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Lucky encounter at the adult store

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There is an adult store about halfway between my home and university that I've visited a couple of times. The only thing I've ever really bought was some lube, but I enjoy just looking around. It's a nice break from the 250 mile drive, and this time, a little more. This story happened about three weeks ago.


I was getting pretty tired on the drive back to college a few weeks ago. I was sitting in my car listening to a Harry Potter audio book to pass the time, but the drive still seemed to tick by just as slow as ever. I truly feel bad for those who have to drive 500+ miles to visit home. Luckily, though, about half way into my 250 mile drive, there is a sex store that occasionally seems to peek my curiosity. Billboards for the store began to pop up every few miles and I started to get a little horny. I decided, why not, and I took the exit and followed the road to the adult store. Now I wasn't sure what I expected to look for in here, I didn't have too much money on me, but I still wanted to go inside. I always get a kick off of seeing the couples in there and knowing that they are going home to have a little fun shortly after they leave, but what was to come I didn't see coming.

I walked through the blacked-out doors into the superstore to be greeted by a warm "Hello" and a nice smile from the cashier. She didn't ask me for my ID this time, so I nonchalantly began walking over to the DVD section. I'm perusing the DVD's that seem to cover every possible form of porn, from lesbians, to hardcore, to amateur. I'd pick up some cases and laugh at the fact that the assortment of porn I find online for free is just as good as the $20 DVD's here. I walked over to the toys for men and am pretty disappointed. For those of you who don't know much about toys, men really don't have many options compared to women...I'm pretty jealous to be honest. As I'm looking at some of the toys, I see three cute girls around my age walk in: one blonde and two brunettes, all three about the same height, maybe 5'5" or so. One of the brunettes looks my way and catches my glance so I drop a quick smile and look away. I don't think much of it and just keep looking around, occasionally bringing my glances back to her. They are looking at vibrators and giggling about 50 feet away while I'm roaming around the Fleshlights.

Now I'm generally a pretty shy guy, I couldn't really talk to girls that I was interested in until only a few years ago and up to this time, I was still pretty inexperienced. The girl who kept catching my eye was walking towards me now and I looked up to meet her glance. She called from a few feet away, "Whatcha looking for?" I casually responded I wasn't sure and I was just looking around. She told me her name was Denise and that she was looking for a new "best friend" with her girlfriends, lifting up a small vibrator in her hands with a rather large smile. I gave a chuckle and we made some small talk for a bit. Denise was extremely pretty, she has soft brown eyes, straight brunette hair with a few blonde highlights, she's about 5'6" and has a slim body with a bit of an athletic build. She was wearing a yellow sun dress, since it was already warming up in Florida at the time, and I've always had a weakness for a girl in a cute dress. It turns out that she attends the same university with her friends as I do and they were headed back up for class the following day, just like me. We carried a casual conversation talking a little about the store and a little about ourselves and school, small chit-chat and what-not. Well I did not expect what came next, but she asked if I wanted some company on the way back since I was alone. Trying to keep it casual, I simply said that'd be nice! Her girlfriends walked over a few minutes later with a different vibrator for each of them and said that they were ready to go. Denise introduced my to her friends and told them that she was going to ride back to school with me. I'd think that most people would pull her to the side to point out how sketchy it would be to jump in the car with a stranger, only to drive 120 miles, but they said nothing and acted pretty normal. I almost felt like they had kind of planned it, but I didn't feel like complaining, I mean I was going to get some alone time to get to know a pretty girl from an adult store. I wasn't really thinking of it in a sexual way at the time, just to toss that out.

Well they paid for their things and we all left. Her two friends jumped in their car and got on the road rather fast. We hopped in my Civic and I pressed play on my iPod but turned the volume down substantially. I got back on the road, paid a toll, and got settled for another hour and a half of driving, only this time I had a new friend. Denise and I continued our conversation from the store and we were talking about the classes we were taking. While we were talking, she had actually taken out her vibrator and managed to rip open that plastic packaging, you know the ones where the plastic is so hard you nearly need scissors to get it open? Well it didn't bother me, but I was kind of wondering what she was planning on doing...or well hoping on a specific idea. It was one of those bullet-style vibrators, meant specifically for the clit, but when she tossed the small batteries in, it was clear that size of it in no way limited its power. The buzzing was not too loud but when she let me take hold of it for a few seconds I found my fingers to continue buzzing after I let go. I could only imagine the fun that she was planning on having with that when she got home later. Luckily, though, she had no plans on waiting. She looked over at me and with a devious smile said, "Hope you don't mind."

She began touching the bullet to her breasts, circling the fabric of her dress over her nipples. She let out a slight sigh and I just kept on driving. She spent a few minutes playing with her nipples over her dress before moving down a bit. She was definitely enjoying the feel of it on her body and she was taking her time while I enjoy the show in the corner of my eye. She began to lower it a little more and lifted up the edge of her dress. She now had her hand under her dress and was definitely enjoying herself. After a few minutes, she moved a little and removed her panties. She laid it on the dashboard and continued where she left off. Her breathing was slower and more pronounced now and there were even a few moans here and there. This is the first time I've ever been in the same area as a woman masturbating and it was such a turn-on! She went another five minutes or so until her breathing got real heavy and it was clear she was about to cum. A few seconds later she stiffened up and I witnessed my first female orgasm (besides in porn). It kept going for at least 45 seconds before it subsided...if only I could have orgasms like that! She threw her head back in ecstasy and while panting gave me this sexy look that I just can't describe in words. She described her orgasm to me over the next few minutes and asked me if I've ever tasted a girl. When I told her I hadn't, she stuck her right hand under her dress again, gathered a little bit of her cum, and moved her fingers to my lips. That's a taste I won't be forgetting any time soon.

She told me that it wouldn't be right to leave me with the tent in my pants. It was pretty obvious and uncomfortable as well. With a quick smirk she gave me a kiss on the cheek and moved her hands down. She slowly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down. This was of course the first time I experienced road-head and I guess blissful would be a pretty accurate word to describe it. I didn't last too long after the scenario that I just witnessed and I quickly came.

We spent the rest of the ride talking like old friends and we made sure to exchange numbers when we got on campus. We spent a few minutes in a make-out session before I dropped her off at her apartment and went separate ways. We've met up a few times since to "enjoy" some more time together and we are now dating! I just dread the moment that we meet the parents and they ask where we met... "Uhh, we both take economics together!"

Tell me what you all thought, I know I'm sure happy how it turned out!



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