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Longtime Friends

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Fantasies of a long-time friend come true.


I have a close friend, Brian, whom I've known ever since my sophomore year in high school. We grew close during the high school years. And after graduation we grew even closer. We would spend countless hours playing computer games or talking on the phone.
When he went into college and moved into the dorms we would use instant messaging into the wee hours of the morning to chat and play games and chess. I had realized I was gay about two years before, but had yet to come out to anyone in real life. Surprisingly I was able to maintain two completely seperate internet identities, one which Brian new, the person he 'knew' I was at the time, and the second being essentially the same person, but gay.
I had begun to fantasize about him profusely, but knew he was straight. All I wanted/needed to fulfill my urges over him was to do anything sexual with him. My favorite fantasy was him and I jacking off together. These desires became overwhelmingly powerful. I began to manage to shift our phone conversations to more sexual overtones. I was slowly finding out about his masturbation habits, techniques, fantasies, etc.
Finally, one sleepless night while I sat in my computer chair, the only light coming from my dimmed monitor, I decided to tell him I was gay. The thoughts of telling him terrified me, wild, unfounded thoughts ravaged my mind. As I began to type the letter, I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I danced around the topic for what was about five paragraphs finally in one short succinct and pithy statement I typed, 'To get to the point, I'm gay and I love you.' I finished the letter in a couple more sentences and reviewed it. My eyes lingered over three words in particular 'I love you.' It was then I realized it, I actually did, it wasn't infatuation, or 'horniness', but love.
After sending the ink to him and the password, I quickly went into away and sat there fearful of his reply. To my great relief his response was something along the lines of 'Umm, why didn't you tell me sooner and... about the love thing... sorry I'm straight. We're still on for the LAN party tomorrow.' I went to bed shocked, relieved, and saddened my feelings weren't mutual.
Fast forward 5 years or so, when he returned form the military. He comes back and I have a rental lined up for him and I. I thoroughly have enjoyed living with him as we're pretty relaxed around each other. We both walk around in only our boxers, pretty free around here.
Late one night after he had turned in, I was feeling frisky. I normally watched my porn on my computer in my room, but I wanted a change of pace. I brought the DVD out and popped it in the player. I apparently had gotten quite into it because suddenly out of the corner of my eye I see Brian standing off of the kitchen (he had come downstairs).
'Uh, hello.' was all I could muster. In return I got a simple 'hiya.' I grabbed my quilt in a vain attempt at damage prevention. I took up the DVD remote and pressed stop.
He then laughed, 'hey, don't let me stop you.'
'Nah I'm good thanks.'
'Got pretty wrapped up in the intense story line huh?', making fun of the 'superb' acting skills of the stars.
'How long were you there?'
'Oh not long.' He walked forward and stood behind the other couch. Looking at the black screen save for a large bright red 'INPUT2' in the upper right corner. 'you know, since that blonde guy was kind enough to blow those two strapping young Russians.'
'That was two chapters ago...'
'Nah three.' He hopped over the back and plopped down and lay on his back. I could barely make him out now, the light coming from the street lights outside no longer fell on him.
'I guess.' My heart was pounding, and my breathing returning to normal. I moved to lay on my side and spread my quilt over me, as he grabbed the remote. I was expecting him to watch cable, but instead he stared playing the DVD.
'You know, I've got to say, some of this is pretty damn hot.'
'Heh, yeah.' The thought of him saying that drove me wild. I carefully began to fondle myself again, re-awakening my erection. He went back to the scene he mentioned and watched it. After a couple minutes he got up and moved to the couch I was at and made me move my feet. Before he sat down he undid his belt and jeans and dropped them to his ankles. At first I couldn't believe what was happening, my wildest dreams come true. I'd fantasized about this since high school and now it was happening. I uncovered myself and sat upright, placing the quilt between us.
Through his boxers I could see he was getting hard, his hands took on a mind of their own, rubbing, groping, fondling, caressing, pinching and pulling everything and anything. He put a pillow behind him and slouched, I sat in shear awe at what was happening. He managed to get his jeans off, along with his socks, and his shirt and boxers soon followed suit. He reached back and tuned on the reading lamp above him. He moved to face me leaning back on the armrest. He was giving me the greatest show of my life.
(to be continued)



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