully once again occur and it has left me practically shaking in anticipation.

Yesterday my wife had to go out of town for a seminar a few hundred miles away. It is a couple day affair about her work and will conclude tomorrow. Often when we are apart we call and will be touching ourselves and basically having phone sex as we talk. This has always been fun and something we have done often.

She will often tease me and tell me how to touch myself or if she would like me to use toys or whatever. We have not done anything with video until last night. When we made contact it was later in the evening and I was laying on the bed naked and stroking myself. I decided to surprise her with a video call while I stroked myself. When she answered the video call she had a look of mild surprise that I took for her getting turned on. With that I decided to lay it on thick and reached for my butt plug and slid it into my ass.

For good effect I moaned and started stroking very erect penis while applying some lube. I used a lot and cupped my balls and slowly pumped myself up and down for the camera. It was a turn on having her watch me while I did my best to give her a show. I have given her a show in person many times but this was the first time via video so I was really hamming it up as best as I could.

She seemed slightly distracted so I poured it on even more by reaching for my plug and moving it in and out of my ass and sliding my hand over my dick at the same time. After a while I started using my Fleshlight so she could watch me slide my dick in and out of this very wonderful toy. Watching me use the Fleshlight has always made her wet in the past so I went at it to the best effect that I could.

I had had my eyes closed for some time and when I opened them I could see that she had taken off her clothes and from her rhythmic movements I could tell she was masturbating even though her crotch was not in view. It was such a turn on to see her arms move so fast knowing that I had aroused her so. I was on the verge of exploding myself and knew I would not last very long.

To finish off I pulled myself out of the Fleshlight so that she would be able to watch me shoot my cum all over myself. She likes to watch me shoot loads of sperm onto myself and I knew it was going to be a large amount so I made the best of it and let the climax build and build. When it happened I shot several spurts all over myself and it ran down my chest onto the bed.

I could see her arms flailing away and I could tell she was about to come as well. I heard some grunts and moans and just then something bumped into her camera and it was only then that I could see she was stroking anther man whose face I could not see.
He came only a few seconds later and I could plainly see his semen splashing onto my wife's tits and upper arm. There was so much of it that it was impossible to miss. The thick white goo left a trail as it rolled off her tit and down her stomach.

At first, I did not really know how to react or even what to say but it was so hot that I just blurted out how I loved to see her covered with cum and that it made me want to masturbate all over again, which was entirely true so I proceeded to do so. After a short bit of confusion she did likewise and so did whoever it was that she was with, although this time I could see both her and him masturbating, but I still could not see his face. The thought of her doing this with another man was so steamy and exciting that I could not control myself and came rather quickly . They both did too and this time his cum landed on her hands as she rubbed herself to orgasm.

All this was way too much and I am not sure what to make of it but I do know that I found it to be more exciting than I ever would have thought possible. I do now I very much enjoyed the experience and want to do it again tonight. Before we hung up I told her I would skype her again tonight and that I would lie a repeat of what we had done. I still do not know who the man was but I find I do not care. It was just too hot to not to want to do it again.

This has got me so worked up that I am counting the hours until it is time to do this again. This time I hope to see her masturbating him until he comes all over her. I want to see her face and her every move as she brings him to orgasm. If I am lucky I might even see a whole lot more. I know I will be whacking myself silly should it al come to pass. Can't wait!!!!!! I wonder if I will be able to taste him when she gets home tomorrow. Strangely, I kind of hope so.



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